No one’s ever going to call you John Smith. But what if you want your name to be “John Smith?” You might think Facebook is an easy way to get a name change. It isn’t. You can do it, but it won’t be easy or cheap and it will take up a lot of time — unless you know the right way.

Creative and unique Name for Facebook profile

Everybody’s always looking for something new, something fresh, something impressive. Using a creative name is the next best thing to having a creative mind. Here are some tips you can use to enhance your name and make your personal Facebook profile more interesting.

A few of the name suggestions are:

Creative and unique
CherubLove DonorMindless bob cat
Dark PoetMemoirs of a cockroachInsanely Creative Person
Eat, Drink and Be MerrySuper DuperPlatinum Cockroach
Mighty Beast PersonA Little Bit CrazyAngry at America 
Something in BetweenRocket ManBeauty Queen
Gay PersonBuzzProfileops
FacebookbeaSmilee loveCaptain
Never old enoughHomer LovellBlonde On Birth Control 
Killer VibesGrand Excavator Bookworm
Marry Me?Bad Idea Be Well 
Spontaneous ArtistTriple Threat Crazy Lady Love 
ProBLiteSick Person | Dizzy | 
U could Suck Cool And CrazyThe Unabomber 
Dionysus The Epic Fail GuyEgg-Head Exterminator
Creative GirlSuperstar Wicked Creative 
Ripper of All Websites World KillerDirty White Girl 
Facebook PoetessCreative Person Grand Pirate
Rapper PrincessBeast of all Beasts Dude-Man
The Super heroBig Momma Love Jack of All Trades 
Honey BeeAll Things CreativeThe Witty Wizard 

Cool and unique Name for Facebook profile

A name is a vital part of someone’s personality. It identifies a person and distinguishes him from others. Many people like to use their names in a creative way to emphasize their personalities, make them more interesting or just for fun.

Sugar manMuffinStar Killer
SpiderRock StarThe Rockstar of all Rockstars
Flower PowerPollyannaNarcissism
Putting It All TogetherGood FlavaBoogie Woogie Man
My Secret ViceLook Out World Sneak Preview 
The Original PersonStrawberry Queen Got Something to show?
TimelessnessSaints and Sinners | Cool |
Behind the ScenesThe Calculator| You | 
Bad Boyz Girlz Precious Gemstone The Disappointment 
Pumpkin PieBorn to be MildArticulate person
MinionNutty ProfessorPersistent as Hell
Babyface killer S Bizzle loverWizard of all Wizdomz
Sexy LadyGentleman Gangstas Paradise
Ladies manTortured WriterJoker 
HeartbreakerGrasshopper Partying Every Day 
The Disappointment Cupid’s Poisoned ArrowMan of Many Faces
Innovator A Man that Loves WomenThe Friendly Puzzler
The BrainboxThe FuryYoung at Heart 
The Master of MischiefBold, Daring, and BeautifulHopeless Romantic
The Whirlwind Super Cool and FunkyA Dreamer’s Paradise 

Major creative and unique Name for Facebook profile

Some of the famous Facebook profiles have been:

I am a Reader and a Writer. I am the Chief Creative Officer of the world. I have been kidnapped by the fairies, imprisoned in an ice castle, watched my superhero action figures fight crime on Tv, and had crazy dreams on weekends when I was a little girl. But all I ever wanted to become is a knight who saves princesses and fights for justice. Looking for someone else? Someone that says “Oh god yes” when you’re not aware of what you’re doing with your mouth or fingers at that instant – someone to pump up the weirdness quotient, pump up the wordplay, pump up the prose, pump up the poetry…

BadshahMr. AkelaTerminator
Heart RobberRomanticMacho Man
GunslingerThe Man with the Golden GunSpartan King 
Work in progress Attention-Seeker The Thrill Seeker
Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Mysterious Stranger He-Man Manhunter 
Daring Adventurer The Rocketeer The Heathen’s Angels of Death 
Hollywood ForeignerPoetess of all PoetryAn Evening of Poems
Orator of all OrationsThe Man with the Golden Pen Foolish Fool
Polished Professional | Funny |Storyteller of all Stories 
Luna SparklePhoenix BlazeAurora Mist
Lyra SolsticeOrion DawnNebula Dreamer
Nova RadianceSeraphina MoonAtlas Horizon
Ember PhoenixAtlas SolaraElectra Celestial
Zenith SkylarkCascade SerenadePandora Echo
Zenobia BreezeRhapsody WillowElectra Muse
Mystique VeilEcho SolaceAmara Zenith
Cyra CelesteAeon EmberPhoenix Rhythm
Saffron EvergreenZephyrus MuseNebula Siren
Luna VegaOrion HazeAurora Velvet
Nova TempestLyra NovaSeraphina Everglow
Pandora EclipseRhapsody EmberZenith Stardust
Mystique MoonlightZenobia ZephyrZephyrus Serenade
Amara SkyeAeon RadiantPhoenix Whisper
Nebula HarmonyCyra DreamerOrion Solstice
Aurora SylphSaffron MirageAria Solara
Nova NebulaLuna MirageSeraphina Whisper
Atlas StardustLyra TempestEmber Luna
Rhapsody NovaZenith HazeMystique Seraph
Electra NebulaZephyrus LyraCyra Phoenix
Cyra PhoenixZenobia AriaZenobia Aria
Pandora EmberxAeon NovaSaffron Solara

Super Bad and Clever’s Name for Facebook Profile

I think it’s really important to make my life funny. You know, with jokes, puns, humor, and good ol’ black humor. For some reason, I just get a kick out of being funny. Although I probably wouldn’t be in it if it wasn’t for the fact that someone did want to be funny when I was a kid. He used to call me “Bunny Kitty.

  • Charming Prince
  • Crazy Princess
  • Unknown Boy
  • The Lucky One
  • Great Performer
  • Baddie
  • The Man of Mystery
  • The One you’re looking for
  • Unorthodox Genius
  • I’m Yours
  • Mysterious Stranger
  • Destined to be a Legend
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
  • A True Gentleman
  • A Simple Guy
  • The Mighty Warrior
  • One and Only
  • Lonely Knight of Olde
Creative and unique


The name of a Facebook profile is the single most important factor that determines whether you get to communicate with people you like. If your name matches your personality and hobbies, then it will make networking a lot easier.

People who have meaningful names and interesting backgrounds have great success on social networking sites. You can try to put your own name together by finding out the meaning of the name you are currently using. There are many sites where you can do this including your favorite dictionary, Social Security Administration, or other record search websites.

If you come up with a unique username that is interesting and meaningful, it will help strengthen your profile and make other people want to respond to you more.

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