If you’re the type of person who has trouble getting yourself to exercise — or if you just need a little help figuring out what songs to put on your workout playlist while you’re working out — we’ve got a post that can help. Check out our list of the best workout playlists for your daily work-out routine.

Table of contents:
Workout Playlist Name for Romantic Songs lovers
Workout Playlist Name for Trainers
Workout Playlist Name for Rock Music lovers
Workout Playlist Name for Baby Boomer Music Lovers

Workout Playlist Name for Romantic Songs lovers

Romantic Songs – This is a great workout playlist if you enjoy working out to music that’s slow and romantic.

Perfect Road Trip SongsLit Summer Mixes
Country Party MixHip Hop & R&B Mix
Lit Pop MixLit Country Playlist
Lit College Party MixLit Winter Mixes
Workout Playlist Name For Party Music LoversLit Club Mix
Best Hip Hop & Rap Party Songs 2017Lit College Party Playlist
Bass Boosted & Turn Up Songs 2017Lit Holiday Mixes
Country Pop MixMissouri country mix
R&B & Hip Hop MixesCountry Playlist
R&B & Hip Hop PlaylistHip Hop Love Affair Fans
Country Party Music Playlist 2017Country Music Lovers
Workout DJ Edition   Lit R&B & Soul 
Lit Pop Album Covers Compilation  Hits From The 70s  
Greatest Hits from a Modern Pop Rock Era. Classic Rock Box Set 
R&B, Soul, & Hip Hop Music Playlist Greatest Hits from the Classic Soul Era.
Oldies but Goodies  80’s Mixes & Hits from The 70s and 80s.
Rock & Roll Music PlaylistHip Hop & R&B Playlist  
Lit Summer Mixes 2015 Lit Country Pairings 2015  
Vol. 1 Love Songs For Heartbroken Teens Classic Country Oldies But Goodies

Workout Playlist Name for Trainers

Trainers – If you enjoy working out to music that’s motivational, this is a great workout playlist.

R&B, Pop & Hip Hop MixesHip Hop & R&B Mixes
Party Love Songs MixCountry Music Playlist
Hip Hop & Rap Mixes  Top 50 Classic Hits Compilation 
Workout Mix for Party Lovers Hip Hop and R&B Mixes  
Country Playlist for Party Lovers  Lit Country Pop Compilation  
Oldies but Goodies Compilation Rock Music Playlist 2017 
Party Music Playlist  Lit Country Pop Songs  
Lit Country MixesCountry Sensation Playlist  
R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop Mixes   Featured: 80’s Remixes Mix Edition.
Hip Hop & R&B Compilations of the Year 2017 Edition.Featured: Hip Hop Classic 80s Remix.  
Featured: Hip Hop Birthdays Remix .   Featured: Hip Hop Big Hits Remix. 
Featured: The Best of Old School Rap Pop Party Songs # 2 – Vol 1.Featured: Classic Rock Mix 2016. 
Featured: Hip Hop Mixes Winter Album Series # 1-1 .Featured: Hip Hop Classics from The 80s & 90s . 
Hip Hop and R&B Hits of the Year 2017 Edition.Top 100 Greatest Instrumental Hip Hop Songs of All Time.
Hip Hop Hits Added to Classic Rock. Hip Hop Hits Added to Country. 
Hip Hop Hits Added to Pop & Soul.  The 15 Greatest Old School Rap Hits of All Time (2008-2016).

Workout Playlist Name for Rock Music lovers

Rock Workout – If you’re looking for a workout playlist with some rock music, this is a great playlist so you can start working out. As the title says, it includes a lot of rock songs.

The Best of FestivalsRockin’ Road Trip tunes
Motown Party PlaylistR&B, Hip Hop, & Rap Mixes
Top 40 Classic Rock Hits Compilation  Rock Hits of the 50s 1970s 1980s    
Rock Hits of the 80s 1990s Country Rock Playlist 
Rock Workout PlaylistCountry Rock Mixes  
Bonjour, FutureHandmade Glory
Good Night WorldA Hip Hop Story
Hip Hop Is Good for You Rockin’ Country Party Songs
The Best of Hip Hop & Vol. 1  Rebel Music Collection: The Best of Rock & Roll  
Best R&B Pop and Hip Hop Mixes  Lit Pop Mixes 2015  
Lit Country Pairings 2015  Oldies but Goodies  Rock Hits from the 70s and 80s. 
Rock Hits from the 50s and 60s Rock Hits from the 80s 1990s and 2000s
Hip Hop & R&B Music Playlist  2017Country Music Playlist for Party Lovers  2017
Road Trip Tunes for Fans of Country MusicClassic Rock Box Set  
Classic Rock Hits of the 70’s 80’s 90’s Country Music Added to Hip Hop & R&B Hits 
The Best of Classic Soul Music Hip Hop, Rap & R&B Mixes 2016 
R&B, Pop & Hip Hop Mixes 2017 Edition.  Full Of Sin

Workout Playlist Name for Baby Boomer Music Lovers

Baby Boomer Workout – If you are looking to work out while listening to some 70’s and 80’s music, this is the workout playlist for you.

Dark ImaginationBarely Breathing
Woke Up In the Trap TodayDrunk In Love
Ghost TownLove Is Blind
StarshipsKiss You Like A Lover
Love On The BrainLet’s Go Clubbing (feat. Vassy) 
Come On To MeThat Thing You Do (feat. LaMeduza)
Let Me Love You Work from Home 
Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself7 Years   
Kissing Strangers  Love The Way You Lie Part 2
Kaise Odhe (feat. Kriti Sanon) Work From Home 
How Deep Is Your Love  Danger Zone  2018
Sorry Not Sorry  2018Wild Thoughts (feat. Rihanna)
Despacito (feat. Luis Fonsi)Sex with Me  2018
God’s Plan   2018One Dance  2016
Love On Top  2015 What’s My Name?  2014  
She Bangs (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)Run It (feat. Nicki Minaj & Gucci Mane) 
Born To Be Your Lover  2014  DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love  


Workout Playlists are very necessary for the fitness community. People who would like to improve their lifestyle, lose weight, and be healthy need motivation and encouragement. The playlist you are about to download is going to help you out in your journey. Workout Playlists are created by DJs who have little knowledge of music theory and don’t create playlists with a specific song in mind.

Some songs that you may have considered bad or terrible, are now put back on the shelf to be included in a workout playlist. A DJ’s primary intention is to make the play list work for their goal of getting their audience moving. One thing DJs understand is that people love music.