When discussing your handmade tailoring shop names, a little homework on how to name a business can go a long way. It would help to know what types of businesses you want your shop to pursue, whether it is formal or casual, as well as any keywords you may be looking for in the name. For example, if you search “formal dressmaker” on Google, it will give back over 9 million results. If you are thinking about creating an online store for custom-made suits and clothes for men, some informal engravings such as “dapper” or “gentlemanly” may be perfect and fitting names before going into more specifics like style or cuts in their mind.

Some of the suggestions for Tailoring shop names are:

Tailor Shop  Denim and Lace
Best Bang in TownTailor’s Queen 
Tailoring Queen  The Lovely Queen of Tailoring
Love Affair by SmithsRomance by Smiths
The Sparks of AffectionTailoring Shop’s Name Ideas 
Sexy Alteration ShopMake it Sexier
Chic and SexySexy Tailoring Shop
Seductive Clothing DesignSew Sexy
Mr. Smith’s Alteration ShopTailor’s Shop  
Get Into LingerieAlterations by Mr. Smith
Sew and AlterationAlterations by Smith, Plaid & Co.
Suit and Alteration ShopSmith’s Tailoring and Alterations
Stitch in timeMr. Smith’s Custom Tailor
Needles and threadsCustom Suit Maker
Fashion HubJohn Smith’s Tailoring Shop  
Style matterTailor Shop
Sew WaveThe Grouchy Tailor
Catch the eyeFashioned by Smith
Trendy SockTailoring by John Smith
Make it niceStyle God
Sew PerfectThe Thread Studio
The Hemming WayStitches and Seams
Button UpSewing Bee
The Needle’s EyeThe Fabric Workshop
The Sewing RoomThe Bobbin Tree
Threaded TogetherA Stitch in Time
The HummingbirdFabric Fusion
Buttoned UpThe Seamstress Studio
The Threaded NeedleThe Fabric Shack
The ButtonholeThe Stitchery
Fabric FantasyThe Sewing Circle
The Fabric SpotThe Thimble Room
The Button BoutiqueThe Sewing Coop
The Seamstress ShopThe Thread Nest
The Hemming HouseThe Button Box
The Fabric EmporiumSewing Sanctuary
The Hemming HallThe Stitch Witch
The Needle’s NestSewing Solutions
The Thread ShedThe Fabric Factory
The Sewing StationThe Hemming Hive
The Thimble CottageFabric Frenzy
The Needle’s WorkshopThe Stitch Factory
The Hemming HubThe Button Emporium
The Sewing ShoppeThe Fabric Vault
The Button BarnSewing Savvy
The Fabric DepotThe Hemming Haven
The Thread HouseThe Thread Room
The Hemming HideawayThe Sewing Spot
Sewing SerenityThe Fabric Garden
The Button BrigadeThe Button Baron

Unique tailoring shop names 

It is very important to have a nice and unique name for your shop. The name should be catchy, catchy, catchy! Do not use the same name for your shop as another business. Tailor shops are different from dressmakers who make costumes and formal apparel.

Here are some unique and creative ideas

Fashionista Tailor and Dressmaker  
Tailor & Dressmaker Humor by Smith 
Tailor of Style Tailoring Suit 
The Art of Threads Tailor & Alterations 
Haute CoutureYour Style Here
Your Style HereMr. Fashion 
Tailor and Dressmaker Fashionista 
Just For You Fabric Passion
The TailorThe Couturier
The Gown Maker Tailor of Tomorrow
LiketheFit  Made to Measure 
Atelier de Couture  Let’s Dress 
More Than Words Crafted 
Cutting EdgeMake Me Chic 
Wedding Day Your Style Here 
A Fine Tuning Sew & Alterations
The custom of the Time Look Good Within  
Just For You   Mr. Elegant 
A Tailor by the SeaLet’s Dress  
Sexy The IllusionistTailor & Dressmaker 
Made to MeasureTailor & Alterations  
Mr. Chic. Sexy  Sew Classy  
Sew Chic  The Custom of the Time 
Sew Dappers  Fit Up
Chic, Sexy & Unique Designer Labels  
Tailor & Alteration Master Wedding Masterpiece
The Tailor of StyleMasterpiece Tailor’s Masterpiece 
The Tailoring KingMr. Elegant  Wedding Masterpiece
Fabric PassionThe Gentlemanly Master Painter 
Stylecraft A Tailor By The Sea 
The Custom of the Time  Journey by Smith

Your favorite online tailor shop name ideas

Online tailoring shops are the new trend in the Internet marketing world. A lot of success has been seen with this kind of business. In America, there are already thousands of full-time tailor shops, many of them have only heard of these tailoring shops from TV and movies. What is your favorite online tailoring shop name? And if you do not have a favorite yet, please leave your head below! We will try our best to find good names for you. Thank you for reading this article, we hope that it is eye-opening for you.

A few of the name suggestions for your shop are:

Sew Chic   The Tailor of Tomorrow  
Styleholic  Fashionista   
The Tailoring Boss The Style Creator 
Personal Tailor My Alteration Specialist   
Affordable Alterations Fashionista 
The Groom’s Friend  Fashion Addict 
Catch The Eye   The Color Guy   
Green EleganceDapper of thread
Your Style Here Fashions by Smith  
I Like the Fit     The Art of Sewing  
Lovely Lace A Tailor by the Sea
Make It NewSimply Chic 
Mr. ChicMr. Fashionista
High Fashion StoreCustom Threads
Pink IcingFashion Dude  
Awesome WaveSexy The Illusionist  
Up To dateThe Tailoring Master
The One & Only Shop Off The Racks for you
Sew Chic Shop  The Groom’s Friend  
Peachy Fabrications Trendy Sock   
Do Tailor Shop Or Anything Make It New  
Mr. ChicSew True   
Sew ChicSew Dapper 
Catch the Eye The Alteration Guru
Trendy Sock Buy It Your Way 
Victor & TailorsCustom Tailor   
Sew TrueOff The Rack  
Fabric City Inc.I Like The Fit
City SewingMr. Chic
Classic CoupleThe Sewing Company   
The Sewing CompanyThe Style Creator 
Ruffled ThreadsStyleholic
FashionistaFashion Addict
Love & Lace Unique Style
Simply ChicMr. Chic. Sexy

Fashionista and modern Tailoring shop names

The style is changing rapidly, so a good tailor shop name has to reflect the changing trend.

OFF THE RACK   Fashionista
Catch The Eye  Shopping at the Custom Shop     
Check in for Quality CraftsmanshipUnique Tailoring Shop Names 
Make it New     Your Style Here 
Style Heaven     Fashion Dude Get into Lingerie 
Fabric City Inc.Dapper Dings & Wrinks 
Luxurious Lace MakingHigh fashion store       
Simply Chic A Fine Tuning 
The Great Tailor of Tomorrow Styleholic 
Tailor Custom Suit Maker    
Catch the Eye Tailor and Dressmaker    
Sew Wave  Cutting Edge Tailoring  
Fashion Hub The Art of Threads  
Needles and ThreadsTailoring
Stitch in TimeMy Alteration Specialist   
Mr. Chic. Sexy     Pacific Trimming 
The One and only ShopThe Craftsman
The Fabric StoreStitch Boutique
Fabric KitchenPacific Trimming
Make me Chic  Fashion Addict 
Sewed with Love         Catch the Eye  
The Tailoring King  Pacific Trimming 
Luxurious Lace making Peachy Fabrications
Stitch Boutique      Fabric City Inc.  
Custom Suit Maker The Art of Tailoring 
The Art of Threads  Chic, Sexy & Unique 
Needles and Threads Ready for Alteration  

Tailoring Boutique name ideas

The style is changing rapidly, so a good tailor shop name has to reflect the changing trend.

Alteration Specialist                     Sew Chic Boutique 
The Tailoring King  Homemade Chic Name   
Pacific Trimming   Cheney’s Sewing Boutique 
High Fashion Store Needles and Threads 
Sew Chic Shop    Beautiful Alterations 
The Great Tailor of Tomorrow   We Fix It For U     
Pink Icing Boutique         Catch the Eye
Off The Rack Shop     The Tailoring & Alterations Guy 
Make Me Chic Sew Dappering 
The Alteration Consultant Fabric City Inc. 
To Upto Date    Custom Suit Maker    
Dressmarker   Off The Rack  
Amazing Alteration   Specialty Boutique 
Chic StitchesThread & Co.
Haute HemNeedle & Thread
Stitched with LoveSewn & Styled
Elegant EdgeFashionable Fit
The Sewing RoomTailored Touches
Dress to ImpressPerfectly Pinned
Sew ElegantDesigner Duds
Runway ReadyThe Fashion Tailor
Bespoke BoutiqueTailored Temptations
Sophisticated StitchesCouture Cut
Classy CutsThe Alteration Shop
The Tailored LookFit & Fashionable
The Sewing CircleSewing Sophistication
Fine FitThe Perfect Fit
The Fashion WorkshopTailored Treasures
The Sewing EmporiumFit for Fashion
The Dressmaker’s StudioThe Alterations
Tailor MadeSew Classy
The Fashion HouseSewing Chic
Tailored TrendsThe Fitting Room
Fashionable FixesThe Style Studio
Couture CreationsSleek Sewing
Stitched StyleThe Dressing Room
Sew UniqueThe Fit Room
The Style SurgeonThe Dress Doctor
Elegant EmbroideryThe Sewing Society
The Fashion FixerCouture Corner
The Hemming RoomChic Couture
The Sewing SanctuaryThe Dressy Dame
Sew GlamorousThe Tailor’s Touch
Up To Date       Dressmaker   


Picking the right Tailoring Shop Names for your business will be one of the best decisions you make in your lifetime. Your tailor shop is a big investment, yet only a good name will make it worth it. No matter what type of business you run, be it a sportswear or garments store, you need to pick a good tailor shop name that is reflective of your business and services. Will the owner of the tailor shop names given in this article help with brand recognition and price sales? That is yet to be seen. All I can say is that what is given here definitely has potential and may help some people improve their online store marketing.

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