In this article, we will be covering the top unicorn names for those who are looking for a name to call their baby. If the surprise of a unicorn horn appearing from the side of your womb is not up your alley, don’t worry. There are plenty more names in our list that may suit you better!

  • Top Unicorn names –
    1) Albsurtus
    2) Blayneessence
    3) Balensceps

Aries: A strong and spirited name with high aspirations, as well as good luck. Thanks to its connotations with courage, it’s an excellent choice for someone going through scary times or small personal triumphs alike.
Bella: Classic without being clichéd and sweet without being too kiddish! Bella sounds like a name that everyone would love to have on their child’s roster.

  • List Of Content:-
  • The Unicorn Names Idea
  • The Unique Unicorn Names
  • Some Interesting Unicorn Names
  • Girls Unicorn Names Idea
  • Boys Unicorn Names Idea
  • Why The Unicorn Names Use
  • The Hunter Unicorn Name

The Unicorn Names Idea:-
Unicorn names are those that are associated with mythical and magical beings. These charming and magical terms of these animals have been used for a long time in the form of nicknames, greetings, or even put forward as a middle name or family name for your own children. These are definitely names that are more likely to be familiar with, whether your past was sprinkled with fairy tales or you’ve ever had a desire to call your child something very unusual.

Misty Rose LynxRheaSnowberry

The Unique Unicorn Names:-
Unique unicorn names are those which are based on the creatures themselves rather than the usual “Unicorn names”. For example, if you have a little boy who you want to call your son “Owl”, he might be called Sirius in a similar way. If you want your little girl to be named after Unicorn instead of Eos, her name may become Albee.

Magic Bubble GumMystic Rainbow TailPrincess Candy Sparkles
Starlight TwinklesCosmic HoovesDiamond Aura
PeriwinkleBerry Sugar CupHappy Star Dust
Fluffy MarshmallowOrange Ice PopSweet Summer Dreams
Glitter Star MagicHappy Custard PuffMajestic Cloud Pony
NutmegCrystal PopDancing Sparkles
Dancing SparklesMystic Bubble PopShining Luna

Some Interesting Unicorn Names:-
Some interesting unicorn names are those which are named after the color of a Unicorn or something else. These can be quite hard to come up with, especially if you have an alternative or no view on what to name your child.

Rose QuartzMoonbeamAmethyst
CeladonBubbly Apple CiderPixie Dust
Rainbow MagicCrystal DazzleRuby Lightening
High Voltage SparklesOrange PopViolet Haze
Toasted MarshmallowMocha Coffee CandyHappy Rainbow Burst
Magical SparklesDiamond White SparklesCinnamon Stick Magic
Fairy DustStardust TwinkleAltair

Girls Unicorn Names Idea:-
Some girl’s unicorn names ideas are those which are named after the color of a unicorn or something else. They can be quite hard to come up with, especially if you have an alternative view on what to name your child.

Rainbow CaveSignal DustLavender Sweetheart
Sunset GlitterMagical Party FunCandy Corn Puff
Sugar RushKissing Lightening DazzleGrape Soda Pop
Blueberry CrumbleRainbow Sprinkle PopCrystal Pop Pop
Candy Cotton Candy PopSweet Pink BubblesAmethyst Magic
Magic Party MuffinFairy Dust SparklesSugar Rush Sparkles
Pop Star Rainbow PopGlowing PearlCelestial Moon Bright

Boys Unicorn Names Idea:-
Some boy’s unicorn names ideas are those which are named after the color of a unicorn or something else. They can be quite hard to come up with, especially if you have an alternative view on what to name your child.

Cuddle WaddlesFluffy PonySoft Little Pony
Cheery HugsCozy PlushyFantastic Fluffy
Little Miss GigglesMr. CottonHappy Huggy
Precious FlufflesCream PuffsRainbow Waffles
Fluffy Honey BunsFluffy PookieNomnom Sugar Plums
Bubble PuffsFluffy ButtercupLove Bug
Missy PonyHoney PonyLove Nugget

Why The Unicorn Names Use:-
The unicorn names are used mainly as unique and unusual names, whether it be for a boy or girl. They are also used as a symbol to show your children how special they are or to make them feel like they have been brought up in a more magical environment.
If you use the Unicorn names at the time of registering their birth, you should be able to have their name on the birth certificate.

Sunny SummerButtercup BabyGlittery Princess
Magical Day DreamerLotus SweetieFaith Starflower
Queen CaratSentimental AuroraPrincess Onyx
Moonlight BellaLavender DreamsMystique Madness
Hopeful TinaPeppermint MallowsWinter Hope
Spring CharmsBlack Diamond RockyGentle Clementine
AndromedaSpunky CloudberryPrincess Amethyst

The Hunter Unicorn Name:-
The hunter unicorn name is a name for a person who is dedicated to doing something alone. It can be used for all sorts of roles like an adventurer, game hunter, gaming professional, security guard, etc.
The name can also be used as an alternative to “hunting”. As an alternative to “hunter” – “gamekeeper”, or “sportsman”.

Unicorn HunterSeeker of LightsUnicorn Ranger
Unicorn RangerHunter of MoonbeamsSkies of Twilight
Stealth of the MoonbeamsHunter of NightStar Hunter
Rainbow HunterEternal SailorMoonbeam Hunter
Light ChaserSunlight HunterLight Chaser
Stealth of the MoonbeamsDaylight HunterHunter of Lights
Seeker of NightDarkness HunterNavigator of Twilight

Conclusion:- The Unicorn Name has many meanings but usually, it means someone who is dedicated to something, either profession or hobby. This name is also used for pets as well as animals. The meaning of the unicorn can change from one person to another. Of course, this is just the best guess about the meaning and it does not mean that your unicorn name will be exactly like this. Every unicorn has its own story about the meaning of his or her nickname.

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