To find the perfect name for your cousin group, you’ll need to use a little creativity and come up with a few different options. Once you’ve found an option that works, frame it in various ways to see which one sounds best.

Table of Contents:
1. There are several quick and easy tricks
2. college group name for cousin
3 .Cool and Catchy group name for cousins
4 .Unique Group names for cousins
5 .Cousins Group name for Whatsapp Chat
6. Conclusion

Cousin Group

There are several quick and easy tricks 

Easy Tips and Tricks to help you come up with names for your cousin’s group:

1) The most popular theme is naming the group after something that has meaning in your family tree. For example, if you have a great-great-grandmother in your family tree who wears a feather headdress, you could name your cousin’s group after the nature of the headdress.

2) Study your family tree and place names. Place names can give you some great inspiration for naming your cousin’s group. For example, if there is a place on the map that has a special meaning to you or that is of special significance in your family history, then this would be an excellent setting to name one of the animals in yours. For example: “The Iron Woods” for a wolf cousin group. Or, “The Ghostly Forest” for a lion cousin group.

3) Name the groups after what their animals represent. For example, you could name your dog primeval dog to represent your wolf cousin group, or your wolf cousin group could be called “The Vigilant Pack” because they are always watching out for each other.

4) Keep in mind that animal names can be shortened. For example, the name of your wolf cousin group could be shortened to “Wolves” if this is a more appropriate title for your animals.

5) Look at the name of your character’s animal in the game and see which color it is. Then use this as inspiration when naming your cousin group. For example, if your character has a white tiger, then you could name your group “The White Tigers”.

6) If you or one of your family members has a special talent or skill, that you want to represent in the name of the cousin group, then use this as inspiration for the names. For example: “The Moonlight Huntress”, for a wolf cousin group.

7) Look at the names of other groups and see if you can find inspiration for yours. For example: “The Village of the Unruly Dragons” for your wolf cousin group, which is based on a kunoichi name.

8) Finally, find yourself something fun to call them. For example: “The Grey Wolves”, for a wolf-like creature with mostly brown fur on its body and white fur on its tail and paws. Although this is not the original name, it will also help people remember what group you are talking about! Here is a list of names 👍

The Climbing Boys Overprotective Guys
BOys with Heart Hottest Guys 
Gangster Group The Anabells
Blonder Group The Once in a Lifetime 
Group of Hasina’s Heartless Cousin
The Super Friends  Gold Bladder
Bears Barbie Dolls
Hit It Hard The Bunch of Cousins
Rude Group Lovely Cousins
The Sick Killers The Bunch Of Twos 
Royal Player The Royal Court
Nakara’s Jajbati Boys
Do it again All Day Playboys
Miss you Guys Royal Kids
The New Love Birds Littel Devils
Cousin Universe Lover of Song
Put you First World of Group

college group name for cousin

The name of a group in college is an important thing. You will be spending a lot of time with these people and you need to come up with a name that will represent your group and make it sound cool. A common name for groups in school or colleges is cousin because most people have this as their last name.

The Busted Boys Light of Show Mama’s Boys
Waila Guys The Heir Apparent Night Lights
Shooting Stars Bad Boys Group The Actors
Dilbar Gani The Cool Owls The Riders
The Buddies Group of Cool Men Night Owls
Flirtier Guys The Ladies Bunch of Gud People
Crazy Girls The Band of Brothers Bunch of Bad Guy
Levels of Group Respect Others Without You Guys
Old Days of us The Jumpers American Ideals
Dreamers Memory Catcher Winner of Heart

Cool and Catchy group , cute children

Cool and Catchy group name for cousins

These are just a few names that you can choose from and create your very own group. So now that your group is known for its cool name, here’s how you can make it fun for your group. In order to make your group name cool, we have five main categories that you need to keep in mind and you should use them to make the best out of your group.

The 18th Group Elder Cousins Business Cousins
Army Group Nineteen Guys  Lofers of family
Cousins With no Age Limit The Alpha Girls My heart
Spring Fever The Band of Roosters The Rosters
Valet Minds People I Love Ninja Door
Doremons The Pretty Moms  Group for Juniors
Sharing Club The Herd For Timepass Only
Rocking Group Brother For Life Important Group
More Than Bros 7Knifes Bita Guys
Alpha Group Divine Group The Folks

Unique Group names for cousins

Name the group something no one else is using. It’s tempting to name your cousin group after an existing entity, but it’s better to come up with a name no one will be able to use. That way, you have much less chance of being confused with another organization or group.

Cherry Choppers Playground Group
Prime Cousins Trollers
Famous Group Jungel Cousins
Wondering Minds Junior Stunts
New Starter Group of Empires
My Gang One-Sided Lovers
Dreamland Group Land of Crowd
Higher Drifters Waste Brains
Cloud Cousins Same Sensors
Local Losers Fabulous Friends
Ace Age  Fashion Lovers
Teenagers Six Spoons
Prime Zone group Jumpstart Group
Paradise Group Milestone Guys
Answer Group  VIP Group
Dome Cousins Question Group

unique group

Cousins Group name for Whatsapp Chat 

The same Whatsapp groups that we have mentioned and start adding new people. That will make your group a member in no time! Feel free to post awesome messages or emojis by yourself while they wait for someone else, who might not join them until later. Here is a list 

The Divas The Advocates
Intoxicated Wild Group
Foody Group Go Ahead
The Lost Boys Only chat don’t call
Drippin’ Drops Drunken Queen
Whatsapp Group1 Food Lover
Terrible Trio 2nd Ending
The Learners Bumbling Boys
Thank goodness we’re bad Crying Boys
You are not Welcome The Slacker Pack 
You’re a winner!! It’s a girl!
The Gossip Gang  Call me again
Bossy Girls Friends forever!
Butter Lick The Motley Crew 
The truth hurts  The daredevil 
Spring Roll lover Final Match
Call us Richer The famous four
God’s Fariste Angel Group
Bak bak Queen Happy to disappoint
The School Hooligans  Cricket Group


Some Social media groups’ names are so funny and inappropriate that you can’t have a clue behind those names. These names can be used for any of your private groups with your online social media friends, childhood friends, colleagues, or other mates. Choose wisely according to your group and make sure that you add some naughty meaning behind your name because being naughty is fun. So, enjoy these unsuitable group names.