Drag queens have long been celebrated for their captivating performances, vibrant personalities, and, of course, their fabulous names. A drag queen’s name is their artistic identity, reflecting their creativity, wit, and style. If you’re aspiring to join the ranks of these iconic entertainers, this article is your guide to finding the perfect drag queen name that will make you shine in the spotlight. Whether you’re seeking something glamorous, cheeky, or a mix of both, we’ve got you covered with many inspiring ideas. So, let’s dive into drag and discover the ideal name that genuinely represents the star within you!

Famous Drag Queen Name Ideas

Drag queens have become a staple of pop culture and entertainment. Their flamboyant performances, over-the-top outfits, and witty banter have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. One of the most important aspects of a drag queen’s persona is their name. In this article, we will explore some famous drag queen name ideas and suggestions for funny, cute, catchy, badass, clever, and scary names. We will also discuss who the most famous drag queen is.

Ruby RavishingIsabella IllusionZara Zing
Crystal CoutureFierce FeliciaVenus Vibrato
Sasha FierceDiamond DazzlerCelestia Cynosure
Velvet VixenCeleste ChromaMarigold Mirage
Aurora BorealisAmethyst AmoreLuscious Luxuria
Lady LuxeSeraphina SparkleAurora Abyss
Divine DelightIsla IgniteRuby Radiance
Mariah MirageBella BohemiaGiselle Glitz
Glitter GlamazonSiren StarlightCrystal Chromatica
Electra EleganceElectra EssenceScarlett Sizzle
Carmen CandelabraValencia VerveVelvet Velocity
Bianca BlingJazz JubileeLuna Lush
Gigi GlamazonHarmony HuesSeraphina Spellbound
Trixie TempestScarlett SpectrumJazzlyn Jewels
Venus VibranceViva VogueHarmony Haze
Roxy RenaissanceCamila CrystalsIsabella Iridescent
Ivy IconicEssence EuphoriaPhoenix Phantasm
Nova NectarMystique MoonbeamElectra Ember
Luscious LailaSerenity SparkValentina Vortex
Maxine MystiqueHarmony HologramDahlia Divine
Felicity FataleJade JesterZephyra Zenith
Misty MirageGlimmer GaloreVenus Verve
Opal ObsessionZephyr ZestCelestine Charisma
Regina RazzleVivian VeilMarcella Moonshine
Jazzy JewelDahlia DazzleLuscious Lyric
Phoenix PhantasyPersephone PrismAmora Aurora
Ariel AllureAmara AstralRuby Rapture
Kandy KaleidoscopeBella BijouGlimmering Gala
Zara ZephyrLuna LumièreCrystal Carnival
Nikki NebulaNova NocturneScarlett Starstruck
Eden EnigmaElectra EclipseVelvet Vanity
Pandora PearlMysti MoonstoneLuna Luminosa
Valentina VelvetOpal OvationSerenade Shimmer
Luna LaRouge

Funny Drag Names Suggestions

A drag queen’s name should be funny and memorable. Some examples of funny drag names include puns, references to pop culture, and plays on words. These names can be silly and absurd or clever and witty.

Ima B. QuirkMary ChristmasDoris Shutt
Anita MargaritaTanya HydeApril Showers
Polly EsterHazel NuttSharon Needles
Sherry BlossomRhoda BoatBarbie Cue
Iona TranceCherry PoppinsLotta Titz
Lucy PhurrAnita HardockWillow B. Ablowme
Barb DwyerVelvet ThunderLayla Alittle
Eileen DoverMiss DemeanorGeorgia O’Queef
Sue FlayMercedes BenzoverDixie Rect
Ivana TinkleDonna RheaIma Gobbler
Mona LottAnita ShowerSally Forth
Holly WoodMinnie SkirtNancy Boys
Hedda LettuceFonda PetersPenny Ante
Paige TurnerIona BoneUra Schmuck
Rhoda CamelPenny DreadfulBridget Bordeaux
Missy BehavenMinnie Van GoghTrina Forest
Tess TosteroneEmma RoydMyra Mains
Lotta CleavageAnita JobRhoda Cray
Faye SliftPrudence PunishmentGinger Snap
Crystal BallShanda LearKitty Litter
Ida HoConnie LingusIona Beer
Ima HoggLiza LottBarbra Seville
Anna RexiaDixie NormousCandi Barr
Polly GraphFonda CoxTrudy Light
Amy WinebagUra SnotLucy Stool
Ophelia BallsBillie JeansDaisy Chains
Ginger VitusClaire VoyantBrandy Snifter
Penny TrationCandi CaneCarrie Okie
Bertha VenationAnna CondaMissy Stitches
Ima NutterDixie WreckedTawny Daze
Dinah MiteHolly GoheavilyPolly Unsaturated
Carrie OakeyIma HussyClare Voyant
Candy BarTess TicklesRhoda Bute
Penny Tentiary

Cute & Funny Drag Queen Names Ideas

Cute drag queen names often incorporate playful or whimsical elements. Animals, colors, or childhood memories can inspire these names. A cute drag queen name should make people smile and evoke a sense of joy and lightheartedness.

Glitter GlamazonBubbly BanterGiggles Glamour
Taffy TwirlSassy SnickerTickled Tresses
Bella BubblesMimi MirthfulJolly Jitterbug
Lulu LaughsalotLuna LaughterWhimsy Wiggle
Candy KissesPippa PranksBubblegum Banter
Fifi FlambeJolly GemMerry Moxie
Miss Sassy SparklesGlimmer GleeTinsel Tickle
Ruby RazzleSilky SillinessZany Zest
Gigi GigglesQueen QuipsterDolly Dazzle
Peachy PunchlineBella BellylaughsChuckles Charming
Diva DimplesCandy ComedyWink Wonder
Cupcake CoutureFanci FizzGlitter Glee
Sparkle SpritzerBubbles BonanzaZestful Zephyr
Twinkle ToesTinsel TitterbugFrolic Fantasy
Penny PizzazzChuckle CherubCandy Comedy
Missy MischiefGiggles GaloreBubbly Bliss
Trixie TickleZesty ZaninessTwirl Twinkle
Poppy PlayfulWitty WhimsySassy Swagger
Velvet VerveSunshine SnickersJazzy Jokester
Coco ChucklesGlimmer GrinBella Bounce
Bambi BoopMissy MockeryGlimmer Grin
Sugar ShimmerDolly DelightWhimsy Whirlwind
Dazzle DarlingHoneydew HilarityTaffy Tantalizer
Queen QuirkGlitz GaietyPunny Prance
Honey HilarityQuirky QuirkSilly Shimmy
Angel AmusePunny PunchlineGiddy Giggles
Frisky FeathersFrolic FandangoZesty Zealot
Cheeky CharismaPrima PlayfulnessSparkle Spin
Starlet ChuckleberryBella BellylaughsWink Whimsy
Glitzy GuffawTaffy TidingsTickled Tease
Charm ChortleSassy ShimmerTwinkle Tidbit
Muffin MerrimentFizzy FandangoBouncy Banter
Jazz JesterSparkle SproutSassy Spinach
Tinker Titter

2023 Best Drag Names Ideas

As we enter a new year, it’s time to consider the best drag names for 2023. Some of the most famous drag names of the past year have included references to current events, political figures, and social justice movements. The best drag names for 2023 will likely continue to reflect the changing times and cultural landscape.

Glitter NovaIndigo IridescentNebula Nymphette
Velvet MirageScarlet SolsticeIndigo Inertia
Electra VixenNova NoirScarlet Sonata
Sapphire ReignOpal OdysseyCelestial Cadenza
Luna StardustCelestial CharismaPrism Parlay
Ruby RavennaLuna LuxuriaElectra Ember
Ivory InfernoVelvet VolcanoRuby Rhapsody
Celestial SeraphinaElectra EchoPhoenix Prism
Neon NebulaSapphire SolaraLuna Luminary
Indigo IllusionGemini GlitteratiAurora Attraction
Crystal CadenceCrystal CatalystNova Naiad
Queen QuasarQueen QuiverGemini Gossamer
Phoenix LuxeOrion OasisOrion Oath
Scarlet SirenAurora AdornVenus Veil
Opal OrionVenus VaporIndigo Impulse
Aurora AbyssPrism PulseStardust Songbird
Venus VelvetinePhoenix PlumeSerenade Spectra
Cosmic CarmenStardust SynthesisCrystal Chroma
Mirage MercuryNebula NarcissaCelestial Catalyst
Astral AmethystIndigo InfinityVelvet Vortex
Prism ParagonRuby RadianceRuby Radiant
Electra EclipseCelestial CypherNebula Nexus
Glitz GalacticaLuna LushLuna Loom
Nova NocturneVelvet VoltageElectra Echo
Vivi VelvetSerenade SpangleSapphire Sonata
Gemini GlimmerElectra EnigmaGemini Glint
Orion OnyxNova NectarOrion Opus
Stardust SableGemini GalaAurora Adorn
Lyric LuminaraCrystal CarouselVenus Vesper
Nebula NymphAurora AttirePrism Parade
Phoenix PhosphorOpal OvertureNova Nocturne
Ruby RaptureOrion ObsidianIndigo Icicle
Venus VibranceVenus VelvetineCelestial Serenade
Serenade Starlight

Catchy Names Ideas For Drag Queen

A catchy drag queen name sticks in your head and is easy to remember. These names often use alliteration or rhyme, and they can be short, snappy, longer, and more elaborate. A catchy drag name is one that people will be excited to hear and will want to tell their friends about.

Glitter GlamazonDiamond DelightVelvet Valour
Velvet VixenGlimmer GoddessOpulent Opaline
Sapphire StarletElectra EchoCelestial Carmen
Electra EnigmaStarlet SerenadeLuna Luxuria
Luna LuxeCrystal CabaretGilded Giselle
Crystal CrownVelvet VoltageScarlett Solstice
Marquee MirageNova NectarEuphoria Essence
Aurora BorealisJazz JesterJazz Jubilee
Ruby RaptureEnchanted EmberAurora Attraction
Gilda GoldrushScarlett SwirlRadiant Rosalind
Diamond DivaRadiant RegentRuby Reverie
Nova NightshadeOpal OvationCrystal Cadence
Venus VaudevilliaQueen QuasarNova Nocturne
Fierce FelicityVivid ValentinaVelvet Vesper
Seraphina SparkSapphire SerendipitySerenade Sparkle
Opal ObsessionGlamour GazeElectra Elixir
Coco CrystalineDelilah DiamondStarlit Sapphire
Mystique MonarchAmora AriaOpal Odyssey
Jazz JewelFierce FiestaQueen Qubit
Scarlett SpectrumSeraphic SonataVelvet Vortex
Ivory IllusionLuna LuminaryLuna LaLune
Glitz GaloreVelvet VibranceDiamond Duchess
Electra EclipseRuby RhapsodyPrism Pandora
Stardust SirenCrystal CharismaPhoenix Phantasy
Phoenix PhenomenonNova NyxEnigma Empress
Amethyst AmbrosiaAurora AngeliqueCelestial Celia
Euphoria EmpressStardust SupremeAurora Amour
Celeste ChameleonPhoenix PassionRadiant Roseate
Ruby RoyaleElectra EleganceSapphire Sonata
Pearl PerfectionGlitz GlimmerGlitter Gatsby
Mirage MajestyPearl PizzazzSeraphina Supreme
Violet VolcanoMirage Mirage (for a fun twist!)Euphoria Eden
Prism PassionDiamond DazzleVelvet Vaingloria
Luna LaRouge

Badass Names Ideas For Drag Queen

A badass drag queen name should evoke a sense of strength and power. These names can be inspired by fierce animals, legendary warriors, or fictional villains. A badass drag name should make people sit up and take notice, and it should convey a sense of confidence and fearlessness.

Electra VortexCypher CycloneValkyrie Vortex
Velvet VenomTemptress TorrentCelestial Clandestine
Phoenix FuryRebellion RampageTempting Thunder
Crimson EnigmaNebula NymphRebellion Reverie
Astral DominatrixElectra ExileNebula Nemesis
Sapphire StormObsidian OracleElectra Enchantress
Nova EclipseRadiant RiotObsidian Odyssey
Obsidian DivaSapphire SinisterRadiant Rebellion
Rebel SirenPhoenix PhantasmSapphire Slayer
Vicious VogueMystic MalicePhoenix Fury
Aurora HavocCosmic CatalystMystic Majesty
Mystic MayhemNebula NemesisCosmic Crusader
Rogue EmpressRebel RhapsodyRogue Radiance
Seraphina RazeVixen VanguardVoodoo Voltage
Tempest ThrashNeon NovaDiamond Deity
Blade QueenInferno ImpulseRebel Reign
Nebula NitroOnyx OmenCypher Sizzle
Radiant RenegadeSeraphina SavageTempest Temptress
Inferno IconStellar SyrenNebula Nova
Stellar XBlade BansheeIndigo Invicta
Jade JaguarJade JusticeNeon Nihilist
Cosmic CarnageAurora AnarchyInferno Incarnation
Neon NefertitiRogue ReverieOnyx Outlaw
Onyx OutlawIndigo InquisitionSeraphina Supremacy
Valkyrie VoltageTempest TigeressStellar Storm
Cyborg CoutureDiamond DeliriumBlade Butterfly
Maroon MenaceRogue RevolutionJade Jester
Glitter GrudgeCyborg SerenadeAurora Abyss
Nova NocturneMaroon MistressRogue Ritual
Indigo InfamousGlitter GritIndigo Intensity
Rogue RhapsodyNova NemesisTempest Tempest
Voodoo VixenIndigo IncantationDiamond Dawn
Diamond DynamoNeon NightmareRebel Rose
Rogue Royalty

Clever Names Ideas For Drag Queen

Clever drag queen names use wordplay, double entendres, or subtle references. These names can be intelligent and sophisticated or cheeky and irreverent. A creative drag name makes people think and appreciate the wit and creativity behind it.

Ruby RoyaleRuby RhapsodyJazz Julep
Velvet VixenVelvet VibratoBella Ballad
Crystal CrownEuphoria ElleLuna Luminary
Aurora BorealisLush LuminosityElectra Ember
Electra GlamLuna LyricIvy Incantation
Sasha SparklesRegal RadianceSapphire Spotlight
Marquise MiragePoppy PizzazzScarlet Staccato
Luna LuxeSparkle SonataTrina Tango
Diva DelightHarmony HuesCrystal Chanson
Nova NocturneEden EnchantmentVelvet Verve
Glimmer GaloreVivid VogueEuphoria Elegy
Phoenix FataleGilded GraceMarquise Mirage
Venus VelvetGlamour GazeboAurora Anthem
Enigma EleganceMelody MiragePoppy Pavilion
Roxy RenaissanceLuxe LuminaraSparkle Synthesis
Ivy IceAllure AriaHarmony Hush
Sapphire SerenadeAurora AllegroGilded Gala
Opal ObsessionDiamond DazzlerEden Euphony
Mystique MavenVelvet ValentinaVivid Vortex
Diamond DynastySerenade StarlightLuxe Lullaby
Dazzle DemeanorSapphire SonataAllure Amulet
Queen QuasarElectra EmpressPhoenix Pharaoh
Celestial SirenCrystal CadenzaVenus Velvetine
Glitz GazePhoenix PhantasmSerenade Solstice
Starlet StardustVenus VanityElectra Eclipse
Scarlet SymphonyMarquise MelodyCrystal Cascade
Jazz JubileeNova NectarDiva Devotion
Electra EchoGlimmer GalaOpal Odyssey
Chiffon CharismaMystique MariposaRuby Rhapsodia
Amethyst AmoreDiva DioramaSasha Serendipity
Crystal CadenceOpal OvationJazz Jamboree
Bella BijouRuby RiffBella Brio
Sassy SonnetSasha SonnetLuna Labyrinth
Trina Twirl

Scary Names Ideas For Drag Queen

Horror movies, dark mythology, or spooky folklore inspire a scary drag queen name. These names can be creepy, unsettling, or playful and campy. A difficult drag name should make people feel a sense of unease or thrill and be memorable for its spookiness.

Morticia MaleficentIsolde IchorHella Havoc
Venom VixenWicked WinonaObsidian Octavia
Crypta NightshadeCursed CordeliaVespera Vesper
Draculina HexInferna IridescenceMedea Malcontent
Obsidian SirenGorgona GriseldaArachna Abyss
Phantom FurySable SabotageHysteria Harlot
Crimson ReaperessMorgaine MacabreCerbera Cinders
Hallow QueenNarcissa NoxDesolatrix Divinity
Abyss AlureBelladonna BloodlustSinestra Sanctum
Voodoo VampObscura OmenMalefica Mirage
Pandora’s PlagueSeraphine ScornPandemonia Plague
Nocturna NecrosisLilith LamentDiscordia Devine
Demona DeliriumCalavera CrueltySablex Shadowplay
Serpentina SinisterMorrigan MaladyMorgane Malfeasance
Ravenna RuinBellatrix BaneVex Vermilion
Tempest TormentaElectra EulogyPersephone Pestilence
Malevolia MarquiseSirenna SlaughterMorbida Marlowe
Asphyxia AshesMagdalene MalevolenceNefertorture
Temptress ThanatosEbon EmberZephyra Zirconia
Eclipse EnigmaStygiana SpecterLucinda Laceration
Hecate HavocOphelia OracleCimmeria Carrion
Lethal LuxuriaNefara NightmareTempest Tenebris
Nyx NightshadeVile ValentinaGrim Giselle
Hexen HadesDesolate DamselBellatrix Bedlam
Medusa MaliceTempestuous TemptressNocturna Nemesis
Sinistra ShadowfallVexa VileSylvestra Stygian
Delphine DreadBanshee BoudoirValeria Venom
Morgana MaledictionVesper VoodooSerpentine Sable
Zephyr ZalikaWraithlyn WoeEclipse Eligos
Hauntress HysteriaDamara DeathmaskVespera Viscera
Vespera VermillionRavage RhapsodyDemonia Draconia
Luminara LycanthraLurid LenoreAbyssinia Amara
Desdemona DecayLilith LanguishRavenna Requiem
Samhain Styx

The world of drag is full of talented performers, but one name stands out as the most famous drag queen: RuPaul. RuPaul is a trailblazer in the world of drag and has been a major force in bringing drag into the mainstream. With his hit TV show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” he has helped launch the careers of countless drag queens worldwide. RuPaul’s impact on the drag community cannot be overstated, and he continues to be a beloved and influential figure in the entertainment world.


Choosing a drag queen name is an exhilarating process that allows you to embody the essence of your alter ego. Remember, your name should reflect your personality, style, and the image you want to project on stage. The options are endless, whether you prefer a glamorous and classic persona or a playful and unique character. Embrace the creativity within you, experiment with different combinations, and find the name that perfectly captures your star power. So, get ready to sparkle, strut your stuff, and captivate audiences with a name representing the fabulous drag queen you are meant to be!