Sisters is a sisterhood. A space for women to be encouraged, challenged, motivated, and inspired.

We are sisters in movements striving together to live out our callings and make a difference in the world around us.

At Sisters, we support one another’s passions and dreams through accountability, prayer, and mentoring relationships. We are at various stages of life but are all looking for that sister who can speak into your life journey right now.

Table of Contents:
Here are 5 tips for picking a good Sister’s name.            
Sisters Group name including the specific word “sister”            
Gaming group names for cousin sister            
Sisters group name for WhatsApp            
Sister group name by phrases and powerful words           
Cool and Catchy names for the group of sisters



Here are 11 tips for picking a good Sister’s name.

Our list has focused on what you might want to consider if your thoughts are like “I don’t know where to start.” There is a lot of information out there, and we hope this will help you get started on your search.

1. it should be feminine and include the word sister or sisterhood

2. it should have a poetic feel

3. it should be easy to pronounce

4. we like words that have the following meanings kindness, love, community, peace and balance

5. we are not interested in anyone else’s opinion if they don’t share our values of kindness, love and peace

6. we are not interested in any words that can make fun of us or our sisters so if your idea includes a word with multiple meanings it had better be different from our values

7. we are interested in names that have to do with sisters and the color purple, but nothing about the color red purple is a warm color, red has violence

8. there should be 12 letters in each word or phrase

9. it should have a feel that is easy to remember

10. we may use longer words if they have the same meaning as our existing word but we don’t care about the sound of the longer words

11. our focus is on spirituality so we don’t care about colors, seasons or places

Sisters Group name includes the specific word “sister”

We are sisters who support each other and support others who are trying to improve their self-worth. We spend time with each other, have deep talks, share our goals and achievements and work together to accomplish them.

New Dimensions Sister Circle
Unsatisfied geeks Sisters United
Sisters 4ever Sistas in Action! 
Sisterhood  Sisters of the “GAP” (
Sister Friends Forever and Ever! Sisterhood Liberation Army 
Sistas’ Sistas  Awesome Players
Sister Power  Connected by a String! 
Sisters In Spirit  Sisters in Unity!
Sisters in Truth  Sisters Together! 
Sisters of the Struggle  Sister in Support! 
Sisters In Action!  Zoo Sisters
Sisters in Unity!  Sisters In Reach!
SISTERS IN LOVE! Sisters for Justice & Freedom,
Sisters Together Forever! Sisters in the Struggle
Sisters Circle “The Circle of Sisterhood” 
Sisters from the Future Sistas 4 Life 
Crosses Across America Sisters 4 Sistas for Sistas 
The naughty zoo Horrow Movies
Sisters and Brothers United Sisterhood of the Heart
Sisters Networking Club Beginnings for the Girls

girls team


Gaming group names for cousin sister

Gaming group names to use with your cousin sister on Pinterest. Use these group name ideas when you are gaming online and want to play games with your cousin’s sister. For each game, there is a small paragraph describing the top ten or so titles in that game. We have prepared a list for you here:

Silent but Deadly Superfly Sisters Tight-knit sisterhood
The Sister Circle Sisters of the Crossroads Black Women’s Alliance 
INSTEAD OF Game Sisters of the Green Sisters Unstoppable
Sisters United in Success Sister Love Movement Kids Next Door
Sisters United in Love Women of the World The Sisterhood of the Heart
Sisters United Caravan Sisterhood of the Sun  The Sisters Incorporated
Four Play Funk you lazy Sistuhs – We Luv You
Sisters of the World Sisters Everywhere United by Love  Sisters for Life and Equality 
DURING A PARTY Sister-Friends Brainless friends
SECOND-HAND Filthy Chicks Sisterhood of the Heart

Sisters group name for WhatsApp

This post will provide you with about 40 girl group names as well as some tips for choosing a group name in general!

The first thing to keep in mind is that there’s no way you can please everyone, so don’t stress over it too much.

The Bad Apples AT THE MOMENT
Modern Family Black Mamba
REMARKABLE Sleeping Queens
Masturbation Station WALKING with cousins
Messed Up and Mad About It Too Sexy for Our Shoes
Most Likely to Succeed  Dearly Departed
Trouble with the Law  Run-on Sentence
Ladies With an Attitude Ewww! That’s Disgusting 
Hiking in Heels  Chicks With Sticks 
We Were Born to Shop  Our Shoes Cost More Than Your Car 
Eve’s Posse Sweaty Balls Club


sister group name by phrases and powerful words

Sister groups can help each other advertise, share labor, and collaborate on projects. A sister group can be united through alliances such as membership in trade organizations or shared memberships on boards and committees within their industry.

These are just a few of the questions that we’ll answer for you. We hope you enjoy it! Check back for more updates about our work and what we can offer for you and your family. we’ve put together this handy list

Diarrhea Chasers The Sisterholics
The Queens of Awesomeness Thong 4 A Run
Nerve-Ridin’ Nymphomaniacs Sinners & Sensibilities
The Sassy Sisters We’re All Just Trying To Make It Through Life Together
long-distance runners Thong Sisters of the Road
Sisterholics of Bitchtown How Hot Are You
Sister Crazys Swinging Sisters
We Got the Runs! The Hotties
Team Trifecta  Sister Souljahs of the Road
Sister Girls Gone Wilder! Dirty Sisters of the Road
Thong Sisters of the Road The Leather Chicks
Looking Sorority Girls This Aint My First Rodeo
Dead orangutans  Go Girlies
Sisterhood of the Road Girls on the Run
These Girls Have Issues Girlfriends Group
Sisters in Sport 8 Shaitan
Female Fellowship Dare devils
A Club of Guideline Friends 4Dayans
Faltu Company Cute sisters
Road Dawgs Workaholic Sisters

two girls


Cool and Catchy names for the group of sisters

This is an example of an informative and factual post. It would hopefully be about recommendations for names for a group of sisters, and provide informative information on the subject. 

If you’re looking to give your family (ahem, future children) four or eight new namesakes but can’t decide which ones to use then take a look at our list of cool and catchy girl names.

1. Betrothed

2. The Purple One

3. Madam

4. Queen Mother

5. Dancer

6. The Paired Twin 

7. Little Princess

8. The Serafina 

9. Princess of the Sea  

10. Great and Powerful One 

11.Princess Angeline 

12.Little Fairy 

13.The Star 

14.Daughter of God 

15.Our Lady 

16.The Mystery 

17.The Daughter of the Moon

18. The Lady of the Stars 

19.The Serafina’s Twin 

20.The Flower Price of Evil 

21. Our Woman  

22. Daughter of Heaven

23.  The Pearl  

24. The One Who Rises Amongst 22 

25. The Queen

 26.Our Lady

27. Sol 

28.Sister Brightness

 29.Sister, Our Woman 

30.Daughter of Our Lord 

31.Our Lady  


Sisters are forever, and so are the memories you create with them.

Sisters are the coolest, most fashionable, and most beautiful gals to ever grace the planet. They are your best friend, a shoulder to cry on, and a shoulder to throw you over once you see their special someone. Their intentions may seem innocent, but they always end up as winners in the end.   The only way to keep them is with a GREAT name for your group