The world of fantasy fiction is filled with brave and noble knights who fight for honor, justice, and the greater good. Choosing the perfect name is one of the most critical aspects of creating a memorable knight character. A knight’s name should evoke a sense of power, strength, and nobility while reflecting their unique personality and backstory. This article explores 10 majestic knight names that will inspire your next character.

Names For A Templar Knight

The Templar Knights were a medieval Christian military order known for their bravery and chivalry. When looking for names for a Templar Knight, consider names that embody these qualities. Think of names that are associated with faith, strength, and honor. Names like Alexander, Gabriel, or David could be great choices. You could also look for names with historical or religious significance to the Templar Knights.

Sir Geoffrey de MontfortSir Eudes de AuxerreSir Baudouin de Compiègne
Sir Roland de LorraineSir Reginald de CalaisSir Edgard de Vienne
Sir Hugo de BeaumontSir Alaric de RoussillonSir Bertrand de Velay
Sir Reynard de MalorySir Edouard de LimousinSir Amaury de Dijon
Sir Godfrey de ValoisSir Berengar de RouenSir Alphonse de Sens
Sir Cedric de DijonSir Lancelot de CarcassonneSir Geoffroy de Beauvais
Sir Baldwin de FontaineSir Eustace de GasnySir Renaud de Provence
Sir Alaric de ChalonSir Hubert de AuvergneSir Léon de Bourgogne
Sir Lucius de BéziersSir Reynold de ToulonSir Reynard de Troyes
Sir Roderick de ArtoisSir Thibaut de BourgesSir Thibaut de Angoulême
Sir Bertrand de TroyesSir Raimond de RouergueSir Raimond de Berry
Sir Almeric de ToulouseSir Arnold de NeversSir Gervais de Gascogne
Sir Edric de SavoySir Isidore de SensSir Bernard de Orléans
Sir Percival de NavarreSir Gaston de SoissonsSir Valerian de Bourg
Sir Theobald de FlandersSir Gilbert de FréjusSir Arnold de Chalon
Sir Osric de BurgundySir Valentin de ChâtillonSir Eustache de Reims
Sir Ivor de ChampagneSir Bernard de AvignonSir Hubert de Bourbon
Sir Leofric de PoitiersSir Roland de ChartresSir Aleric de Aix
Sir Constantine de AnjouSir Théodore de BeauvaisSir Edouard de Langres
Sir Emeric de AquitaineSir Godefroi de TroyesSir Berengar de Toulon
Sir Amaury de BourbonSir Alaric de VerdunSir Lancelot de Dole
Sir Alphonse de LimogesSir Raoul de AutunSir Eudes de Auxerre
Sir Gervais de ProvenceSir Lucien de LangresSir Reginald de Toulouse
Sir Bertram de OrleansSir Fulk de MâconSir Alaric de Rouen
Sir Adalard de NormandySir Berard de DoleSir Adalard de Avignon
Sir Etienne de GasconySir Aleron de TroyesSir Isidore de Limoges
Sir Germain de AgenSir Geoffroi de ArlesSir Gaston de Beauvais
Sir Thibault de LanguedocSir Reynaud de NoyonSir Gilbert de Roussillon
Sir Baldwin de ArlesSir Lucan de ChâlonsSir Valentin de Orleans
Sir Lothar de BresseSir Almeric de AngersSir Bernard de Nantes
Sir Raimond de PerigordSir Raoul de SaintesSir Roland de Picardy
Sir Valerian de NantesSir Théobald de PoissySir Théodore de Lyon
Sir Anselm de PicardySir Guillaume de SenlisSir Godefroi de Limousin
Sir Gisbert de Lyon

Names For A Black Knight

The Black Knight is a figure featured in various media forms, often portrayed as a villain. When looking for names for a Black Knight, consider names with a dark or ominous meaning. Names like Raven, Onyx, or Shadow could be great choices. You could also look for names that have a historical or mythological significance to the concept of a Black Knight.

Sir MorosLord VesperLord Voidbringer
Lord ObsidianBaron DreadhelmBaron Midnightblade
Sir ShadowcladSir SableclawSir Umbraclaw
Baron NightshadeLord MaelstromLord Morokai
Sir EbonybladeBaron ScornBaron Vantablack
Lord DuskmantleSir NecroshadeSir Nightshroud
Sir OnyxLord HexbladeLord Blackthorn
Baron DarkthornBaron DoomriderBaron Darkscythe
Lord AbyssalSir IronheartSir Hadesbane
Sir StygianLord ShadowthornLord Stygianlord
Baron VantablackBaron StygianBaron Erebusclaw
Sir NocturneSir BlackthistleSir Obscurasoul
Lord UmbraLord DarkreignLord Grimshadow
Sir EbonwrathBaron NightstalkerBaron Sinisterheart
Baron MidnightSir ObsidiusSir Netherclaw
Lord VoidheartLord NoxLord Ashenreign
Sir DarklingBaron DuskcloakBaron Vortexrider
Baron GrimshadowSir VladrakSir Malachithorn
Lord SinisterLord SinistraLord Shadowfang
Sir ObscuraBaron ShadebringerBaron Nightpiercer
Baron BlackthornSir VortexclawSir Drakonclaw
Sir HadesLord RaventhroneLord Grimclaw
Lord NetherhelmBaron DarkcladBaron Thornsoul
Baron ShadowfangSir GrimhollowSir Darkfireblade
Sir NightpiercerLord AbysswalkerLord Vesperclaw
Lord DrakonBaron SableheartBaron Dreadhelm
Baron GrimclawSir NecrosSir Sableflame
Sir ErebusLord ShadowmourneLord Maelstromheart
Lord ThornsoulBaron DuskmantleBaron Scornshadow
Baron DarkfireSir ObsidianheartSir Necrothorn
Sir AshenbladeLord NighthawkLord Hexfireblade
Lord VortexBaron ShadowbaneBaron Doomriderclaw
Baron DeathriderSir EbonwrathSir Ironwrath
Sir Malachi

Names For A French Knight

The French were known for their skill in battle and their chivalry. When looking for names for a French Knight, consider names that strongly connect to French history or culture. Think of names like Louis, Pierre, or Philippe. Consider names that have a romantic or poetic quality to them.

Sir Henri de ProvenceSir Pierre-Louis de DijonSir Henri de Valence
Sir François de ChampagneSir Sébastien de RoussillonSir Jean-Claude de Montluçon
Sir Louis de LorraineSir André de AngoulêmeSir Pierre-Louis de Nancy
Sir Pierre de NormandieSir Paul de MarseilleSir Sébastien de Compiègne
Sir Jacques de BourgogneSir Louis-Philippe de AixSir André de Lons-le-Saunier
Sir Antoine de BretagneSir François-Xavier de MetzSir Paul de Saint-Étienne
Sir Guillaume de ToulouseSir Marc de BrestSir Louis-Philippe de Évreux
Sir Charles de SavoieSir Guillaume de VersaillesSir François-Xavier de Laon
Sir Olivier de GascogneSir Antoine de ReimsSir Marc de La Teste-de-Buch
Sir Michel de LyonSir Olivier de LimousinSir Guillaume de Lavelanet
Sir Étienne de ParisSir Michel de CaenSir Antoine de Neuilly-sur-Seine
Sir Philippe de AnjouSir Étienne de ToulonSir Olivier de Pontivy
Sir Jean de OrléansSir Philippe de RennesSir Michel de Chalon-sur-Saône
Sir Alain de ValoisSir Jean de PoissySir Étienne de Montargis
Sir Gaston de AquitaineSir Alain de NîmesSir Philippe de La Flèche
Sir Nicolas de PicardieSir Gaston de ChambérySir Jean de Béthune
Sir Gabriel de RouenSir Nicolas de BéziersSir Alain de Chinon
Sir Jean-Paul de LoireSir Gabriel de DieppeSir Gaston de Moulins
Sir Lucien de MarseilleSir Jean-Paul de PérigueuxSir Nicolas de Saint-Affrique
Sir Thibaut de LimogesSir Lucien de SoissonsSir Gabriel de Meudon
Sir Laurent de AngersSir Thibaut de La RochelleSir Jean-Paul de Agen
Sir René de CalaisSir Laurent de Saint-MaloSir Lucien de Bagnères-de-Bigorre
Sir Marcel de PoitiersSir René de RouergueSir Thibaut de Saumur
Sir Denis de LilleSir Marcel de NogentSir Laurent de Brive-la-Gaillarde
Sir Yves de BeauvaisSir Denis de Le HavreSir René de Châteauroux
Sir Adrien de AvignonSir Yves de TroyesSir Marcel de Lavaur
Sir Christophe de ChartresSir Adrien de ArrasSir Denis de Cholet
Sir Lionel de BordeauxSir Christophe de CaerdyddSir Yves de Riom
Sir Fabrice de MontpellierSir Lionel de RochefortSir Adrien de Cognac
Sir Rémy de ToursSir Fabrice de CognacSir Christophe de Marmande
Sir Christophe de LanguedocSir Rémy de AngoulinsSir Lionel de Bergerac
Sir Gérard de NiceSir Christophe de Mont-de-MarsanSir Fabrice de Mirande
Sir Henri de NantesSir Gérard de CavaillonSir Rémy de Nérac
Sir Jean-Claude de Strasbourg

Names For A British Knight

The British have a long and storied history regarding knights and chivalry. When looking for names for a British Knight, consider names connected to British history or mythology. Think of names like Arthur, William, or Henry. You could also consider names with a regal or noble quality.

Sir Arthur of CamelotSir Samuel of RutlandSir Simon of Cumberland
Sir William of YorkSir Joseph of NorthamptonSir Benjamin of Lancashire
Sir Richard of LancasterSir Jonathan of WorcestershireSir Paul of Northamptonshire
Sir Henry of SussexSir Simon of NorfolkSir Samuel of Warwickshire
Sir Edward of EssexSir Benjamin of WarwickshireSir Joseph of Bedfordshire
Sir John of KentSir Paul of SomersetSir Jonathan of Norfolk
Sir Robert of NorfolkSir Samuel of DorchesterSir Simon of Worcestershire
Sir Thomas of SomersetSir Joseph of SussexSir Benjamin of Gloucester
Sir James of HampshireSir Jonathan of OxfordshireSir Paul of Oxfordshire
Sir Charles of DevonSir Simon of KentSir Samuel of Shropshire
Sir George of OxfordSir Benjamin of GloucestershireSir Joseph of Hertfordshire
Sir Francis of WarwickSir Paul of EssexSir Jonathan of Essex
Sir Peter of GloucesterSir Samuel of HampshireSir Simon of Hampshire
Sir David of CornwallSir Joseph of RutlandSir Benjamin of Surrey
Sir Michael of HerefordSir Jonathan of CheshireSir Paul of Dorset
Sir Stephen of LeicesterSir Simon of BedfordshireSir Samuel of Somerset
Sir Andrew of LincolnSir Benjamin of SurreySir Joseph of Kent
Sir Philip of BedfordSir Paul of CornwallSir Jonathan of Wiltshire
Sir Anthony of WiltshireSir Samuel of BuckinghamSir Simon of Sussex
Sir Christopher of DerbySir Joseph of HertfordshireSir Benjamin of Devon
Sir Matthew of CumberlandSir Jonathan of ShropshireSir Paul of Berkshire
Sir Nicholas of CheshireSir Simon of StaffordshireSir Samuel of Hereford
Sir Daniel of SussexSir Benjamin of HerefordshireSir Joseph of Oxford
Sir Patrick of StaffordSir Paul of LeicestershireSir Jonathan of Derby
Sir Jonathan of SurreySir Samuel of YorkshireSir Simon of Leicester
Sir Simon of DorsetSir Joseph of CambridgeshireSir Benjamin of Cheshire
Sir Paul of ShropshireSir Jonathan of DerbyshireSir Paul of Stafford
Sir Benjamin of BuckinghamSir Simon of SussexSir Samuel of Rutland
Sir Samuel of HertfordSir Benjamin of NorthumberlandSir Joseph of Lincoln
Sir Joseph of BerkshireSir Paul of LancashireSir Jonathan of Cornwall
Sir Jonathan of HerefordSir Samuel of CumbriaSir Simon of Northampton
Sir Simon of LincolnshireSir Joseph of WestmorlandSir Benjamin of Rutland
Sir Benjamin of WiltshireSir Jonathan of DurhamSir Paul of Yorkshire
Sir Paul of Devonshire

Good Names For A Knight

When looking for good names for a knight, consider names that embody the qualities of bravery, honor, and chivalry. Names like Alexander, Richard, or William could be great choices. You could also look for names with historical or mythological significance to the knight concept.

Sir ArthurSir YwainSir Persides
Sir LancelotSir AglovaleSir Dinas
Sir GalahadSir AblamorSir Dodinas le Savage
Sir PercivalSir DinadanSir Gromere Grummor
Sir TristanSir BrunorSir Epinogris
Sir GawainSir HeliorSir Gahalantine
Sir BedivereSir BreunorSir Dodinas le Savage
Sir GarethSir DriantSir Aglovale
Sir KaySir LionelSir Driant
Sir EctorSir AlidukeSir Borre
Sir BorsSir Kay the SeneschalSir Constantine
Sir GeraintSir MarrokSir Brandiles
Sir LamorakSir PatriseSir Fergus
Sir PalamedesSir PinelSir Clegis
Sir MordredSir LamorakSir Durnore
Sir GaherisSir BaudwinSir Alardin
Sir AgravainSir ColgrevanceSir Clarus
Sir BalinSir Villiars the ValiantSir Selivant
Sir BalanSir BellengerSir Magnamore
Sir DagonetSir NerovensSir Gringamore
Sir LeodegranceSir GalihodinSir Curselaine
Sir MorholtSir EpinogrisSir Alisander le Orphelin
Sir TorSir MalgrinSir Lionel
Sir ElyanSir GuinglainSir Daniel
Sir LionelSir Gawaine the LesserSir Priamus
Sir PelleasSir BriantSir Lambegus
Sir ErecSir MelionSir Galagars
Sir YvainSir GuinglainSir Aliburne
Sir CligesSir Caradoc BriefbrasSir Galleron of Galway
Sir OwainSir CaradosSir Alphause
Sir CadorSir AlidukeSir Barnard of the Mount
Sir TristramSir Mador de la PorteSir Macsen Wledig
Sir IsoldeSir La Cote Mal TaileSir Gareth the Brown
Sir Meliadus

Badass Knight Names Ideas

If you’re looking for badass knight names, consider names with a strong meaning. Names like Maximus, Titan, or Odin could be great choices. You could also look for names with historical or mythological significance to the knight concept.

Sir IroncladSir SteelheartSir Demonblade
Sir ThunderstrikeSir FrostfangSir Frostfire
Sir ShadowbladeSir DoombringerSir Blazethorn
Sir GrimfangSir DeathshadowSir Bloodthorn
Sir BloodbaneSir VortexbladeSir Viperstrike
Sir DeathbringerSir DrakonSir Shadowfire
Sir WarhammerSir ThornheartSir Deathstorm
Sir BlackthornSir VenomfangSir Thunderstrike
Sir NightfallSir BloodmoonSir Doomclaw
Sir ViperscaleSir NightstalkerSir Ravenshade
Sir RavenshadowSir IronfangSir Ironblood
Sir HellfireSir ThunderboltSir Nightflame
Sir StormbringerSir EmberforgeSir Grimfire
Sir BonecrusherSir VoidbladeSir Skullthorn
Sir DemonslayerSir BlackthunderSir Darkflame
Sir FrostbiteSir NecroshadeSir Warcry
Sir DragonheartSir DemonspawnSir Thornblade
Sir DoomhammerSir FlamestrikeSir Venomshadow
Sir SkullcrusherSir SkullsplitterSir Frostclaw
Sir RazorwindSir FrostflameSir Emberbane
Sir DarkthornSir SoulreaperSir Vortexheart
Sir VenomstrikeSir BloodsteelSir Bloodbane
Sir BladewraithSir DarkflameSir Nightwing
Sir FirestormSir ShadowfangSir Shadowstorm
Sir BloodravenSir DeathriderSir Deathblade
Sir BlackfireSir ThundercladSir Ironfang
Sir ThunderclawSir WarbringerSir Bladestorm
Sir StormriderSir IronhideSir Stormrage
Sir NightshadeSir BlackheartSir Demonheart
Sir IronsoulSir NightscourgeSir Frostshadow
Sir ShadowscytheSir GrimclawSir Thunderheart
Sir GrimshadowSir VenomheartSir Warshadow
Sir DarkmoonSir DarkstormSir Necrothorn
Sir Warthorn

Cool Knight Names Suggestions

When looking for cool names for knights, consider names with a unique or edgy quality. Names like Maverick, Phoenix, or Blade could be great choices. You could also consider names with historical or mythological significance to the knight concept.

Sir ValorSir AquiloSir Centurion
Sir PhoenixSir SolaraSir Wraith
Sir AvalonSir ArcaneSir Solaris
Sir SeraphimSir AzuraSir Obsidian
Sir OrionSir SentinelSir Ignis
Sir WyvernSir ZenithSir Aetherius
Sir EclipseSir AetherSir Zephyrus
Sir ThunderstrikeSir HallowedSir Argent
Sir FrostwindSir HarbingerSir Arcanum
Sir ExcaliburSir IronsoulSir Thundertide
Sir NovaSir CelestialSir Froststrike
Sir DuskbladeSir MagnusSir Stormbreaker
Sir EmberheartSir UmbraSir Nebula
Sir MidnightSir StarfireSir Titanus
Sir OnyxSir AlaricSir Typhoon
Sir DrakeSir AegisSir Valiant
Sir AshenSir GryphonSir Ironclad
Sir SolsticeSir SerpentisSir Riven
Sir StormriderSir AstrumSir Talon
Sir LysanderSir InfernoSir Ethereal
Sir VanguardSir ThundercladSir Dragonheart
Sir BlazeSir DrakonSir Crimson
Sir CorsairSir OrionSir Phoenixfire
Sir TitanSir FrostfangSir Nightshade
Sir ArdentSir SolsticeSir Emberstorm
Sir VortexSir ShadowhawkSir Azure
Sir MercurySir EmberforgeSir Tempestwind
Sir AstralSir TempestSir Darkflame
Sir TempestSir ViperheartSir Obscura
Sir ObsidianSir OakenheartSir Nocturne
Sir IgnatiusSir PaladinSir Hallowedblade
Sir ZephyrSir DreadnoughtSir Novaflare
Sir RagnarokSir FalconcrestSir Valhalla
Sir Eclipse

Unique Names For Male Knight

If you’re looking for unique names for knights for a male character, consider names with rare or unusual qualities. Names like Thorne, Corbin, or Merrick could be great choices. You could also look for names with historical or mythological significance to the knight concept.

Sir ThalassinSir ThorianSir Thaelius
Sir CorvusSir CorvianSir Zephyrianus
Sir GaladrielSir AlarionSir Caelidric
Sir ElandorSir OberianSir Alveron
Sir IcaronSir ZephyreonSir Galenon
Sir FenrisSir ElarianSir Iliadon
Sir ZephyrianSir FenricSir Morvius
Sir ValerianSir ArvandusSir Ossian
Sir MorwenSir DorianSir Lysander
Sir AlaricSir MorvandSir Valorian
Sir OberonSir LucianSir Corvinus
Sir SeraphiusSir BelisarSir Thalion
Sir EldricSir ZephyrithSir Elarion
Sir ArcturusSir ThalricSir Zephyrion
Sir IsrafelSir CalidoreSir Caladan
Sir LucidianSir CaelidrianSir Icaron
Sir CalyxSir ValerionSir Morvandus
Sir MyrridanSir IcarionSir Isidore
Sir CelestinoSir ElandrianSir Caelianus
Sir ZephyrionSir AlarionSir Alaricus
Sir AldebaranSir GalindorSir Zephyrus
Sir DarianSir ZephyrionSir Seraphius
Sir GaleriusSir IliosSir Oberius
Sir ThalionSir CorviusSir Thalor
Sir CorbinianSir ThaelorSir Galaharian
Sir CaelumSir MorviusSir Valaric
Sir ZephyrosSir ArionSir Arcturus
Sir MorvainSir SeraphonSir Eliorian
Sir AilillSir ElysianSir Zephyrion
Sir EaldredSir ValiantSir Corvax
Sir CaelianSir OrionSir Thalion
Sir ValeriusSir ErelionSir Elandric
Sir SeraphionSir BelariusSir Calvino
Sir Iliad

Catchy Names Ideas For Female Knight

When looking for catchy names for a female knight, consider names with a strong meaning. Names like Athena, Xena, or Phoenix could be great choices. You could also look for names with historical or mythological significance to the knight concept.

Lady ValorLady EvadneDame Solara
Dame SeraphinaDame BelladonnaLady Celestine
Lady AstridLady SerenDame Elaria
Dame RowanDame SylvariLady Elowen
Lady LysandraLady SolsticeDame Seraphiel
Dame ThalassaDame EmberlynLady Emberlynn
Lady EmberLady ElowynDame Vespera
Dame MarigoldDame ZephyrineLady Aurora
Lady PhoenixLady AndromedaDame Thalassa
Dame ElaraDame AradiaLady Morgaine
Lady RavennaLady TempestDame Zephyria
Dame ZephyraDame ValeriaLady Nymeria
Lady NyxLady ArcanaDame Aralyn
Dame AuroraDame SeraphiraLady Evadriel
Lady AstraeaLady AvelineDame Vaeloria
Dame SylvariDame ElowynLady Seraphica
Lady EverlyLady VaeloriaDame Lysara
Dame AvalonDame AuroraLady Aeliana
Lady IsoldeLady AstridDame Isolde
Dame LyricDame SeleneLady Astraea
Lady VesperaLady ElysiaDame Eloria
Dame FreyjaDame ThalaraLady Elyssia
Lady AriaLady PhoenixDame Seraphel
Dame ArwenDame MarcellaLady Seraphira
Lady CelestiaLady ZephyrineDame Valeriana
Dame MelisandeDame EvadneLady Emberlyn
Lady ElowenLady RowanDame Zephyris
Dame SeraphineDame IsoldeLady Aurora
Lady ZenobiaLady SeraphineDame Thalara
Dame VaeloraDame LyriaLady Seren
Lady MorganaLady AryaDame Avelina
Dame ThalassaDame SylvaraLady Elara
Lady EliraLady MelioraDame Marigold
Dame Meridian

What Is A Leader Knight Called?

A leader knight is typically called a knight commander or a knight captain. This is the knight who leads a group of other knights into battle or oversees their training and operations. Sometimes, a leader knight may also be called a grand master, especially in a military order like the Knights Templar.


Choosing the right name for your knight character is crucial in creating a memorable and compelling story. These names of knights are just a few examples of the many majestic and inspiring names you can choose from. Whether creating a brave and noble hero or a cunning and treacherous villain, the correct name can make all the difference in bringing your character to life.