Writing a jewelry name is difficult. You have to sneak in personal style and innovative quality that sets your brand apart. It’s also important to make sure you choose a brand name that appeals to the target market and matches the personality of the piece of jewelry you are creating.”

This article will give you over 100+ brilliant ideas of quality names for your own jewelry line. From acrylic-to-onyx, gold-to-diamond, sterling silver, or even platinum – there are plenty of sound names up for grabs. Take a look at these creative names and use them as inspiration for your own jewelry designs!

Table of contents:
Creative names for Jewelers and Jewelry Brand names
Fantasy ideas for jewelry name ideas
Dazzling and Sparkling ideas for your jewelry brand names
Beautiful Jewels and Dazzling Dazzling ideas for your jewelry brand names
New business ideas for jewelry 
The Jewelry Store
The Online Jewelry Store

Creative names for Jewelers and Jewelry Brand names

The creative jewelry market is on fire. Like the kind of fire that can take your breath away and leave you wishing that flames could roast you alive. There are so many people doing incredible things in this industry, and those who just get off the ground with a few designs under their belt are truly making a name for themselves. Fire is what this art form is all about, it may not be healthy, but it’s going to keep them in business until something even better comes along.

The term “creative jewelry” has been around for years now – as far as I’m concerned it’s an industry built on creativity.

Jewelers and Jewelry Brand

Few of the name suggestions are listed down below:

Stone HouseGold For You
The Luster CollectionOnyx & Ivory
Jeweler Of ReflectionGlitter Jewelry & Accessories
Unique JewelryShine With Gold
Peerless CollectionIndian Art Jewelers
Graded DewdropsMetallic Chic
The Restless CollectionPeacock Feathers
Teardrop Collection Chameleon
Stellar Collection Harmony Collection
Balearic CollectionDiamonds By The Sea
Nightfall CollectionGems & Dreams
Dynamic DuoJewelry Love
Geometric Classic Jewelry Gemstone Gems
Luminous GemsSensational Lights 
Sensual Gems  Satin Tones 
Prismatic DiamondsDiamonds Above 
Crown Jewels Collection The Stone Collection 
Emeralds & Sapphires Seth and David 
Jacques Malaval Rock West Jewelry 
Katina KimberlingKate Bash Designs
Razored Grunge by Anya Sirena Golden Jewels
The Fusion CollectionJewelry Box Studio
Bubble Bubble JewelryBlue Skies Collection
The Jewelry StudioSimply Stunning
Luminous CaviarDiamonds And Pearls 
Carmen Rios JewelryClassic Treasures
Fantasia CollectionDazzling Collection
Kasambahay’s Gems and Jewelry Deena Esquivel 

Fantasy ideas for jewelry name ideas

The possibilities are endless, as you can see from this list of brand names. From a practical point of view, the jewelry business is one of the businesses that has longevity. It’s never going to go out of fashion because people will always be wearing jewelry. Most people wear some kind of jewelry on a daily basis, or they have jewelry sitting in their jewelry box waiting to be worn at some point during the day.

Few of the suggestions for names are:

City Pride JewelersOne-Stop Jewellery StoreIn fashion Jewelry Store
Jewel boutiqueShiny ThingsJewelry Center
Jewelry Collection CityGem ShopJewelry Heaven 
Diamonds & GemsSilver and Gold The Jewelry Corner 
Jewelry’s DelightSafe Haven JewelryThe Fashion Jewelers 
Jewelry in the sky  Jewels By The Sea Luxury Gems Silver & Gold 
The In fashion jewelry store Diamonds and goldMoonlight Collection 
Diamond GemsThe Luxury CollectionGems of the Sea
Luxury JewelsJewelry Box City Bling Bling Jewelry Store 
Emerald and Diamonds  Emerald and gold Emerald and silver 
Jewelry in the CitySilver and Gold Jewelry StoreDiamonds by the Sea
Gold for you Dazzling Diamonds  Diamonds by the sea 

It’s good to begin by writing down the words that you believe make up your personality. Find out what makes you tick, what really drives you and what it is that makes you stand out from the crowd. Before we can go any further, we need to take a close look at what you want to get out of your business.

Jewelers and Jewelry Brand

Dazzling and Sparkling ideas for your jewelry brand names

You’ve heard it said that you need to spend money if you want to make money – well this is true with your business as well. You need large amounts of startup capital in order to buy business cards, pay for a shop space and put together a website. Sometimes this can be difficult to raise, or maybe you simply don’t want to. 

Few of the suggestions are:

Dazzling Dazzlers CollectionTop-notch Metal Crafters
Classic And Chic Jewelry DesignersThe Hollywood Collection 
Exquisite Metal WorkingsGlamorous Gems
The Retro Glam CollectionDenim & Diamonds
Elegance at its finestSimply Stunning    
Understated EleganceJewelers Delight Diamonds And Pearls 
Glamorous Gemstones Fashionably Glamorous 
Bejeweled By You The French Touch
Artisan JewelryPerfectly Polished Jewelries
Lesser is More   Radiant Jewels 
Jewelry for the City-WearRadiant Diamonds And Pearls 
The Fancy Collection  Oh So Chic and Elegant Jewelry
Elegant Gems & Gifts Exquisite Metal Working Company
The Eyes Of The Future CollectionSensational Stones
Wearable JewelriesSparkles

Beautiful Jewels and Dazzling Dazzling ideas for your jewelry brand names

There are many stunning possibilities with this one. Think of a word that describes your designs and then use it as inspiration for your brand names.

One word name suggestions are:

GOLD & SILVER With love  
Pearls and Diamonds Full of charm
I Heart JewelleryIn Fashion Jewelry 
World Class Jewellers Glamorous Gemstones And Pearls
RoyalsJewelry in the Sky
Divine BeautyQueens
Dazzling Diamonds And PearlsGlamorous Gemstone 
Jewels by the SeashoreRoyal Gems 
Glamour By You  The Glam Collection
Bling Bling Jewelry StoreThe British Collection  
Jewelry For The City-Wear Classic And Chic Jewelry Designers

New business ideas for jewelry 

As with any business, it’s important that you do your research before you risk any money. Most of the time you don’t want to run blindly into a situation where you have no idea what’s going to happen next and so it’s important to make sure that you’re making yourself aware of what is available and what works best for each type of venture.


The Jewelry Store.

If you want to start up your own jewelry store, then you have a few options. You can go the traditional route and open a shop in your local area, as this is the easiest way to begin. You can also set up an online store by registering with an internet based marketplace site and creating accounts on eBay and Etsy as they are both well known and very popular in the jewelry industry and therefore provide excellent opportunities for new business starts. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting then setting up an Ebay store is a good option as it can be highly profitable due to the high traffic that Ebay brings.

The Online Jewelry Store.

Another quick way to begin making money online is with the online jewelry store. This business has gained huge popularity over the years because of how convenient it is to run, however in order to make any substantial income from this type of venture there are very specific steps that need to be taken when setting up your website.

In order to make money with this kind of business all you need is a website and a list of carefully selected and crafted jewelry products. Your website should be easy to navigate, contain clear information about each piece, include pictures of the products, allow customers to take advantage of special offers and collect credit card details for payment. With all these aspects taken care of, customers will feel comfortable spending their money on your jewelry products and in turn, you’ll make money from the profits gained.


As you can see, the ideas for jewelry brand names and new business ideas for jewelry are endless. You would be wise to take advantage of all that is on offer to help in your own business development.

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