When you outfit your vehicle with a name that’s the small size of yours, it’s likely that you want a nickname.

Since you’re getting a small car, you’ll want to come up with a small name for it. Here are some great girl car names.

There are many advantages to having a girl car; it’s easy to keep up with, is easy to drive and maintain, and is often smaller than its male counterparts. Usually, they’re less expensive as well.


1. Cool Girl Car Names
2. Cute Girl Car Names
3. Girl Car Names for White Cars
4. Girl Car Names for Black Cars
5. Funny Car Names for Girls
6. Sporty Girl Car Names
7. Girl Car Names for Silver Cars
8. Conclusion

1. Cool Girl Car Names

the girl’s car is always ready to go when you are. She never complains about being put through her paces or getting a little dirty from time to time. In fact, she thoroughly enjoys it! The Car doesn’t care what other people think of her because she’s got good self-esteem (and who can blame her?).

A girl’s car is her most prized possession, and there are few things she loves more than to take it out for a spin. So, what’s in the name of this contently enjoyable activity? Here are some cool car names that girls love.

1. Highway Queen14. America’s Best Top Model27. Snuggles40. Mermaid
2. Tipsy15. Grenade28. Feebee41. Big Bertha
3. Cleopatra16. Globetrotter29. Sunshine42. Beach Cruiser
4. Sassy17. Everest30. Fetching Filly43. Darling
5. Polka18. Carzilla31. Licensed to Chill44. Bootee
6. Candy19. The Godmother32. Ladybird45. The Baby
7. Numero Uno20. Ace33. Cooky46. Tinkerbell
8. Pioneer21. Big Slick34. Lady of The Streets47. The Diva
9. Thunder22. The Invincible35. Callie48. Diana
10. Talk Of The Town23. Rider, Provider36. Pretty Lady49. Naughty One
11. Trinx24. Diva37. Bootiful!50. Dove
12. Shiny25. Barbara38. Baby Buggy51. Dearest
13. Athena26. Isabella 39. Chiquita52. Duchess

2. Cute Girl Car Names

Many people think that the car you drive says a lot about who you are. Some people like to be creative and makeup names for their cars, while others might want their cars to reflect something about their personalities.

For instance, someone might name their sports car after one of their favorite athletes. Here’s a list of some cute girl car names.

1. Candy14. Mademoiselle27. My Little Pony40. Lady Bug
2. Flora 15. Tiddlywink28. Cream Puff41. Daisy Mae
3. Miss Mini16. Bubbles29. Fruity Pebbles42. The Flirt
4. Jelly Bean17. Coco30. Rose43. The Mothership
5. Bomb.Com18. Cher31. Blush44. Chicklet
6. Pebble19. Channel32. Cinderella’s Carriage45. Barbie
7. Sauvignon20. Cookie33. Gypsy46. Caddy
8. Lovestruck 21. Sprinkles34. Dolly Parton47. Black Betty
9. Tiny22. Sky 35. Hippie48. Big Red
10. Princess 23. Gucci36. Sugar49. Mommy’s Little Girl
11. Sugar Rush24. Precious37. Coco50. Baby Girl
12. Alexa25. The Slo Mo38. Constance51. Bijou
13. Rose26. Chica Bonita39. Sugar Plum52. Sweetie

3. Girl Car Names for White Cars

It’s time to find the perfect girl car name! When it comes to white cars, we need a special touch to make them feel feminine. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can easily give your white car a girly name.

there are many different types of girl car names. First and foremost, start by naming your car after a celebrity or actress – they’re bound to make you smile every time.

1. Chardonnay14. Dove27. Roxanne40. Paris
2. Snowy15. Icy 28. Brandy41. Milly
3. Alaska16. Marble29. Cora42. Melda
4. Jon Snow17. Milkshake30. Sunny43. Britney
5. Marshmallow18. Whitey31. Chelsea44. Cher
6. Ivory19. Swan32. Lila45. Emma
7. Polar Bear20. Pearl 33. Christie46. Gwen
8. White Walker21. Blizzard34. Ebony47. Jennifer
9. Spooky22. Frosty35. Amber48. Kylie
10. Elsa23. Penny36. Adria49. Miley
11. Dotty24. Serene37. Tamsin50. Myleene
12. Star25. Sienna38. Nicole51. Stormy White
13. Celeste 26. Tiffany39. Della52. Starlet White

4. Girl Car Names for Black Cars

Whether you’re shopping for a new or used car or deciding on a new color for your current ride, these girl car names are sure to please. Below you’ll find some of the best girl names to assign to black cars and other colors.

If none spark your fancy, you can always go with the classic black-as-night shade of paint. Either option will make driving more fun!

1. Crazy Black9. Melanite17. Dusk25. Black Beauty
2. The Mysteria10. The Duchess18. Sirius Black26. EVERGREEN CUL-DE-SAC
3. Dark Beauty11. Blackjack19. Nightmare27. DOGGIE DAYCARE
4. Blackwoman12. Jet20. Noir 28. ALLEY CAT
5. Black mobile13. Dementor21. Nyx29. JUNKYARD
6. Mirage14. Miss Spooky 22. Raven 30. DOGGY STASH
7. Black Widow15. Blade23. Blackie31. HIDING SPOT
8. Black Mamba16. Venom24. Vader32. Black Magic

5. Funny Car Names for Girls

For some reason, girls are becoming increasingly obsessed with getting the perfect name for their cars. We ransack the Internet for creative names and ponder what our child will have to be named once we have a son.

Then we start to dream, imagining what it would be like if we could name our cars whatever we wanted. What would you name your car? See below for our creative list and then click here to share yours with us!

1. Boop9. Squeaky17. Junkyard25. The Chariot
2. Grandma10. Just Won’t Start18. iCar26. Rosie the Riveter
3. Big Bootie11. Miss Bickers19. Metalhead27. Big Wheels Rollin’
4. Directionless12. Crawler20. Oldie28. Lightning McQueen
5. Little Piggy13. Unwashed21. Blondie29. The Blue Beastie
6. Angry Bird14. Clown22. Rusty30. Purse on Wheels
7. Slugger15. Distress23. Flo31. The Little Mermaid
8. Smelly Joe16. Miss Whimsy24. Pinky32. Gone in 60 seconds

6. Sporty Girl Car Names

A little “sporty” is always good when it comes to a car name! For the most part, people will stick to traditional girl car names like Corolla or Civic.

Chicks love cars that are fast, powerful, and sporty. And they especially love sweet-sounding girl car names. The following list ranked the top 17 of the best-fitting girl car names in America.

1. Fast And Furious9. Royalty17. Sporty25. Fasty
2. Bada Bing!10. Pacer18.Road Rage 26. Mountain View
3. Victory11. Blinkers19. Indestructible27. Shooting Star
4. Ms. Bolt12. Night Rider20. Underdog28. Curvy Roads
5. Fierce13. Thrill Seeker21. Rockstar29. Pebble Beach
6. Avanti 14. Princess Of Adventure22. Dottie30. Ford Girl
7. Catherina15. Monster23. Minny31. Skid Marks
8. Celica16. Punky24. Jazzy32. Sporty Girl

7. Girl Car Names for Silver Cars

In the car world, the names of cars can be very challenging to pick. One thing that has happened in the past is that naming a car after a song was popular.

For example, the song “Stairway to Heaven” gave rise to the name of a Subaru car. It also happens with other songs and band names such as The Who and Van Halen, who have been given to cars as well.

1. Moonlight9. Gunhead17. Ash25. Smoky Quartz
2. Armor10. Iron Woman18. Silver Surfer26. Platinum Mist
3. Chrome Sweet Chrome11. Silver Fox19. Specter27. Silver Snow
4. Mercury12. Bullet20. Megatron28. Silver Dream
5. 50 Shades13. Babe Magnet21. Gleamers29. Tiny White Snowflakes
6. Metallica14. Magneto22. Silverado30. Silver Metal
7. Samurai15. Silver Lining23. Hard Candy White31. Pyramids Frozen
8. iRoboCar 16. Silver Speedster24. Light Alloy Pearl White32. Silver Wings


This post is a giant list of girl car names, in case you were wondering. It includes models such as Audi, Mercedes, and Bugatti.

This means it is likely easier for a girl to come up with clever and interesting names for her car than it is for a boy, who might have less experience thinking of such names. Girls should take advantage of this knowledge and use the creativity they have in their natures while they can.

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