While some squad names only make sense within the context of a particular game, others have much deeper meaning related to the experience of players within that game. In this blog post, we will take a look at what these squad names are and how they can be easily explained. First, we will start by taking a look at Suicide Squad- a name that is popularly associated with in-game suicide tactics and deaths, but very little else. Afterward, we will explore some other common Squad names such as Toxic Garden Society and Killer Kittens, along with their unique meanings.

Table of contents:
Squad Names for Boys
Squad Names for Girls
Squad Names for Mixed Teams 

Squad Names for Boys

The most widely used Squad name for boys is “Team Assassin” or “Team Goal.” These names can be attributed to the negative connotation of these squad types and their associated violence. The name itself denotes a simple way of describing these enemy units, which are often very difficult to kill due to the large rewards they provide players with. Indeed, some players who were late to join the game thought that this “experience” was worth dying for, not knowing how much trouble it would be for them later on.

Few of the names are:

Toxic Garden SocietyFriends for EternityKiller Kittens
Together for LifeInfected BabiesLonely Souls
Mad DogsCrescendoNomadic Warriors
Demonic Hell RaisersBirds of a FeatherLife for my Life
SufferingLost ChildrenTeam Creator
No Guts No GloryAnimal FarmBane
Powered by PainkillersEternal SleepUnderworld
Steps of KnowledgeCast of TerrorMisfits
Sick PuppiesSisters of MercyNo Heaven
Summerkill Thirst for BloodThe Brotherhood
Sleeping DogsBereavedCelebrity Fan Club
Lions and Tigers and Bears Black Lightning Stand-ins
Dead Men WalkingBloody HellExecutioners
Stitched SoulsDevouring HeartsRing of Fire
Monsters and Men Sinners’ CircleThe Trooper
False MessiahsTriple ThreatsThe Fallen Empire
  • Screaming Eagles
  • Malevolent Strangers
  • Shattered Suns and Ghosts
  • Underdogs
  • Saved by Wolves
  • Toxins and Assassins
  • Underworld Raiders 
  • The Fallout: Deep Red Team
  • Red Dawn (Rebels)

Squad Names for Girls

Another popular squad type among female players is the Flower Squad . This entails playing as a team made up of orchid and ladybug-like units who are mostly harmless but do have some strategic value.

Squad Girls
ArminaLady NinjaSmashhy
Sacred RoseThe Neon LotusAmazonian Warriors
Maidens in the GameHotel CaliforniaThe Heavenly Garden Society
Hannah MontanaRising AngelsMonarchs and Queens
A Sweet TribeSweet NightmaresToxic Garden Society 
Team Plague Clan Plague Zombie Squad  
Plague Inc.Plague InfectionContagion
Heaven’s GateFatal Garden Disease Containment Unit
Cast of Terror Underworld Misfits 
Paradise Lost Toxic Love Story Purrs and Farts
The Deadly Garden SocietyDevouring HeartsLovely Killer Kittens  
Dangerous Squad 2 Team Critters Lawless Squad 
Underworld Defenders  Bloody Bandits   Hell’s Grannies  
Devouring Hearts  Danger Society Loveless Lovers  
Killer Kittens  The Storm The Assassins
HildaTeam CreatorNo Guts No Glory
Sweet DeathAnimal FarmSteps of Knowledge 
LouellaPowered by PainkillersEternal Sleep 
  • The Fallout: Deep Red Team
  • Malevolent Strangers
  • Toxic Garden Society
  • Killer Kittens
  • Birds of a Feather
  • The Deadly Garden Society.
  • Toxic Love Story
  • The Fallen Empire
  • House of Angels
  • Lion King Fan Club
  • The Survivors
  • Deadly Garden Society
  • Kingdom Come squad (below)

Squad Names for Mixed Teams 

Some squads are named after their members’ close friendships on other platforms. The following squads have a majority of female players, but have added male players because they are friends or lovers in real life.

These squad names include:

Mixed SquadThe Cat Ladies  Team Cat Ladies  
Girls Night Out 2 Girls Night Out   Bad Girls   
Friends Forever: BFFsCrazy Cats and Meatball Heroes   Little Red Riding Hoods 
The Beautiful Killer KittensGirls Just Wanna Have FunPretty and Psycho Squad
The Crazy SquadWitches of Batslide The Survivors 
Janssens Squad Big Bad Wolves Sisters of Mercy 
Demons and Angels   Demonic Hell Raisers Band of Angels  
Angels on Top   Bands of Angels Devouring Hearts
The Holy Angels   Hell’s Grannies   No Heaven 
Underworld Raiders  Zombies and Cats  The Sacred Shamblers
Killer KittensBirds of a Feather Devouring Hearts 
Monsters and Men Crescendo   The Fallen Empire    
Lion King Fan Club  Underworld Defenders Bloody Hell 
Amulet Union Sleep Now in the Fire Velvet Tears    
Black Lightning   Toxic Garden SocietyThe Survivors 
Stitched Souls    Amulet of DoomBane     
Kingdom Come squad   Team Cactus   The Awoken Warriors
Sleeping Dogs       The Deadly Garden Society    Bride of Hell’s Grannies 
  • Sisters of Mercy   
  • Underworld Raiders 
  • Zombies and Cats   
  • Demons and Angels      


Overall, players are attracted to the Squad name types which highlight certain mechanics in the game, such as “Assassin” or “Team Goal,” due to their association with the negative connotations of these type units. In addition, some players like to use names that reflect their own personal interests and situations in life while other players just go with a squad name that they like. It is important to note that this list is not comprehensive and I hope this blog post will be useful for new players who want to know more about Squad name meanings and origins.

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