It’s nice to wear clothes that you love, but it’s even nicer when those clothes make you look good. And while getting the right fit can be hard enough, there’s an even bigger challenge when it comes to finding a name for your shop. So here are some suggestions for trendy clothing shop names.

The best place to start is with your budget and needs in mind. A more trendy name might require a higher level of investment from the store owner, so a budget-friendly option might be better if that is your goal.

Table of contents:
Few Trendy Clothes Shop Name Suggestions
Authentic Clothes Shop Name Suggestions
Cerebral Clothes Shop Name Options
French and famous Clothes Shop Name Options

Few Trendy Clothes Shop Name Suggestions

For example, you might want to stay away from monikers like “Dress Me Up,” which is already a brand. You can still use that name if you have the money or the time to register it as your own, but a little research and planning can save a lot of heartbreak and confusion later if you decide to expand into other towns.

Fashion FiestaTrend-SeekersLittle Black Dress
Passion PetalsThe Neat AdditionDesirable Denim
Freestyle StreetwearGrill ChicPlume and Pearl
RockStar JeansSpice Girl SoonEmerald Equipment
Scrumptious Scoopers Exotic ExpressionsPop Star Provision
Tempting TogsCrush CoutureStrawberry Spice Girls
Steamy VibeZodiac StyleFresh Styles 
Trendy ChicHip Hop HustleThe Fabulous Outfits
Style JammyTrès ChicStunning Styles
Fashion SensationRevival SoonDazzling Trends
Luxurious Style Busy  OutfittersDenim  
Sensational Styles BusyExotic Expressions Emerald
Masterpiece Spice Girls Black Dress 
CrushLush Lifestyle Spice Girls Soon 
Luxurious Style Busy RockyZodiac Style
Hip Hop Hustle Spicy Petals Exotic Expressions  
Revival Soon Star Jeans  Sensational Styles  
Rock Star Jeans Scrumptious Scoopers  Sexy Lifestyle Busy
Trendy Clothes

Authentic Clothes Shop Name Suggestions

Some other names might not be trendy, but they might be more easy to register and less likely to draw confusion. If you want people to know your style, but don’t want to be too edgy, you can always try a name like “Boutique,” which is pretty standard. It won’t necessarily pull customers in that weren’t already planning on shopping there, but it also won’t turn them away if they do choose your shop.

Vault ClassifiedFashionistaAmbition Clothing
Reprize ClothingDesireable TailorsElegant Attire
Fine ThreadsFreshly ClassifiedStunning New Arrivals
TrendsetterOne Stop Clothes ShopDesigner Clothes
Tempting TrendsClassy Clothes ShopSpicy Social Scene
Style MasterpieceClassical ClassyClothes Lover
Cheap ChicTrendy Trends  The Trendsetter  
Fashionable Attire Trend Setting Soon    Trendy Upstyles  
Trendz Clothing ShopTrendmeister Finesse Sensation  
Formality ApparelTrendsTrendmeister 
Trendy Tempting Trends Classy Clothes Shop
Style MasterpieceCool DesignersFashion Time Soon
Posh Purses and Trendy Clothes ShopBoutique Clothing Shop Vintage Style Boutique 
Design It Again SoonSurprisingly Chic Soon Cut and Design
White and black Trendy Clothes

Cerebral Clothes Shop Name Options

If you want a name that’s a bit more creative and can be associated with your creative lifestyle, you can also try an option like “Creative” or “Articulate.” These names might also be a bit easier to register. These would be good for clothing stores.

Fashionista Art GalleryCrazy Clothing ShopCreative Couture 
The Trendy TailorThe Creative CornerFashionista Boutique 
Her Essential Clothes ShopArtsy Trends    Style by Numbers 
Be Crafty Clothing StoreClothes by the Numbers   The Stunning Shop 
Stitch ShopFashion Buzz Indian Fashion Wear 
INDI AVTAARStyle Buzz  Creative Clothes Pavilion 
The Designer’s Clothes ShopThe Making    Aura of Trendy Clothes Shop
Trendy Fashion ShopTrendy BoutiqueStyle Overflow  
Boutique Emporium Crazy Fashion Shop The Creatives Clothing Stores 
Fashion StudioTrendz Clothing Shop Style Jammy Clothing Store 
Trendy Clothes

French and famous Clothes Shop Name Options

If you’re looking for something more quirky, then you might want to try a French name like “Atelier” or “Boutique.” This can be rather confusing for customers that don’t know French, but it can also help those that do catch on to your love of the language.

FoxgloveMilan ShopTrendsetting Boutique 
Atelier Designer StoreChic Chic BoutiqueAmbition Clothing Store  
Psyche’s Closet Clothing StoreGood Times Club Clothing Store  Beautiful Blouses and More Clothing Shop
Frenchy Fashions Boutique Pretty Persons Clothes Shop  French House
Posh It Up!   Funky Paris BoutiqueDazzling Trends
Gradual TrendingBoutique with a Twist  Outfits for the Trendsetters  
Trendsetting Now     Picasso Clothes ShopAtelier Clothes Store 
Tailor Made Clothing Store   The Surreal Boutique Boutique with a Twist  
Boutique or Bust! Clothing Store   The Art of Fashion Boutique  Fashionable Closet Clothes Shop  
Trendy Clothes of woman


All in all, there are a wide variety of things to think about when choosing a business name (and possibly starting a business in general).  It’s important that you keep your interests and tastes in mind while determining what you want your shop to be, as well as thinking about your target customers. 

If you already have an established store, then it can be helpful to do some research on name popularity for that specific niche. For example, if you’re looking for name ideas for a clothing shop, then check out the list above and see how many of the suggestions from that list actually came from businesses with the same niche.

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