Some cricket team names are impossible to understand for people not familiar with the sport. But sometimes, like with most team names, these terms can merely be a mere play on words, or an attempt to associate a particular sound or movement in the game of cricket with the name of the team.

Table of Contents:

  1. Cool and Fancy Name Style
  2. Attractive Cricket Name Style
  3. Names for Social Media ranking
  4. Motivation name style for cricket Team
  5. Local Cricket team name
  6. Conclusion

There are also other reasons why these names were chosen: perhaps they’re derived from local culture and identity, or they refer to heroes who once played for that particular club/team.

Attractive Cricket

Cool and Fancy Name Style 

Do you want to find a cool and fancy cricket team name? Let’s face it, we all want to be the best! But what if your teammates are just not as good as you? In that case, you need to find a name for the team that will inspire them.

Enter this list of 50 awesome cricket team names! It’s got sporty, clever, witty options for every player on your squad. We’ve got some really catchy names like “The Crickets” and “Cricket Kings”.

The Terrace BoysThe LionsThe Laxmikant-Pyarelal Showband
Stone pillars of IndiaPragmatic WarriorsPlummeting Stars
Gold BladersThe eternal spirit Pragmatic Warriors
Thunder PlayersDeccan ChargersThe Cricket Gamers
Chuck Norris’ BodyguardsPanjabi ChargersThe Untouchables
Master BlasterMr. Nice GuyRide Bladers
Hyderabad Sunrisers The Challengers Hedrabadi XI
Last Lancers Tragedy QueensBrave Spartans 
Rajasthan RoyalsKolkata HeroesY’all Get Ready
The Big Dynamites11 ChampionsGame Challengers
Hyderabadi Sunrisers The Real DealKnight Riders
Shooting StarsThe WarriorsRoyal Kings
The HealersRoyal RumbleRed Devils
Sky BlueThe Crusaders Delhi Daredevils
T-20 RunnersLike StarsThe Power Men_11

That’s right – we’re talking about cricket team names. If you’re looking to have some fun with a new nickname, or maybe even be inspired by the team name you’ve always dreamed of, which of these monikers might catch your eye?

1. “The Mighty Ducks”

2. “The Ratters”

3. “The Crazylegs”

4. “The Aussies”

5. “The Bowlin’ Bunnies”   

6. “The Majors”

7. “The Bloopers”

8. “The Redbacks”

9. “The Pros”   

10. “The Jayhawks”

11. ‘Definitely The Foursome’ 

12. ‘Crazy Boys’ 

13. ‘White Stocks’ 

14..  ‘5-5-5 Kooks’ 

15.”Navy Blues” 

16.”Black snakes'” 

17.’The Loons'” 

18.’Black Sheep'” 

19.”My Stars and Stripes” 

20.”X-ray Specs”

Names for Social Media ranking

Nowadays, social media is growing very fast. There are various companies that are using this medium for their online marketing. To be successful on social media, companies have been giving many names to their business which makes the name memorable. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Solid MoronsRim Makers
The Untouchables (New Zealand)The Skeleton Gangs
Pitch BallersThe Dynamos
Boys with Hidden TalentThe Birdwatchers 
The Flying Fish (South Africa)The Bhangra Boys 
Shine in Summer SeasonBlack Giants
The Fierce ToadsDream Chasers
Sports LoversInternational Indian
Ballers of the WeekBat Instructors
Lucky AmericansPitch Breakers
Mangalore MastodonsDelhi Daredevils (India) 
Green Park Warriors Rusouthten
Southern Royal Gentleman Group
Stump BreakersWest Indies
Energy BuildersKabul United 
East Unique PlayersTeam with Solution
Kolkata Knight Riders (India)Prabha Cricket Club
Srilankan BoysLara Boys 
Purbasha TTE’sDaredevils (India) 
International TalkiesInternational Warriors

The sports team name should be used in the same way on social media. A good example of such a name is Googleshngs.

Motivation name style for cricket Team           

The essential element of a cricket name is man or people. In addition to the team name, it describes the players’ attitude, passion for cricket, and love for the local town. Every cricket fan will feel proud to see their favorite town team in any part of the world represented by such passionate people who are always ready to bat or ball.

Team Spirits GiantBangalore KnightsM.M. 11 Runners
Riand CadinescanMonsoon BlowNight Walkers
Panjab Rockers(India)Harare CobrasHong Kong Cricket Club
ReagalinginDoor KnockersWorld Warriors
popular English clubSmalley Cricket ClubMutual Golddigger
Africa BreaversHammer BreakersOLD is GOLD
Ragre MayottedanginYellow Matt StinaCity Warriors
Mumbai MercenariesElder PlayersIran Tigers Knight
The Chennai SuperstarsJohannesburg PiratesRisaint Ciaman
Nelson Mandela Bay GiantsKing’s XI PunjabPink Steve Paul

Local Cricket team name 

format in India is different. Each state/city has its own cricket team name style. A number of cricketers are thinking about naming their local cricket team “The Rock” and “Dancing Stallions”, but these names are so lame and boring, that they will make them break into a sweat even before the start of the match.

Local Cricket team

So, here are some interesting Cricket Team name suggestions to impress your opponent team or to make your own team play better:

Star BoysThe White Mercury
The Star of UniverseThe Golden Lions
The MoonsMen of Thoughts
Navy RidersThe Rethern Horde
Ambani AcesThe Popular Ciamen
The Man with One Eye Green Beats Blue
X-ray ReadersThe Real Effectors
The Last Way OutMost Wanted Boys
Birds of WingMen with Electric
Gandhian Warriors Ranchi Devil
Blue CheeseThe Shiners
Heart BeatersBlue Cheese 
Style CreatorsKing of Singhs
Motivational PlayersThe Commanders
Jailbirds turn of phrase
Creative Men Car Riders

 Cricket team


However, there are no rules to come up with a team name but one must always be wise during the selection of his/her team name. After all, it’s the name that provides identity to your team as well as to an individual member of the team. Choose a name that perfectly reflects the spirit of your group members.
We hope that this article would definitely help you out in picking up your team name. Go through each name so as to make a perfect choice for your team name.