If you are a cricket enthusiast and want to choose the best team name, read this article and make something unique that will catch everyone’s attention. There is no such thing as a perfect name without fail but here are some helpful tips and tricks to come up with your winning name. You can name it like this also so Here is a list of names for the team.

  1. The Superlatives
  2. Super Warriors
  3. The Tigers
  4. Don’t Mind Me
  5. The Catchers 
  6. Dust of Field
  7. Cricket Field Runners
  8. The Sixers team
  9. Never gonna Down you
  10. The Hoppers
  11. Scarlet Raptors
  12. We Don’t Lose
  13. Overtakers Group
  14. Heart Touchers
  15. Team of 11 Players
  16. Cloud of Dust
  17. Bugs of Dust
cricket team

Best cricket team name?

Early in the game, it is important to pick names that are catchy and easy to remember so people know what your team represents. Keep in mind best cricket team namesthat everyone is different and different cultures have individualistic grammar. 

Wild Tigers11 Field Players
Game SwingersJustice Gangsters 
Godzilla Worshipers The National Players
The FieldersRobots of Batteries
Cricket KnightHotman Players
The Night WatchmanLeopards
11ElvesCricket Men
The ThunderballersScorpion Group
Group of MonstersTeam of Devils
The Firebats Team The Dragons
Windmill PeopleTeam Warriors
Fast BallersKiller Bees 
Team of DevilsKill Swing Maniacs
DominatorsTrophy Fighters
Guts N’ GloryPiranhas team
Titans XISuperstars
Rising StarsCyclones
CommandersPhoenix Warriors
Hurricanes UnitedTitans Thunder
Royal TigersWarriors XI
Lightning StrikesTitans Titans
Royal ChallengersTitans Gladiators
Thunder StormersRoyal Kings
Titans MavericksWarriors United
Titans PanthersThunder Knights
Warriors ScorchersRoyal Hurricanes
Royal ChargersWarriors Daredevils
Titans InvinciblesWarriors Falcons
Thunder StallionsRoyal Tigers XI
Titans SabertoothsThunder Cobras
Warriors RaptorsRoyal Gladiators
cricket team

Creative and Cool Team name for cricket,

However, if you are not creative enough, there is only one person who can make a name work because they are the CEO of your team.

Hence, it is important to pick a name that will grab people’s attention and something that will define your culture and make people want to watch your game instead of switching channels.

The Parrots Respected PlayersPirates
The BeamersAztecs Easy Catchers
Dragonfishes The RacelersBugs Bunny & Friends 
The Knight KillerNavy WarriorsKillfist Warriors
“Bunnies”Royal KnightsAll Rounders
Players International“Woodpeckers” “Jets Playa” 
Wonder MenWarriors of DevilPower Hitters
Roar PlayersAquamarin’s BanditsWindmill People II
The GentlemenFront Foot DamselsSoaring Sixes
Ferocious Fasties11 PlayersNatives Knight
11 Aliens11 WarriorsUpper Players
ThunderboltsStorm StrikersFireballs
The DominatorsPower PioneersLightning Legends
Whirlwind WarriorsThe ThrashersThe Scorchers
The CommandersDiamond DominatorsStealth Stalkers
Steel SpartansRapid RaptorsThe Avalanche
The Cyclone CrewThe Rising PhoenixThundering Titans
Blaze WarriorsRoyal RippersElite Enforcers
The VipersTitans of CricketRenegade Riders
Supernova SquadInvincible XIMighty Maulers
Fearless FightersRapid RocketsThe Cyclones
Dynamic DaredevilsAtomic AvengersTurbo Chargers
Stealth AssassinsThe ArmadaFierce Flames
Magnum ForceElectric EaglesFurious Falcons
Phoenix WarriorsUltimate UnstoppablesPhoenix Thunder
TrailblazersVictory VanguardsThe Hurricanes
Blitz BrigadeVenomous VipersSky Strikers
Rampage RenegadesThe HeatwaveIntrepid Invaders
The CrushersSavage SwingersThe Gladiators
Cosmic CometsThe All-StarsThe Dynamites
Phoenix PhantomsElectric ElitesSuper Sonic Squad
The MavericksStorm SurgeThe Juggernauts
Battle BravesIntense ImpactThe Bulldozers

Unique Cricket Team name

There are a number of ways to come up with a name but every name has its advantage and disadvantage. Just because a name is unique doesn’t mean it is the best. What I have found out is that the best cricket names are those that are catchy, innovative, and easily recognizable. 

Ruthless PlayersHawkeyes group
Hercules teamMighty Demons
Ball BustersThe French Team 
Happy Friends Cricket Head Team
The Crick AxemanIce Skating Team 
Team WizardsHard Demons
Bounce DemonsClumsy Robots 
Spiderman & His Super Powers FriendsThe Cricket Mans
Cricket BouncersThe Ballistic Bombers
Pitch CrackersNinja Cricketers
Team with fine legsBall Bouncer
Cute PlayersDude Players
The MechanicsHit Machine
Players with BlastEngineer Players
Shooting StarsThunderbirds
Silver ArrowsEnforcers
Red DevilsFalcons
SpectresWrecking Crew
SteelhawksPower Surge
Silver StreaksKnights
ShadowsRising Suns
WildfireRaging Bulls
MavericksIron Claws
Rising PhoenixDestroyers
AvalancheBlazing Blazers
BulletproofsSteel Dragons
cricket team

Here are some tips to help you come up with your winning cricket team name:

1. Team names that are easy to pronounce:-

Use easy-to-remember sounds: It will be better if you use easy-to-pronounce sounds and make them memorable so people could easily remember it. For example, my team’s name is the same as my first name (Arsalan). If people remember the name, they might remember me and it will give my team good publicity.

2. Use a good slogan:-

A good slogan is very important. You can make a slogan from your name, something like “Catch us if you can”. This will make it better and more memorable so you won’t easily forget it and if you see it somewhere, for example on a T-shirt or in the trophy case at home that’s great!

3. Describe your team:- 

One of the things I like to do is describe my team while creating a name. For example, if you are playing a game in a city named Paris, it would be nice if you have a team named ParisCricket or something similar. You can use any city or place as long as it’s related to your area and easy to pronounce.

4. Make it short:- 

The shorter the name, the better! A short name will be easy for everyone to remember and say over and over again.

6. Try to avoid clichés and football names:- 

Another thing I do is try to avoid clichés and football names for cricket team names and slogans. You can use the names like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and such for example for your teams. These are popular and easy to remember, but avoid them!

7. It’s very important to have good nicknames:- 

It’s very important that you have good nicknames for your team because people will easily remember them. The most common nicknames are names formed from your initials or first name followed by your last name. For example, my nickname is Arsalan so I have become known as “Arsalan Cricket!”.

8. The name should contain cricket words:- 

It’s better if you use cricket words in your team name like “knight” or “Warriors”. If people see your team name, they will think about cricket.

9. Choose a good entry for your team:- 

For example, if there is a tournament named “Cricket Cup 2018”, my ideal name could be something like: Cricket Warriors, Knights of the Cricket Cup, or something like that. 

List of all types of names for cricket teams:

The WaveriderThe Legends
Working the ballsEdge to Boundary
Appeal On PitchGuts N’ Glory
Wicket-TakersStronge Batsman
Most Wanted MundaWicket Knight
The Sons Of PitchesClear the Pitch
The WarriorsPot Belly Riders
The Cricket FighterLBW Cricketers
The Special PlayersTrophy Winner
11 KillersCrazy 11
The GuardiansGroup of Cricketers
Trophy PlayersCricket Cup Team
Batting TeamFighter 11
Group UnstoppableMaster Batters
The Record SettersThe Bicket Breakers
Knight WarriorsThe Smashers
Pitch PlayerPitch Breaker
Cricket DreamersThe Roadrunners
Cricket LeagueBoundary Breakers
The Hard HittersHyderabad Knights
The GettersThe Pease Bollers
The Cricket Baller The Creditors


Cricket is a very popular sport played worldwide. In major countries, it is played in every hook and corner. Choose a name that perfectly reflects the spirit of your group members. 

Also, don’t forget to flaunt your team name on your cricket t-shirts with a logo. There are many options online to get personalized jerseys for your cricket team. We hope that this article would definitely help you out in picking up your team name. Go through each name so as to make a perfect choice for your team name.

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