The clinics are filled, the patients are growing anxious, and the waiting room is getting just a little too loud. It’s past time to call it a day and head home. But, before you do, it’s important to make sure your clinic is set up properly and has the best chance at success.

It is very important that you choose your clinic name wisely. It needs to be memorable, relevant to the message of your practice, and should mentally convey the ideals that your practice embodies. A good clinic name should also make you want to go.

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Memorable Medical Clinic Names
Motivational Clinic names

Memorable Medical Clinic Names

Take a look around at all the clinics around you, and see how many of them are actually named something memorable. As a matter of fact, go ahead and count how many of them have names that actually tell you what kind of clinic it is.

Medical clinic

Few of the medical clinic name ideas with a list are:

Innovations in Colorectal SurgeryEasily Immediately Clinic Names
Clinical Cardiac & Thoracic AssociatesMedical Center for Skin treatment
First Choice HospitalsFirst Choice Physicians
Chase Community HospitalsChase Internal Medicine
Wellness CenterChristina Medical Clinic
First Choice Physician’s OfficePhysician’s Office 
Private PracticeRitz-Carlton Internal Medicine
Cleveland ClinicGolden Hope Center
Sunrise Internal MedicineOne Medical
Memorial HospitalAlvarado Hospital

If you can’t tell what type of clinic a place is dealing with just by looking at the name, then it follows that it will be hard for people to remember your name as well. Try to think of a company that uses initials in their name. There are plenty out there, but they tend to be companies that want customers to remember them (and they want to be on the tip of your tongue).

Here are the suggestions for few of the names are:

Design clinic Clinjet
iCare clinicMediClin 
Medical FamilyAnson Family Clinic 
Medical Family PhysicianThe Discovery clinic 
The Doctor’s Office Evolution clinic
Medical Center of South Carolina Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine
Physicians & Surgeons, Inc.The Medical Center of Greenville 
Royal PhysiciansCleveland Clinic Internal Medicine
Medical Innovations, Inc. The Medical Center
MAV ClinicBusiness Center for Medical Care
Physician’s Corner Leafspring Medical Clinic
Pediatric Clinics of America ( PECA)Medical and Surgery, Inc. (MSI)
Holley Family Clinic and HospitalGreenville Family Clinic
South Family Clinic of GreenvilleThe Family Medical Center
The Medical Center of Clemson Clemson Family Practice 
Housestaff Medical Group Winslow Doctors’ Offices
Cognac Clinic Supreme clinic
Thrive clinicCancer Center of Excellence (CCE)
Our ClinicBest Medical Centre
Vesper clinicCrossroads Family Clinic
Holistic Family Medical Center (HFMC) Medical Group at Clemson 
Halo ClinicOur Family Practice 
Family Practice Centers of AmericaThe Physicians at South Carolina 
operation room

Motivational Clinic names

Use your clinic name when creating a unique slogan that will catch attention. For example, if you were to write “Where everyone is treated like family,” it wouldn’t really stand out as much as if you were to write “We love our patients like they’re family.”

The best practice names evoke a certain emotion in a patient. They make them feel good about visiting their clinic and feel like there is nothing to fear. Here are some ideas for clinic names that are warm and welcoming:

Best Care Medical ClinicThe Emotional Healing Center 
Your Health Matters Healthy Health & Hearing
The Caring ClinicHealthy Living Clinic
Center for Physical Rehabilitation (CPR) Maximum Healthcare, Inc. (MHII or MHCI) 
Brain Injury Center of Excellence (BICE) Center for Physical Rehabilitation (CPR) 
Envision Healthcare, Inc. (EHII) Executive Healthcare, Inc. (EHI) 
Medical Haven, Inc. (MHI)The Star of Hope Hospital 
The Home Medical Care Center of America Your Health Matters Clinic, Inc. 
The Caring Family Clinic Helping Hands Medical Clinic, Inc. 
The Health CenterHealthy Care Medical Center 
Gentry Family ClinicExplore Healthcare 
The Health Center Center to Gain a Cause 
Ciara’s Clinic Emergency Center 
FAMILY Clinic Caring and Sharing Clinic 
Dedicated to Healthcare The Family Medical Center 
The Physician CenterHealth & Healing Clinics 
The Scanner ClinicThe Caring Clinic 
All in One Clinic Fitness and Wellness Center 

On the flip side, you can use your clinic name as a tool to depict an emotional response from a patient. Use a clinic name that implies that the patient will feel cared for and nurtured. These words can be used in your clinic name:

A New Look at Healthcare The Health Care Center of America, Inc. 
Love Healthcare of America, Inc.Welfare Clinic
Center to Gain a CauseOur Caring Clinic and Hospital of America
Good Health Medical Care Center (GHMCC)Caring & Sharing Clinic of America (CSCA) 
Our Caring Clinic Health & Healing Clinics 
Pure HealthcareYour Health Matters
Our Health Care Center, LLC (OHCCI) Health & Healing Clinics, LLC (HHC) 
Your Health Matters Clinic, LLC (YHM) The Caring Clinic of South Carolina 
The Caring Medical Center (TCC) New Hope Medical Center 
The Health CenterWe Love You Medical Center, Inc. (WLYMI)
Our Caring Medical CenterCaring and Sharing Clinic
Your Best Choice Medical Center Caring & Sharing Clinic
The Health CenterGood Health Medical Care Center 
Pure Care Clinic Learn Healthcare (LH) 
The Future Medical Care Clinic, Inc. (FMCCI) Your Health Matters (YHM) 
The Caring Medical Center of America, Inc. Center to Gain a Cause (CGAC) 
The Caring Clinic Caring & Sharing Clinic of America 
The Clinic for Healthcare Healthy Living Health Care Center (HLHCC) 
Plan for the Future Clinic Pure Healthcare 


Making a name for your clinic can take a lot of hard work. It can be difficult to decide what type of name you want for your clinic, whether it be a catchy one-word or two-word name, only using initials or coming up with something that is warm and inviting.

What makes a good clinic name? This is a question that comes up often in the medical field and it may not have a specific answer. What some may think is not good enough for others – it really depends on the type of patients you hope to attract.

The best way to find out what makes an appealing clinic name is to look at the ones with the most success in your local area. The best clinic names can help you create and promote a brand that is memorable, warm and inviting. Some names that work well for a clinic are warm, evocative and welcoming.

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