A good yoga class name is one that grabs the attention of passersby and entices them to come in. If a good name isn’t enough, you can always count on a professional salesman outside the studio to explain what’s going on inside.

People are always looking for something new and different, so they will be curious enough to come in and try a class out. Here are some different names that do just that.

Table of contents:
Robust Yoga Class Names
Hardcore Yoga Class Names 
Aesthetic and pleasing Yoga Class Names
The Fluffy and Cozy Yoga Class Names
Super Duper Yoga Class Names
What does yoga help you with?

Robust Yoga Class Names

If you have a yoga class that involves a lot of weights and burpees, these are the names that will attract everyone who sees them on the sign.

Robust Yoga
Tough Yoga The Torture Chamber Dirty Dozen Yoga
Torturous Yoga The Pit of Despair CrippleCore Yoga
Strong Core Strong Life  The Wall of Pain The Side Effect Yoga
Yoga for the Crippled The Exercise Motion Sickness The Payback is a Plank
Pit Your Belly into a Yoga Class Slow-Motion Yoga Chain of Pain
The Shambles of Yoga The Weights of Yoga Fighting for Your Life 
Escape from Alcatraz Yoga The Island of Misfit Toys All In
Escape the Island of Misfit Toys Astro Yoga  Yoga in Space 
Aquatic Yoga  Rainbow Goddess Yoga  Moonlit Yogis 

Hardcore Yoga Class Names 

If your yoga class is really hardcore, it will definitely attract a lot of attention with one of these names.

Hardcore Yoga
Bastard Yoga Alien Yoga Sufferfest  Suffer Over the Weekend 
Metal Yoga Tough Love Yoga  You Suffer, You Gain  Training for a Marathon
CrossFit  Death Yoga  The Devil’s Downward Dog Trial by Fire 
Yoga The Existential Crisis of Pain  The Power of Darkness Yoga  Darkness Falls Yoga Class
Black Hole Sun Yoga Class  Waking the Dead Yoga Class The Angry Crow  The Big Momma 
The Enormous Fitness Center The Evil Troll  Fitness and You The Gruesome Twosome 
Health and Happiness Health and Wealth  Health, Wealth, and Wellness The Hundred Pound Club
A Hundred Peas in a Pod  Let’s Get Fit! Pound of Flesh Fitness Center Wellness Works!

Aesthetic and pleasing Yoga Class Names

These names are more about the flow of the words than their meaning, which can be good or bad depending on whether that’s what you’re looking for.

Aesthetic and pleasing Yoga
Yoga-Go  Yoga on the Go  The Power Age  Grow Yoga  The Yoga Poets Society
Fitness and You  The Wellness Zombies  The Weathered Souls Freaky Fitness Never Going Back Yoga
The Original Yoga  Tree of Life The Power of Yoga  The Yoga of Fitness  Eternal Youth 
Yoga for Life  Yoga at the Y  Beginner’s Yoga The Yoga Journey  The Yoga Nomad 
Yoga of the Golden Years  Fitness Center Yoga for Sharks Yoga Zen  The Zen and the Art of Fitness
The Yoga and You Starting Yoga  The First Steps of Yoga  Yoga to Get Fit The Yoga to a Good Life 
Let’s do yoga!  Yoga gets you fit!  Start Yoga Center Yoga for Life Center  Got a Sense of Humor? 
The Yoga of the Tiger  Reach Breaths The Yoga and You Center Don’t Get Mad  Do Yoga
The Tribe of Chia  Spacey Yoga  Let’s Party!  The Gentle Power Yoga Class  Yoga for a Better Life
Shark Week The Power Age Yoga  Yoga and You! get fit! Karma Flow Yoga Class  Simple Strance

The Fluffy and Cozy Yoga Class Names

If you have a class that is more about curling up at the end, these will be more beneficial to your yoga studio. The names below are a list of categories to choose from instead of being strict with keywords.

The Fluffy and Cozy Yoga
Rose and Lotus Yoga Class  Yoga for the Rainy Day  The Moonlit Yogis 
The Chocolate Yoga  The Sun and Shine Yoga Class  Let’s Party! (Yoga) 
Night of My Life Yoga Class  Golden Sunrise  Morning Yogis 
Power Yogis  Blissful Beginnings Yoga Class  Sweat into Bliss 
Lovely Sweat  Yoga with a Twist  Yin and Flow Yoga 
Rose Palms Yoga Class  Chocolate Zen  Immortal Yogi
The Yogini’s Yoga Class  The One and Only Sweet Bliss
Yoga at the Y  Warm and Fuzzy Yoga Class  In the Moonlight
The Power of Bikram Yoga  The Party Never Ends!  Sunrise Yoga Class

Super Duper Yoga Class Names

These names are usually put up on the side of the wall in big letters and are used to draw attention to a specific class or name. If they work, they will be filled up within the first hour of a new class.

Super Duper Yoga
Yoga for the Pink Panther Yoga Muppets Get in Shape! Back Bends
The Big Momma Yoga Class All In Yoga  Far Reach Yoga Bollywood Yoga 
Yoga Sensation Yoga in Bollywood  Mighty Yoga  What a Feeling! 
Monochromatic Yoga  Advanced Yoga The Breathing Exercise Yoga Tree Bay
Shangrila Yoga Yoga for Autism  Fierce Yoga for Women  Yoga for the Mind and Body + Core Challenge 
Fallen Warrior Yoga  Mat Pilates Back to Yogi The Strength of Yin Yoga 
The Power of Yin Yoga Power Yoga and Hatha  Inside the Yogi Mind Shanti Yoga 

What does yoga help you with?

1. Yoga will help you relax and get rid of stress. With that stress-free mind you can now finish your homework, finish a project for work, or start a new project.

2. Yoga will help with sleep problems. If you are having trouble sleeping due to stress or other issues, it may help with that as well. You do not have to be bored or stressed out when it is time to sleep, you can just roll over and go to bed ^_^

3. Yoga breathing techniques are helpful in any kind of workout because they allow muscles to be pushed hard without serious injury to yourself or others.). 

4. Yoga is a great form of exercise that burns calories and can help to make you leaner, stronger and healthier. 

5. Yoga will help you focus on being healthy and staying in shape. 


Yoga can make you healthier, stronger, and more in shape. As a plus, it calms your body down and helps you feel at ease. It is a very helpful way to relieve stress. Whether you are having problems with homework or if you are sick of stress building up, yoga will be the answer to all your problems. Try out this healthy workout today!