The best theme names for parties are often the ones that are funny or have multiple levels of meaning, because they will make people laugh, and also because these themes help to build an easy-to-remember story. This does not mean you can’t put effort into a theme name. If you want it to leave a lasting impression, then we suggest spending careful attention on what point your party is trying to make. Although trying to sell a product or brand with one’s party wouldn’t typically be the main priority of this article, it is worth mentioning that companies including Microsoft and Disney use this kind of marketing strategy for their theme nights at their employee events.

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Disney theme names for party
Catchy Theme names for party
Adult Theme names for party

Disney theme names for party

Disney theme names, or “party nights”, are themed events scheduled at the Disney parks in which employees and guests can enjoy a special experience. These theme nights usually include special entertainment, costumes, and themed food that are created by the parks’ creative staff. 

Few of the suggestions are:

Disney party
Mickey and the ClubhouseRudolf ‘s BarnburnerSeussical the Musical
Star Wars: Night at the Museum TRON Theme Night Valentine’s Day
Winnie the Pooh’s Hunny BeeAlice in Wonderland PartyAlice Through the Looking Glass Party
Ariel’s Undersea AdventurePirates of the Caribbean Party Toy Story Mania! Party 
Tron Lightcycle Power Run Opening NightColors of the Wind PartyCinderella’s Slipper Party 
Disney Villains Halloween Banquet Halloween Screams party 2018“On Stranger Tides”
Princess and Frog“Let’s Get The Mood Right” “The Princess Party” 
“Love is an Open Door” “From the Depths to the Stars”Peter Pan’s Flight
Elsa’s Royal Celebration Cinderella’s Sweet Sixteenth Party Princess Party 2018 
The Good Fairy’s Ball Mickey & Minnie’s Winter White Party  Castle Reindeer 
Tinker Bells Christmas Fair Veil of Light The Nutcracker 
Frozen Fantasy Polar Express Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs
Toy Story Party The Three Caballeros Aladdin The Musical 
Frozen Fantasy Festival Beauty and the Beast The Little Mermaid Party
  • Night of Joy 
  • Toy Story Land Opening Night  
  • A Musical Celebration of Mary Poppins 
  • Mickey’s Halloween Party 
  • Disney Halloween
  • The Happiest Celebration on Earth Party 
  • A Bug’s Land Bug’s Bash 
  • Mickey’s Swap Party 
  • Magical winter land with Anna and Elsa

Catchy Theme names for party

Catchy theme names can sometimes help people remember a party—or party event. The problem with catchy theme names is that they are often cliches. Examples of catchiest theme names are:

Catchy party
After MidnightAll-NighterAfter Hours 
Better Late Than Never Café con Leche  Camping Out 
Camping Out for the Night  Conga Line  Come on my Tender Side  
Come Out to Play  Crazy Late Night Farewell My Friend 
Feels Like (to) Midnight  Late Night Fun Let’s Go All the Way  
Lights Out  Late for Work Let’s Get It Started 
Meet Me on the Dance Floor Midnight Madness  Midnight Oil 
Rocking out at Midnight Party Time  Just One More Time
Boom Boom Room Service Boom Boom Boogie Plunder 
Midnight RendezvousNite Owl Off Duty
One For the Road Party Til You PukeParty Til We Die
Just One More Dance “Cat Scratch Fever” “Catch me if you Can” 
“Oh, What a Night for a Dance” “Remember the 70’s”  “Just Imagine…”  
Platinum Rough Night Until Dawn  Room Service  
Silver Screen Rave Surrender to the Rhythm of the Night   “Ladies Night Out”
“Two Princes Party”BlissRock and Roll 
“Sleepy Time Party”Caribbean NightsBring It On 
A Night in Vegas“Cooly’s Dance Party”Just the Two of Us
  • Cherish the Moment 
  • “Rainbow of Love” 
  • “Rainbow Skating Party”  
  • Romancing the Night
  • Time to Party 
  • “Sugar Plum Candy Land” 
  • “Sweet & Sassy” 
  • “If You Can’t Stand the Heat Get Out of the Kitchen” 
  • “Hello, I Love You”  
  • Late-night Snack 
  • Ladies’ Night Party 
  • Sugar Rush Party 
  • Swimming In the Moonlight  

Adult Theme names for party

An adult party usually takes place in a bar or other venue where there is a cover charge to attend. Such events are often attended by people in the “goth” scene, and involve heavy drinking and drug use. Some people choose to go to such events with the intent of hooking up with members of the opposite sex. 

Rockin’ Rollick“The Late Shift” A Lesbian Affair
Shores of VeniceLate Night R&R To Be With You
Tequila SunriseClubbing Out Mermaids, Pirates & Fae
Gilda’s Club for HopeLesbian 101 Draw Your Own Storylines!
A Sex Positive FairyTale Party CodenameLez R Up 
Sapphic SeductionA game of Spin the Bottle Rough Night Until Dawn
Strip Poker! Rough and Ready Lesbian/Bisexual/Bi-Sexual
All Women WelcomeOnly The Best Looking Men Should Apply!!!Leave it to the LADIES! 
  • A Ladies’ Night Out!   
  • She’s Got Balls! 
  • Boys, Boys, Boys! 
  • A Night on the Town 
  • Girls’ Night Out 
  • The Girls’ Choice 
  • Treat Yourself to a Girls’ Night Out   
  • Global Party Planners Network- 
  • The Style File Directory
  • The Prom Girl Directory


The following list is meant to be a guide to topics and themes. Themes should be utilized by the planner to avoid having a bland party (especially if they are held at an office or work-related event). However, some themes absolutely must be avoided as they have become cliché.

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