A group name for cousins, which is a good idea to avoid awkward explanations as to why you’re related. This might also be preferable because most extended family members are also friends and relatives. You should consider the name carefully. Be sure that it is short and has no double meanings.

Table of Contents:
1. Unique Group names for Cousins
2. The Cousins Who live in Distance 
3 .college group name for Cousins
4.Cousin Group name for those who are colleagues
5. Trendy best and Popular Group names for Cousins
6. Conclusion

Unique Group names for Cousins

You can use a combination of your first name and a traditional nickname, or even a real-life relative’s last name, as a group name. You can also create a group depending on your race, age, or interest by linking different groups together with blue links. If you are interested in photography, for example, you might want to create an American Families Photography Group for people who share similar hobby interests.

“The first ray of the winter sun.”Matchless Cousins
My Dear SistersSaree Lovers
In Order to be an “Intelligent person.”
Purple WorldSangit Manager
Big DragonsHandsome commander
the name of the birdChat with Bhoot
Fire HopeCousin world
Lovely WritersSisters by Heart
Chat with CousinsIncomparable Person
Tea LoversChat Lounge
Thai Food EaterFull On Blast
Nadaan ParindeDancing Group
Text MastersWe are unique
Family GangGhar aah ja
Crowd CousinNonstop notification
Temple GroupBrightness of stars
OMega CousinInnocent Girls
Internal GroupCousin Kingdom
Love BiteLong da laskara
Powerful TeamBaby Cousins
Unique Group names for Cousins

The Cousins Who live in Distance 

For those Cousins who have a strong bond, it usually doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, once you’re in the group there is nothing that can tear you apart. Cousins are close enough to be considered family. They are friendly and dependable.

Frat Boys and Girls Soccer ClubLike a glue
Fabulous friendsLife for friendsThe Lumberjacks
DistracerNerd SquadClub of Riders
The Glee ClubGeneral TeamSong Lovers
The Desert RosesEye to Eye, Ear to EarBrat Pack
Skank HuntersStorks and Babies Chamber of Secrets
Life and MusicTeenagersRude Boys
Cheerleaders for MenPunk and Goths Silent killers
Group of HunterMusic ComposerScruffy Girls
Hunting Buddies Nerdy DudesColony of Weirdos
Convenience ClubTeenagersBig Dragons
AthletesFuture TradersThe Folks
Padaku The DriftersTree Huggers 

college group name for cousin

You’ve just enrolled in your first year of college and are now looking out for a group to join. You want to make friends with people from your own college, but being an introvert, it’s always hard for you to talk to strangers. But what if there were a few cool people who’d let you be friends with them?

That’s where groups on Whatsapp come in handy. You can chat with them at any time of the day and it’s totally safe.

The Back BenchersPhysics LoverRight Here
Alert for StudentsMasti KhorBoys with Wander
Cousin CatsLove is LifeNo girls
Let’s Get StartWild MessengersDangerous Friend
Way LosersPic PosersNon-Stop Chat
Free BirdsBest CousinsForever Best Friend
SenioursThe WinnersNewbie Cousin
Idiot GroupThe Smart groupTalk Like a Pro
Rich MonkeysAngry BirdsBehave Like Human
Innocent BabyBest Talker4 Bewkuf

Cousin Group name for those who are colleagues

It is a must to have a group in the office. You must have at least one WhatsApp in the office that keeps the entire gang together. The best thing about this group is that you have people from different departments and different levels. Here are some names for such groups

The Thirsty GirlsThe ButterfliesFlower Bees
The BossesThe Corporate People More Active
The GamekeepersThe Wannabe GirlsThe Playful Blondes
Nice GroupThe Catty BitchesPreety Cousins
The Perpetual Tease  Floating RiverSuper Heroes
Truth and dareThe Flirtatious LadiesThe Drunks Girls 
The Up In Arms People  Best PlayersIconic Group
Bell RingersArmy The Floating Gangs
The Quirky CliqueThe Eligible BachelorsThe Sunshine
Last SecretHip Hop Hooray The Bulletproof Bunch 
The Bossy Bunch Tech Wizards  Supreme Masterminds 
Group of CrazierUnexpected GroupChange of the way
The Lovey-Dovey CoupleThe Talkative Queen Time is money

Trendy best and Popular Group names for Cousins

some of the popular names that could be given to your group. Whatever name you give to your group you need to make it catchy, cool, and dashing in order for your name to stand out from the crowd.

The Secret AgentsThe Cyber Chatter
Flying HighAir Wick
Hyper WorldCircle Makers
Hustle CrewsHappy to Displease 
Let’s RunThe Football Boys 
CelebrationsIt’s Time to go
Happy GroupThe Hijack Group
Badass CousinPower of Group
Love of LifeAttractive Group
Teddy BearsGroup Dolls
Group of LegendsGroup of Chuhiya
Attention CatcherGroup of Heart
GirlfriendsAnnoying Group 
Korean GroupThe Latin Kings
Always TogetherHum Sath Sath Hain
King of wordAll Rajkumar are here
Stars OF GroupThe Crowd King
The Drama Queens You and I


 This is a group where all the members are cousins to each other, who meet at each other’s houses In the evening or night, or who those lives far away from each other we create a group to reach each other no matter how far we live. These were some of the best-picked-out names for different types of Whatsapp groups. You can check them all and select the one you like.

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