Crickets is the name of the game. The word comes from a word for “bone” and “cricket”, describing what takes place on the field. It’s a popular sport played worldwide in major countries, with every possible surface used to play cricket matches—something that makes it as much of a workout as it is an aerobic activity.

There are several variations of this sport and teams are organized differently by region, primarily differentiated by their sets of rules

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cricket team names suggestion
Best and popular names for cricket team 
Here we suggest Cricket team names according to their area’s
Simple and cool name for a cricket team 
Memorable and effective names for cricket team
cricket team

cricket team names suggestion for you all

Creating a brand-new name can be a time-consuming and tedious process. But spend just a few minutes on Twitter or Facebook browsing your friend groups and you’ll come across the perfect name for your team.

Feel free to use this article as a guide, but it’s important to bear in mind that the content is only indicative of general trends for cricket team names suggestion

1. It should be short, catchy, and colorful. 

2. It should have no bad or negative meaning. 

3. It should not be too long as that can affect the brand name of a team. 

4. Also don’t forget to check if there is any official cricket body or else it can be challenged by other teams.

5. You can also go for unique names and make your own special mark in cricket history. 

6. Choose a name that has been a trend for the past few years.

7. It would be wise to choose the name of cricket players or famous personalities. 

8. It should be catchy to attract more fans and supporters. 

9. You should also check if there are any copyright or trademark issues while choosing the name of your team. (Do not commit mistakes like using words like this only, “Cricket team”. Every cricket team in the world could be called these words for cricket team name suggestion.) 

Fan-based Names Team UnbeatablesLegendary Names 
The Mighty Teal Nicknames TeamThe Twins Team
Cricket team namesUnique Names Funny Team Names 
Cool and Funny Cricket TeamBrilliant Combinations Paintball Group Names 
The UnderdogsThe Unbeatables PlayersFunny Cricket Team 
Creative Cricket Team Awesome Cricket Team NThe Unsafe Hands
Unbelievables TeamThe UnconquerablesCool Cricket Team
talented playersUltimate ChallengersThe Unpredictable group
The Usain BoltsUltimate EaglesThe Untouchables Ballers
The UnprecedentedTeam  Victors The Victory Group
The Versatiles PlayersThe Vixens GroupThe Vipers Riders

cricket team

Best and popular Suggest Cricket Team Names

There are many cricket team names in the world, but not all of them are usable. If you have been looking for some best and most popular names for your cricket team, then have a look at the following team names:

The Underdogs Kings County 
The Breakfast Club The Roosters 
Thundercats(My heroes!!!)  
Spare Parts IncConfusion Incorporated  
Not OutThe Untouchables group
Sticky Wickets The Victorious Secret
Super SixesUnbeatables 
Smashing Babies!Thank You, Next!   
A Team of 11playersLeave Your Mark
Pace Makers Bootleggers
Get Stumped!The Black Caps
Menace to SobrietyTakers of Intercepts
The Gentlemen’s ClubHit Back! Team
Scratch Twins Cabal 11players
Reckoners GroupDestroyers  Team
Team Awesome  Destroyers  
Team AwesomeOverdoggers   
The Magnates Super Catchers 
cricket team

Here we suggest Cricket team names according to their area’s

1. The Saltney Limited

2. The Arden Bramhope

3. The Broad Oak Strollers

4. The West Yorkshire Moorside Wolves

5. The Old Siltonians

6. Newbury & District Associates

7. The Stanley Licensed Victuallers

11. The Co-Op Band

13. The Eastwood Boys

14. The Old Siltonians (Old Tiltons)

15. The Bridgnorth Reform Social & Sports Compact

16. The Knypersley Cricket Club (Knighters)

17. The Yorkshire Bandits

18. Wolseley Park Recreation Club

19. The Bilton Bankers

21. The Chapeltown Cricket Club, Sheffield

22. The Co-Op Band  

23. The Saltney Handicappers

24. The Doxford C & AC

Simple and cool name for a cricket team 

If you are a cricket player, then you might be thinking to name your own cricket team. Here are some cool and simple names for your cricket team.

Now, it’s up to you to come up with some catchy and captivating cricket tournament names. Shouldn’t be difficult now – a lot of templates are available at the net. In case you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for, this list will help you find some really cool names that could provide your team with an edge over the others in the competition.

Team on a mission  venomous snakes
The Victorians 1st choice 
Making new friendsOut of the box 
female foxesHarmony All Stars Cricket Team.
Impressive BattersThe Handcuffs
ferocious fighters!Harmony Cricket Team
The Usain BoltsHobbitses
The Unprecedented“Death Muffin”
The VersatilesYou have an early scoot
Extermination TeamBonsai Kittens
We’re the best and we know itMiners Were Here First
Down with Short-Sleeved ShirtsMiner FAMILY
MauradiansLeeds Martyrs
Killer BeesStallions team
Merengues Tigers The Dollybirds 
Punny- titles Titan Titans 
Child AbuseWe are the Champions 
The Blue PanthersTo be at bat is to be on the field
Put the Wagon in the Barn and Let the Kitten Out TeamThe Warriors of the Blue 
The Rising Stars Peeveants

You might be wondering why we have chosen these names. Simply because each team name has a good history associated with its name. 

cricket team

Memorable and effective names for cricket team

One way to make your cricket team memorable is to have a funny name. A funny name makes it easy for people to remember and get involved with your team. This helps build up their appreciation for the sport, and goes a long way towards building their interest in following your sports teams and seeing future competitions.

Here is a list of funny names for cricket teams that you can use to make your team stand out from the rest:

Blue MenThe Peking Team
The Dolly FluThe Men in Blue
“Crusaders of the Sea”Cricket is a game for men, not boys
Stones, Mills and QuarrymenSockless Allstars
The First BasemanThe Scullery-Mate Team
Straws and Muffins AssociationTinkers, Toolbox and Spanners
Smutty NunsShitskiks
MuffindanesNomads with an Overlap in the Middle
The Red Reverses The Gaffer’s Daughter
Maffia KingsMafia Queen


Cricket is a game of passion and fun. There are two different forms of cricket (T20 and ODI) and both these forms attract the attention of many people. Every sport has its own teams and actions, but the only difference lies in their names, which can be quite funny at times.

As Cricket is one unpredictable game, it is important for every player to keep up with the team names that will keep everyone engaged throughout the league events. 

There are various names available in this article which can be used as an inspiration or a starting point when you get stuck with choosing a name for your cricket team.

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