Starting a clothing store can be a thrilling yet challenging experience. While it’s essential to have a solid business plan and reliable suppliers, choosing the right name can set your brand apart and make it memorable to potential customers. A catchy and unique name can also help your store stand out in a sea of competitors. Here are 20 creative clothes shop name ideas to inspire your next venture.

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Cool Names For Clothes Shop
Attractive Names For Clothes Shop
Unique Name For Clothes Store
Trending Names For Clothes Shop
Sporty Names For Clothes Store
Funky Names Clothes Shop
Stylish Names For Clothes Store
How Do You Name A Fashion Brand?

Cool Names For Clothes Shop

Choosing a name for your clothes shop can be both exciting and challenging. You want a name that is unique, memorable, and appealing to your target audience. If you’re looking for cool names for your shop, consider incorporating trendy words, puns, or references to fashion icons or trends. Examples of cool names for a shop might include “Chic Threads,” “Dapper Duds,” or “Fashionably Forward.”

Glamour GarageFashion FrenzyTrendy Threads
Modish AttireSwag StopTrendsetter’s Emporium
Urban ThreadsCouture CornerDapper Den
Fashion FusionThread TrendzStyle Haven
Chic BoutiqueStyle SpotFunky Fashion
Stylista StopThe Trendy TrunkFashion Forward
The Fashion VaultTrendscapeModa Mall
The Style StudioTrend TribeFashionista Central
Urban Chic BoutiqueStyle SavvyRunway Junction
The Fashion LoungeFabulous FindsChic Street
Hipster HavenThe Wardrobe WarehouseCouture Culture
Trend TroveThe Fashion WorkshopStyle Station
Fashion FiestaGlamorous GalleryStyle Sanctuary
The Trendsetter’s BoutiqueFashion FusionChic Chateau
The Style HiveTrendy TogsStyle Xpress
Glam GaloreThe Fashion LabVibe & Style
Couture CoveThe Fashion EmporiumHaute Boutique
Style BoulevardThe Chic ClosetThe Style Bazaar
The Style AsylumFashion FlairChic Republic
Style CentralGlamour GalleriaThe Trend Temple
Fashion FableStyle SphereThe Trend House
Chic CacheFashion FinesseThe Style Annex
Trend TonicThe Fashion OasisStyle Dynasty
Modish ManiaThe Trendy RackFashion Avenue
Chic CouturiersThe Fashion CoveTrend Trek
Chic HavenThe Trendsetter’s HavenStyle Studio
Fashion MavenThe Style ParlorTrend Tracker
The Chic ClosetFashion FinesseStyle Syndicate
The Trend VaultChic AttitudeFashion Frontier
The Style NookTrend TycoonThe Chic Collective
Fashion FindersStyle StashThe Trend Lab
The Trend TribeChic MarketplaceFashion Quest
The Style SocietyTrend EliteThe Chic Boutique
Fashion Avenue

Attractive Names For Clothes Shop

An attractive name for your clothes shop can draw customers in and make them curious to see what you have to offer. When selecting an attractive name for your shop, consider using words that evoke beauty, elegance, and style. Examples of attractive names for a shop might include “Glamorous Garments,” “Belle Boutique,” or “Posh Apparel.”

Dazzling DesignsEnigma CoutureSophisticated Chic
Vogue VaultCaptivating ClosetMagnetic Attire
Elegance EmporiumCharm CoutureGraceful Glamour
Opulent OutfitsAllure ApparelRadiant Raiments
Enchanté BoutiqueElegant EdgeSerene Styles
Elegant EssenceMagnetic ModaTrendy Tresor
Aura ApparelCaptivating ClosetStylish Serenade
Chic CachetAllure AvenueOpulent Outlook
Refined RaimentsEnchanting EnsemblesCharisma Collection
Radiance RunwayGraceful GarmentsSplendid Attire
Elite EleganceMesmerize BoutiqueGlamour Grove
Magnificent ModaDazzle DenStyle Supreme
Charismatic CoutureRadiant ReflectionsGlamourous Garb
Allure AttireEnigma EleganceSplendor Styles
Opulent OasisRegal RunwayPolished Perfection
Posh PanacheElysian EnsembleGlamour Galore
Enchanté EmporiumFancy FusionClassy Creations
Enthralling ThreadsVogue VillaElegant Elite
Graceful GlamAura AvenueVogue Vantage
Glamourous GazetteEnigma EleganceSplendid Signature
Elegant EdgeCaptivating CoutureRadiant Renditions
Mesmerizing ModaLuxurious LaneDivine Designs
Chic CharismaAllure AestheticsExquisite Ensemble
Opulent ObsessionSeraphic StylesEnchanting Elegance
Regal ReflectionsAllure AvenueChic Cachet
Serene StylesCaptivating CharmRadiant Runway
Glamorous GazetteEnigmatic EleganceElegant Essence
Splendor StylesRefined ReverieDazzling Designs
Magnificent ModeEnchanting EmbraceGraceful Glamour
Stylish SerenadeChic CharmAllure Array
Opulent OutfitsPolished PanacheOpulent Obsessions
Glamour GaloreEnchanté EmporiumFancy Fusion
Classy CreationsEnthralling EnsembleVogue Villa
Trendy Tresor

Unique Name For Clothes Store

If you want to stand out from the crowd, choosing a unique name for your clothing store is essential. A unique name can help your store become memorable and create a distinct brand identity. To create a unique name, consider using unusual words or combinations of words, or incorporating elements of your store’s theme or aesthetic. Examples of unique names for a clothes store might include “Threads & Tassels,” “Downtown Divas,” or “Retro Runway.”

Kaleidoscope CoutureFlux FashionAvant-Garde Apparel
Offbeat OutfitsCurio ClosetThe Uncommon Attire
Verve VestureQuirky Chic BoutiqueSingular Style
Eccentric EnsemblesNebula ThreadsWhimsy Wardrobe
Ecclectic EleganceCuriosity ClosetFusion Fashion
Eccentric EmporiumOffbeat OutfittersQuirky Couture
Kaleidoscope KlosetArtisan AttireWhimsical Wardrobe
Rarity RunwayThe Funky FrockSartorial Sanctuary
Novelty NookEnigma EnsembleBeyond Basics Boutique
Eclectic EleganceStyle SpectrumUnconventional Creations
Unique UtopiaThe Eccentric EmporiumInnovative Apparel
Whimsy WearPeculiar PanacheVanguard Vestments
Unorthodox OutfitsThe Enigmatic WardrobeEccentricity Elegance
Daring DesignsAlternative AvenueThe Rare Garb
Mod MorphosisThe ImaginariumQuirk Couturiers
Singular StylesThe Exceptional AttireCurious Closet
The Unique EnsembleQuirky QuestFashion Fusions
Eccentric EnclaveUnconventional ChicBold Boutique
The Curiosity CollectionRarebird RaimentsThe Fashion Fusion
Outlandish OutfitsOffbeat OpulenceWhimsical Wearables
Novelty NicheThe Verve VestmentThe Uncommon Closet
Quirky Chic BoutiqueSingular StyleThe Whimsy Wardrobe
Curio CoutureKaleidoscope KlosetAvant-Garde Apparel
Uncommon UnisThe Enigma ClosetEccentricity Emporium
Visionary VestmentsThe Fashion CurioFlux Fashions
Unconventional UrbaneVanguard VestureThe Peculiar Panache
Unorthodox OutfittersEccentricity EleganceThe Daring Design
Alternative AttireThe Rare GarmentMod Metamorphosis
The Enigmatic EnsembleBeyond Basics BoutiqueSartorial Spheres
The Eccentric EmporiumWhimsy WearThe Eccentric Emporium
Eccentric EnclaveUnconventional ChicBold Boutique
The Curiosity CollectionRarebird RaimentsThe Fusion Fashion
Outlandish OutfitsSingular StylesQuirky Couturiers
The Imaginary Inventory

To capitalize on current fashion trends and appeal to a younger, trend-conscious demographic, consider using a trending name for your clothes shop. A trending name should reflect the latest styles and popular culture. Examples of trending names for a shop might include “Street Chic,” “Hipster Haven,” or “Urban Edge.”

Vogue TrendsFashionista HubTrend Trove
Trend FusionStyle PulseRunway Ready
Trend SpotModern CoutureChic & Now
Trendsetters’ HavenStyle MavenFashion Forward
Trendsetters’ HavenModern CoutureChic & Now
Vogue AvenueStyle MavenChic Emporium
Trend CentralFashion FusionGlam Gallery
Style StudioTrendscapeFashion Frenzy
Couture CollectiveStyle SanctuaryTrendy Tribe
Fashion FluxChic BoutiqueVogue Vibes
Runway RevolutionModish ThreadsStyle Avenue
Style PulseModish ManiaVogue Vibe
Style RevivalChic CoutureTrend Tracker
Fashion ForwardRunway RendezvousStyle Sphere
Fashion FlowChic CultureVogue Vista
Moda ModernaStyle IconTrendy Threads
Fashionista OasisRunway ReadyTrend Spotter
Trendsetter’s ChoiceFashion FusionTrend Tonic
Runway RealmStyle SymphonyTrend Troopers
Fashion FocusChic MarketVogue Venue
Moda ModeStyle AvenueTrend Wave
Fashion FeverRunway ReflectionsStyle Parade
Chic CityTrendsetters’ AlleyFashion Express
Couture CornerStyle HavenChic Domain
Style OasisChic EmpowermentTrendsetter’s Paradise
Fashion FlareRunway RoyaleStyle Sanctuary
Trend TrailblazersFashion FiestaChic Collective
Vogue VentureModa MagnateStyle Siren
Trending ThreadsFashion FlockCouture Clique
Style MavenTrend SpotFashion Flux
Chic SymmetryTrend TitansCouture Catalyst
Style StatementFashion FrontierTrendy Tranquility
Vogue ValorModish MuseStyle Revamp

Sporty Names For Clothes Store

If your clothes store specializes in athletic wear or sports-related apparel, you may want to consider a sporty name. A sporty name should reflect energy, activity, and athleticism. Examples of sporty names for a clothes store might include “Sweat Society,” “Fit Gear,” or “Active Attire.”

Active AttireActive EdgeSport Spirit
Active ThreadsSporty ChicDynamic Duds
Athletic OutfittersSportswear CentralPerformance Wear
Fit FashionAthleisure AvenueSport Style
Fitness FashionDynamic GearSportive Wear
Active TrendsAthletic OutfittingFitness Attire
Dynamic StyleSportswear SpotActive Zone
Sporty StreetFit FusionPower Performance
Sportswear StudioActive LifestyleAthletic Appeal
Energize ApparelSportswear StudioPower Performance
Athletic AppealSport SpiritFit Focus
Dynamic FashionAgility AttireSporty Streetwear
Active GearSportswear SelectFit Flex
Dynamic OutfitsPerformance PulseActive Sportswear
Sporty ThreadsFit and FabActive Lifestyle
Fit FusionFit FlexSportswear Select
Dynamic OutfitsPerformance PulseActive Sportswear
Sporty ThreadsFit and FabEnergize Apparel
Sportive WearActive TrendsAthletic Outfitting
Fitness AttireDynamic StyleSportswear Spot
Active ZoneSporty StreetActive Gear
Sportswear SpecialistsActive PursuitSporty Vibes
Fit ForceDynamic AthleisureSporty Impressions
Athletic MovesActive AppealSportswear Solutions
Fit FormDynamic DriveSporty Elegance
Performance ProAthleisure AvenueActive Aura
SportsStyleFit FocusDynamic Fashion
Agility AttireAthletic InstinctFitness Finesse
Active IntensitySportswear ZoneFit and Fresh
Dynamic DynamicsSporty EnergyAthletiStyle
Active FlowSportswear SourceFit and Fast
Dynamic PerformanceSportswear FusionFit Focus
Dynamic MotionSporty SwaggerAthletic Drive

Funky Names Clothes Shop

A funky name can add a unique, playful twist to your clothes shop’s brand identity. A funky name can incorporate fun or whimsical elements or references to pop culture or music. Examples of funky names for a clothes shop might include “Groove Threads,” “Rockstar Rags,” or “Hippie Haven.”

Groove ThreadsFunky FreshRetro Revival
Funktastic FindsFunky FlairVibrant Vesture
Funkadelic FindsFunktastic FashionRetro Raiments
Eclectic EleganceQuirky CoutureFunky Fusion
Electric EccentricityGroovy GetupFunky Flare
Quirky QueendomRetro RendezvousFunky Fabrics
Colorful CreationsFunktastic FindsColorful Creations
Funky FunhouseQuirky CouturiersRetro Remix
Funky FlamingoVibrant VintageFunkadelic Fashion
Eclectic EnsemblesWhimsy WardrobeFunk Factory
Groovy GarbQuirky Chic BoutiqueFunky Fly
Retro RebornQuirky ChicFunky Fairground
Funky FlairVibrant VersatilityFunktastic Fashions
Groovy GlamWhimsy WonderlandFunky Fashionistas
Quirky QuestRetro RadianceFunky Finesse
Eclectic EmporiumFunky FiestaVibrant Vibes
Funky FreshnessQuirky QuartersRetro Rhapsody
Electric EleganceFunky FunWhimsy Wonderland
Retro RevampFunky FreestyleElectric Exuberance
Funky FeverQuirky CurationRetro Royalty
Funky FascinationVibrant VerveFunky Fantasy
Eclectic EnsembleFunky FabulousnessWhimsical Whirlwind
Funky FindsQuirky QuirkRetro Retrograde
Funky Fresh FacesWhimsical WhirlQuirky Quirks
Funky ThreadsRetro Chic BoutiqueColorful Couture
Funky ManifestoRetro RemedyWhimsy Whiskers
Funky FrenzyVivid VortexRetro Rebirth
Funky FlamingoEclectic EnigmaFunkadelic Apparel
Trendy TreasuresQuirky ZephyrFunky Fusion Lab
Vivid VibesQuirky HavenFunky Fandango
Funky FizzEclectic ExoticaVintage Valor
Groovy GlimmerElectric EonRetro Rhapsodia
Colorful KaleidoscopeWhimsy WinkTrendy Trinkets
Funkadelic Verve

Stylish Names For Clothes Store

If your clothes store specializes in high-end or luxury fashion, a stylish name can help convey sophistication and elegance. A stylish name should reflect high fashion and designer brands. Examples of stylish names for a clothes store might include “Sartorial Splendor,” “Chic Couture,” or “Haute Haven.”

Urban EleganceTrendsetting TreasuresClassy Closet
Couture CollectionUpscale AttireModern Muse
Chic AvenueDapper BoutiqueRefined Runway
Sophisticated StyleGlamour GalleriaHaute Haven
Polished PanacheSartorial SplendorSleek Styles
Fashion ForwardElegant EdgeTrendy Threads
Stylista StudioClassy ChicVogue Vibe
Modish MavenChic CoutureFashionably Yours
Chic and UniqueStylish SilhouetteCouture Curators
Class Act ClothingTrendy TroupeElegant Ensemble
Refined RevivalDashing DesignsSleek Selections
Fashion FinessePosh PalaceSophisticated Sartorial
Fashion FlairStyle CentralElite Emporium
Chic BoutiqueModa BoutiqueGraceful Glam
Stylish StatementsModern MoxieUpscale Trends
Refined RaimentElegant EssenceFashion Focus
Fashionista FindsStyle StudioClassy Chic
Trendy HavenModish MannequinGraceful Garments
Stylish ChroniclesContemporary ClosetChic Hub
Sophisticated SensationsGlamorous GalleryHaute Couture Haven
Polished PerfectionSleek and ChicSophistication Station
Posh PanacheChic AvenueModern Maven
Refined RunwayDapper DestinationSleek Selections
Fashion FlairElegant EmporiumModa Modish
Graceful GlamourStylish SanctuaryClassy Collection
Trendsetting TreasuresCouture CreationsUpscale Style
Chic BoutiqueFashion ForwardUpscale Attire
Fashion EmporiumChic ReveriePosh Paragon
Couture ConnoisseurTrendy ThreadsModish Moments
Graceful GarbClassy ClosetStylish Statements
Classy ChicMode MavenHaute Headquarters
Stylish StanceGlamour GazetteElegant Edge
Couture HavenStyle SirenDapper Depot
Upscale Aura

How Do You Name A Fashion Brand?

Naming a fashion brand can be a complex and daunting process. A fashion brand’s name should reflect the brand’s aesthetic, target audience, and values. When naming a fashion brand, consider the following tips:

  • Keep it simple and memorable: A simple, easy-to-remember name can help your brand stand out and be easily recognizable.
  • Make it relevant: The name should reflect the fashion brand’s style and aesthetic.
  • Consider your target audience: The name should appeal to your target audience and reflect their values and interests.
  • Check availability: Before finalizing the name, ensure that it is not already trademarked or registered.
  • Get feedback: Get feedback from friends, family, or industry professionals to ensure the name is well-received.


Picking a name for your fashion brand or clothing store is a crucial decision that can influence your business’s success. A strong name should mirror your brand’s style, principles, and intended customers, while also being easy to remember and recognize. Regardless of whether you opt for a trendy, edgy, or classic name, it should resonate with your target audience and make a lasting impression. Ultimately, a well-chosen name can help you establish a strong brand identity and differentiate yourself from competitors in the crowded fashion industry.

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