Facebook is the world’s number one social media networking website and application. We all have an account on this and many of us spend most of our time on it.

We spend hours while logged in on this site and some may not be aware of the risks. 

The only way to get famous, rich, or just get more common friends is by appealing to those people who are already popular.

Table of Contents:
Here are a few things you should know about choosing your Facebook name           
Names with a special Character           
Name styles with Numbering           
Name with Space           
Names with Some Letters or Symbols Characters
Catchy Facebook User name style
Creative Name for Facebook users
Funny, Unique and Creative Facebook Nickname Ideas
All of these names are unique and memorable

Here are a few things you should know about choosing your Facebook name

Many people on Facebook are looking for a good username, but they don’t know where to start looking- so we’ve compiled a list of great ones!

1) Names with a special Character-

If you want your username to show up on more than one line, try separating your first and last name with a dash or a space in between them (example: Jane Doe). Then make sure that the name you have chosen is not taken!

2)Name styles with Numbering-

 If your last name or first name contains a number, then you can use that number as part of your username (example: Jane Doe 5). You can also try using other numbers to come up with something different (example: Jane Doe 333).

3) Name with Space-

If your entire name fits into the profile space, then you don’t need to use a separate word. Just write your entire name (example: Jane Doe) and you’ll see that it works very well in the space provided.

4) Names with Some Letters or Symbols Characters-

Use symbols to make your username stand out, such as an arrow for ‘@’ or a period to show that you are away on the computer (example: Jane Doe @iPhone).

Janvi_KapoorRat &Net
Nice@cestPapi 1234
Talk to my hand(✋Go To Heaven
Angel of HellLOvely%Angel
My SpiritDad’s Ghost
Papa ki LadliLonely Moon
Dare DevilPapa ke Devil
JaaniDusmanPapa ki pari
Dangerous DaughterDangerous Son
Dad’s MonsterLonely Star
Strong DaughterStrong Son
Dangerous Devil 👻Laakhon me 1
Aaj se Jaaneman1aur1=11
❤️hai TumharaMein 13
Ankhon hi Ankhon meDil hi dil me

Catchy Facebook User name style

Now that Facebook has been integrated into our lives, it’s difficult to imagine life without this website. Along with their 6-billion strong user base, they provide a platform for people to communicate in ways not previously possible.

Moon makerFacebook UserHeart Queen
The RacerKitty cuteBrother ki Dulhan
Mere dil ki raniFacebook ManagerAngry eagle
SeekerSkull crusherDevil Jija
MehboobCar RacerRacer hell
Bike RacerMeri MehboobaHeartless boy
PeachLollyBeauty Queen
TwisterThe WinnerPenguin doll
Sapno ki raniBeautiful dollDil me DARD sa Bhara h
The LonelyOnly LoserLonely Devil
Lonely DevilLonely AngelGame Winner
Lonely SaitanLonely JombiLonely Monster
Dangerous MonsterDangerous KhiladiKhiladi No1

Creative Name for Facebook users

Are you bored with your regular name on Facebook? Maybe it is bland or too common. You can change it for something a bit different! Check out these cool and creative nick Names for Facebook. They’re sure to get lots of likes, shares, and comments from your friends!

In this article we will explore some cool username ideas for facebook. The idea is to keep the name unique and interesting, yet still easy enough to remember.

SinchanMike Adamle
ArtiThe Rider
The Mouse Mickie
Car WalaCrazy 1
ComedianBike Rider
Crazy BoyLadla
Fire BoyChalte Chalte
Nalayak BoyThe Monster
My BeautyThe Prince
My HeartCrazy Girl
Fire GirlMeri jaan
Pretty GirlSugar 
cutieSuper cute 
Super PrettyCorn Fire
Diamond GirlHappy Girl

Funny, Unique and Creative Facebook Nickname Ideas

Everybody needs a good Facebook nickname! If you’re thinking of one, but you have no idea where to start, we have some really great ideas for funny and unique ones.

There are a lot of people who use their initials as their nickname, like Pat or Mary. Or they may choose to just use their first name with one letter omitted. This would be like them being called Maureen.

Little PrincessLittle MonsterMama’s Beti
Little devilI Don’t knowMy Gourd
Meri PasandMariyaTobias
Little ShrimpLittle TigerDynamic
My CrushTalented BoyLittle Jombi
NasirWe will meet againDumb Player
Nice OutfitLittle GhostThe Isabella
The MagnetThe DreamerBadka Noob
Most HandsomeTalented GirlLittle Lovely
JuduaMost BeautifulTalented Londa

It’s a fun and easy way to express your uniqueness. Just think of your name and make a funny sound! You will be sure to amuse the crowds with your latest persona. Make it short or long – it’s up to you! The possibilities are endless.to Names for FB.

All of these names are unique and memorable.

You cannot change your Names for FB back to your original one. Once you’ve changed your name, you can’t go back. Don’t worry, though. We’re sure you’ll love the new one!

Work with what you have. It’s scary to think of using initials for a nickname, but it’s sometimes necessary since there aren’t many cool nicknames out there with only 4 letters in them.

Science LoverMy Lovely Brother
My Prince CharmingMy Lovely Boy
Jiye to Jiye kesePrince of My Life
Sajana Heart Doctor
Wedding PrinceThe Cameraman
My ChocolateTere bina 
Teri MastaniMera Balam
Meri MilkshakeMy name is Majanu
Munni BaiMy Almond Milk
My name is sheelaHeer Ranjha
I M LailaMy Chocopie
Punjabi MundaPunjabi Kudi
Subah Ki ChudaiSingle Monster
Dildaar MundaSingal Kutta
My Vampire Forest Flower
KhubsuratKajal Ka Teeka
Nazar na LageBloody Vampire
SonpariYou are my Gajal
Heart PlayerThe Magician
Just love mePyar do Pyar lo


If you want to add a bit of class to your character to Your Names for FB , then consider changing your first name into a surname.There are plenty of names to choose from! Ask your mom or dad to help you. They might have some good suggestions. Sometimes you can use the name of a favourite person who is already deceased.

The best thing about Names for FB is that there are no rules when it comes to choosing a nickname on the site. You can use whatever you like, as long as it’s not abusive in any way.

We hope this article will help you to choose a suitable name for your facebook.

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