So you want to start a bicycle club, but you’re not really sure what to call it? The thing with naming your bicycle club is that you want it to be both easy for others to remember and uniquely yours.

Naming a bicycle club or community is not just about picking a name that works. It’s also about getting people to support you, and it’s about being able to differentiate yourself from other groups. The best way of doing this is by coming up with names that are both catchy and unique–and at the same time easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. The last thing you want is for people to have a hard time remembering your club’s name or to be confused when they see the name somewhere else.

Table of contents:
Tips to name bicycle club
Cool Bicycle Name Ideas
Bicycle Troop Name Ideas
Boulevard Bicycle Name Ideas
Witty Bicycle Name Ideas
Silly Names
Names of famous people
Powerful names
One word Bicycle Name Ideas
Bicycle Club Name Ideas

Tips to name bicycle club

The following are some tips on how to go about naming your bicycle club:

#1 Keep it simple and memorable

Easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Don’t use words that are really hard to spell, pronounce, or remember–students often see a club like this as being elitist. 

#2 Include information about the reason for the club’s existence

What is it about bicycles that makes you want to start a group? Is it promoting a bike route or local ride? Whatever your goals are, they should be reflected in your club’s name.

#3 Use numbers. 

The first, second, and third member of your club should be all wearing white with black numbers on their jerseys. This way, you look more organized.

#4 Pick a name that makes others want to join the club

You want to be the coolest bicycle club in town! Name your group with a descriptive word that sounds cool and not everyone else will want to join you and make the group look less unique.

#5 Include words like “bicycle” or “cyclists”

If you’re starting a club for cyclists, riding bicycles (not just any kind of bike) or some other reason related to bikes, include words like Bicycle or Cyclist in the name of your group.


Cool Bicycle Name Ideas

Once you have a name, make sure to let everyone know by putting stickers with the name on your bicycles and other belongings.

This will forever be remembered as the bicycle club of your town or city and it will never lose its significance.

Some of the name ideas are:

Wheels On The Road On Two Wheels
Peace Bicycles. Biketown
Bike Soldiers. Velvet Rides
Velocity Riders Chain Gangs
Pack Wheels Fellowship Of The Wheeled Pods
Family Bike Love Riders
The Bicycle Eaters Union of Bikes
Velo Buskers Bicycle Reporters.
On Three Wheels Pink Bicycle Club
Bike Muckers  Bicycle Buddies
White Bicycle Club Bicycle Athletics
Bike Pirates  Bicycle Club Locator 
Ride on!   On Four Wheels
Rolling Bikes Ride For Life
Bicycle Riders The Bicycle Guys
Fond Of The Velo Bike Connectors
Son’s Of Sultans Bicycle Cycles
Bandana Boy’s The Smores
Rockstars Head Bikes
Cherub Riders BikeWorld Bicycle Club
Queen Of The Bike Bicycle Rangers
Rolling Wheels Bike Scouts
Blade Riders Orange Bike Club
Civic Bicycles  Bike Commoners
Sportbikes Black Bike Club
Bat Man Riders Cyclone Club  
Beach Trail Riders Hot Wheelz 

Bicycle Troop Name Ideas

If you love going on bicycle trips then you must have a troop name as well. Be creative and come up.

Biker Brotherhood Rolling Packers 
Bike Pirates    Hippie Buddies
Bicycle Muckers Magic Wheels
Biker Llamas The Bicyclers
Bike Bros Biker Ninjas
Biker Sisters  Chain Gangs
Velo Buskers Born Bikers
Angry Savers Bike Brothers 
Fellowship Of The Wheeled Pods Ride in Peace 
Boarders  The Big Wheel Bunch
Biker Troopers Bow Tie Bicycle Riders
Bike Patrols Bicycle Troop
Team Bike Llamas  Pink Bike Patrol.
Ride For Life   Bicycle Rangers 
Prairie Fire Bicycles Bicycle Officers 
Desert Raiders Rolling Classes 
Bicycle Pirates  On Patrol Club
Bicycle Scouts  Rolling Patrols
Bicycle Troopers Bike Squads
Cornerstone Bicycles Bicycle Police
Saddle Riders  Bike Snobs
Baby Black Bike Club   Pioneers Of The Bicycle  
Black Car Bikers  Civic Bikes 
Black Bike Gang Cyclists For Peace 
Bike Riders  Pink Bike Club  
Black Riders  Pink Bikes  
The Black Biker Gangs  Bike Heads

Boulevard Bicycle Name Ideas

The boulevard names actually mean the street of the city. You may also see that some streets in the big cities are named after famous people or after a special event that happened on this particular street. The choice is yours as to which name you will give your club, but make sure it sounds good and that your friends, who form part of this club, love it.

Few of the suggestions are:

Night Rider Rolling Streets  
Cold Steel Black Roads
Slippery Pigs Bad Roads
Sea Lords Road Riders
Boulevard Warriors Boulevard Girls
Boulevard Stars Black Roads
Rural Riders Thunder Road Girls
Pepper Spray Force Flavour Of The Boulevard  
The Boulevard Blazers Boulevard Girls
Lonely Boulevards Hot Wheels Girls  
Thunder Road Runners  Black Roads Girls 
Boulevard Girls Ghost Rides   Around The Boulevard
Bike Buddies Thunder Road Babes
Highway Angels Thunder Road Gangs 
Hot Wheels Girls Boulevard Angels
Riders From The Boulevard  The Boulevard Angels 
Road Makers Sea Of Sea Dogs
Sea Of Sea Lords   Ride With Peace
Black Roads Crew  Road Angels 
Sea Of Lonely Girls  Sea Lords
Sea Dogs Riders Of The Sea 
Boulevard Gangs  The Cycling Horde 
Black Roads Carnival Of Lonely Girls
Boulevard Warriors Boulevard Gangs Boys
Sea Of Poison Black Roads Crew 

Witty Bicycle Name Ideas

Witty club names can be done in different ways. Some people just like to come up with funny nicknames while others use their own names as the names of the club. Witty one is also ready to be taken seriously.

Witty Bicycle Name Ideas

1. Silly Names:

  • GeekBicycle Riders   
  • The Bajas
  • The Fools
  • Wild Ones 
  • High School Hoppers  
  • Dirty Bikes
  • Sweet Bikes
  • Hot Rides 
  • Groovy Bikes  
  • Big Wheel Gangsters  

2. Nicknames

  • Sassy Bicycles 
  • Mad for Safety 
  • The Naughty Amish Bicycles 
  • Sea Dogs 
  • The Devil’s Cardinals 
  • Wild Horses 

3. Names of famous people

  • I-Bikes Riders 
  • Cyclists For Peace    
  • Bike Pirates 
  • Mighty Bikes 
  • Ride On!    

4. Powerful names:  

  • Street Crosserz
  • Plow Riders
  • Priestess Riders 
  • Pain Addicts
  • Bicycle Strikers
  • Cycle Crusaders
  • The Cyclists Of Death 
  • D.R.A.M 
  • Bike Muckers 
  • Road Kill Riders 
  • The Robo-Cyclist Legion  Without Fear!                                              

One word Bicycle Name Ideas

Another fun way to name your bicycle club is by using one word. This is more unique and fun than the two word names. This can be done at times by people who love to be creative, but it can also be a good idea if you are running out of ideas.

Car Clubs                                                         Cycling Angels      Biker’s Hells Angels
Bike Gangs Carnival Of Lonely Girls  High school Hoppers 
Angels Of The Road  Heroes Of The Road  Bike Squeals 
Pink Clubhouse  Boulevard Angels  Red Widow’s Housewives 
Black Widow Pathfinders  Bicycles  Black Widow Mountain 
Blondie Bikes  Fellowship Of The Wheeled  A-s-s Bikes 
Rubber Bicylists Bicycle Wifey’s Cyclone Club 
Anarchy Riders       Velvet Riders  Bikie Nomads 
Wild Bikes  Biker Death Squad   Bike Gangs 
The Danger Zone  Alley Riders  Alleygators 
Black Tire Bomb Girls  Black Tire Babies  Big-Wheel Babes 
Big Wheel Bombshellers  Big Wheel Bombshells Big Wheel Babes 
Betty’s Burners  Betty-Bikers  Black Tire Bombers 
Biker Babes  Caravans On Wheels  Cycle Gangbangers 
Caravans of Blond Caravans Of Blond Tattoos Caravans of Blond Seekers
Motorcycle Clubs Thunder Road Babes Black Roads  
Cyclists for Peace  Ride On! Saddle Riders 
Dangerous Bikes Crazy Bike Riders     Road Kill Riders
Pow!‑r‑ing Riders! Biker’s Hells Angels  Biker’s Motorcycle Clubs.
Fire-Bred Faster Freaks
Lightning Kevlar Tito and teel

Bicycle Club Name Ideas

This is one of the fun ideas. Create a name that represents your club and make sure that it sounds nice and also has good meanings. If you choose this option, make sure that the name does not have any other meanings except for the bicycle team itself.

Here are some of the easiest suggestions:

Cyclists For Peace    Riders Of The Round Table 
Pedal Power Girls  Power Mates
The Pedal Party Girls Strong Riders 
Cyclists Of The World   Bicycle Women’s Club                                                                              
Faith Riders  Cyclists Of The World
Boulevard Angels  Bike Angels Of The Road 
Bike Angels  Cyclists For Peace 
Arch Angels  Bicycle Warriors 
The Fun Club Silver Tires Women’s Club
Cycle Mates Friends On Wheels 
Friend Riders                                                                                                            Wheelie Biker Babes 
Today’s Woman of the Road  Women Of The Highway 
Black Roses On Wheels  Women Of The Road 
Excited Women On Bikes  Black Rose Bicycles 
Woman’s Club  Black Roads Woman’s Club  
Women of the Streets  Prisoners of The Road 
Prisoner of the Road Mistress Of The Road
Jade Angels  Daughter of the Dragon 
Dangerous Women On Bikes  Dark Angels
Beautiful Girls on Wheels  Lady Cyclist Team 
Women’s Circle Thunderbolt Ladies’ Bike Club
Ride With Pride   Velvet Riders 
The Rock Riders  Velvet Angels 
The Sisters Of The Road  Warriors On Wheels 
Soul Sisters On Wheels  Riding Club 


These are the most common and popular name ideas. However, there are many more ways of coming up with good names for your club. As you grow in experience, you will learn how to come up with names that are unique or fun to remember.

The above-mentioned suggestions are just some of the ideas and guides which can help you come up with a unique name for your club.