Fantasy baseball is a game that combines the thrill of competition with the joy of team management. As a fantasy baseball team owner, one of the most exciting aspects is coming up with a clever and memorable team name. A great team name can set the tone for your season, intimidate your opponents, and showcase your creativity. In this article, we’ll explore a plethora of fantasy baseball name ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your face and strike fear into the hearts of your adversaries.

Good Fantasy Baseball Names

Choosing a good fantasy baseball team name is an important part of creating a team identity. A good fantasy baseball name can be clever, witty, or funny, and can reflect your personality or interests. When coming up with a good name, consider puns or wordplay related to baseball terms, pop culture references, or jokes related to your favorite team or players. A good fantasy baseball name can also help you stand out from the competition and make your team more memorable.

Knights of the DiamondThe Mighty BuntersThe Fastball Phantoms
Sultan of SwatThe Curveball CrushersThe Diamond Dominators
The Fantasy FlamingosThe Home Run HeroesThe Pitch Perfects
The Grand Slam GangThe Slider SlayersThe Fantasy Fireballs
The Batting WizardsThe Changeup ChampsThe Slugger Squad
The Strikeout KingsThe Fantasy ForceThe Glove Gurus
The Fantasy FalconsThe Big League BashersThe Ace Aces
The Batting BanditsThe Fantasy FuryThe Diamond Demons
The Baseball BanditosThe Power PitchesThe Triple Threats
The Outfield OgresThe Fantasy FireworksThe Diamond Destroyers
The Batting BuccaneersThe Curveball CommandersThe Fantasy Phantoms
The Dugout DragonsThe Fantasy FlashThe Diamond Dynamos
The All-Star AvengersThe Slider SorcerersThe Fantasy Flames
The Batting BullsThe Fastball FlamesThe Diamond Dazzlers
The Diamond DragonsThe Fantasy ThunderThe Big League Bombers
The Home Run HittersThe Fantasy FrenzyThe All-Star Aces
The Strikeout SamuraiThe Changeup CrushersThe Diamond Devils
The Fantasy FalconsThe Knuckleball KnightsThe Fantasy Sluggers
The Batting BeastsThe Slider ShowdownThe Diamond Demigods
The Fantasy PhantomsThe Fantasy FlashThe Power Pitchers
The Batting BravesThe Fantasy FuryThe Diamond Destroyers
The Outfield OwlsThe Curveball CrushersThe Fantasy Flames
The Batting BombersThe Slider SlayersThe Diamond Dominators
The Dugout DukesThe Fastball PhantomsThe Fantasy Fireballs
The All-Star AssassinsThe Changeup ChampsThe Slugger Squad
The Batting BarracudasThe Fantasy ForceThe Glove Gurus
The Diamond DragonsThe Big League BashersThe Ace Aces
The Home Run HittersThe Fantasy ThunderThe Diamond Dynamos
The Strikeout SamuraiThe Fantasy FlashThe Diamond Destroyers
The Batting BullsThe Knuckleball KnightsThe Fantasy Sluggers
The Fantasy PhantomsThe Slider SorcerersThe Fantasy Flames
The Batting BeastsThe Power PitchersThe Diamond Devils
The Outfield OwlsThe Fantasy FrenzyThe All-Star Aces
The Batting BravesThe Curveball CrushersThe Diamond Demigods

2023 Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names

In 2023, there will likely be a variety of creative and clever fantasy baseball team names to choose from. When selecting a team name, consider incorporating current events, popular culture references, or jokes related to your favorite players or teams. Additionally, you could play off common baseball terms or create a pun using a player’s name. Ultimately, the best fantasy baseball team names are ones that are memorable, fun, and reflective of your team’s identity.

Sultan of SwatThe Power RangersThe Grand Slammers
Curveball CrushersThe Diamond DominatorsThe Fantasy Warriors
Home Run HeroesThe Strikeout KingsThe Magic Bats
The Batting BrigadeThe Fantasy PhantomsThe Fireballers
The All-Star AllianceThe Fantasy TitansThe Mighty Marlins
The Roster RulersThe Fantasy FuryThe Thunder Thumpers
The Dinger DynastyThe Fantasy FalconsThe Stolen Base Squad
The Fantasy FlamesThe Base BurglarsThe Knuckleball Kings
The Slugger SquadThe Fantasy ForceThe Fastball Fiends
The Game ChangersThe Fantasy FlamingosThe Slider Slayers
The Double PlaymakersThe Fantasy CrushersThe Blazing Batters
The Fantasy FireballsThe Clutch HittersThe Strikeout Storm
The Powerhouse PackThe Fantasy FrenzyThe Batting Blazers
The Fantasy FlyersThe Curveball CommandersThe Swing Savages
The Fantasy PharaohsThe Bat Flip BrigadeThe Knuckleball Knights
The RBI RulersThe Fantasy FlamesThe Diamond Dynamos
The Homerun HurricanesThe Fantasy FirefliesThe Speedy Spitfires
The Fantasy FoxesThe Base BanditsThe Ace Aces
The Pitching PioneersThe Fantasy FlamethrowersThe Fantasy Phoenix
The Batting BombersThe Fantasy ThunderThe Stealing Stars
The Fantasy FuryThe Diamond DemonsThe Strikeout Samurai
The Fantasy FalconsThe Home Run HeroesThe Wicked Whiffers
The Fantasy ForceThe Curveball CrushersThe Mighty Minors
The Fantasy CrushersThe Sultan of SwatThe Dynamic Defenders
The Diamond DemonsThe Pitch PerfectsThe Fantasy Flames
The Bat Flip BrigadeThe Power SurgeThe Victory Vikings
The Fantasy FlamethrowersThe Home Run HittersThe Dream Team
The Diamond DynamosThe Thunder ThumpersThe Ace Aces
The Fantasy PhoenixThe Base BanditsThe Slugger Squad
The Curveball CommandersThe RBI RulersThe Fantasy Foxes
The Knuckleball KnightsThe Homerun HurricanesThe Fantasy Thunder
The Base BurglarsThe Batting BombersThe Stealing Stars
The Strikeout SamuraiThe Pitching PioneersThe Fantasy Fury
The Wicked WhiffersThe Fantasy FalconsThe Mighty Minors

Funny Fantasy Baseball Names 

A funny fantasy baseball team name can add some levity and humor to your league. When brainstorming funny name ideas, consider using puns or wordplay related to baseball terms, jokes related to your favorite players or teams, or references to popular culture. For example, you could incorporate the name of a popular TV show or movie into your team name. Alternatively, you could use a pun related to a player’s name, such as “Bryce is Right” for Bryce Harper.

Bat AttitudeSwing KingsThe Ball Busters
Bunt CakesCurveball ComediansGrand Slam Gang
RBI-RnBHome Run HilarityThe Slider Slayers
The Hit ShowKnuckleheadzThe Swingin’ Sillies
Foul Ball FrenzyTriple Crown TroupeWacky Walk-Offs
The Changeup ChucklersStrikeout Stand-UpWild Pitch Wonders
The Bat FlippersClutch Comedy CrewThe Glove Guffaws
The Outfield OafsAce JestersThe Hot Corner Hilarities
Stolen Base ShenanigansCatcher’s QuipsThe Rundown Rioters
The Bullpen BanterThe Double Play DivasThe Pitching Pranksters
The Infield InsanityHit and GiggleThe Laughter Lineup
The Rookie RascalsThe 7th Inning StretchersThe Umpire Uproar
The Dugout DuncesFantasy FunniesThe Batting Buddies
The Mound MischiefThe Catcher’s Comedy ClubThe Outfield Oddballs
The Closer ComediansDiamond DingersThe Batting Average Banter
The Pop Fly PrankstersThe Triple ThreatsThe Strikeout Stunners
The Steal SteppersThe Swing and Miss MisfitsThe Fastball Funnies
The Dinger DodgersThe Bunt BonanzaThe Curveball Crazies
The Slugger SlapstickThe Strike Zone ZaniesThe Pinch Hitters of Punchlines
The Glove JokersThe Laughing Line DrivesThe Rookie Rib-ticklers
The Wild Pitch WitThe Foul Ball FolliesThe Walk-Off Whimsy
The Batting Box BanterThe Bases Loaded LaffsThe Slider Silliness
The Pitch Perfect PrankstersThe Outfield OutrageThe Home Run Hijinks
The Grand Slam GigglesThe Catcher’s CracksThe Shortstop Shenanigans
The Bullpen BloopersThe Double Play DelightsThe Infield Irony
The Rookie RoastersThe 7th Inning Ha-HaThe Umpire Uproarious
The Dugout DazzlersFantasy FunnymenThe Batting Bloopers
The Mound MerrimentThe Catcher’s CackleThe Outfield Oddities
The Closer ChucklesDiamond DeliriumThe Batting Average Absurdity
The Pop Fly PrankstersThe Triple Threat TittersThe Strikeout Stumble
The Steal SteppersThe Swing and Miss ManiacsThe Fastball Follies
The Dinger DivasThe Bunt BuffooneryThe Curveball Clowns
The Slugger Side-SplittersThe Strike Zone StoogesThe Pinch Hitting Puns

Catchy Names for Fantasy Baseball Teams

A catchy fantasy baseball team name can make your team stand out and be memorable. Consider using alliteration or rhyme in your team name, or incorporating a catchy phrase or tagline related to your team’s identity. For example, you could use “The Big Boppers” for a team with power hitters, or “The Strikeout Kings” for a team with dominant pitchers. A catchy team name can also help build camaraderie and team spirit in your league.

The Diamond DragonsBat SmashersThe Curveball Crushers
The Mighty SluggersThe FireballersThe Dugout Dominators
The Fantasy FlyersThe Home Run HeroesThe Strikeout Kings
The Power PitchesThe Grand Slam SquadThe Fantasy Flames
The All-Star AcesThe Swing SwipersThe Base Path Bandits
The Big League BashersThe Fastball FuryThe Fantasy Phantoms
The Glove GurusThe Knuckleball KnightsThe Diamond Demons
The Ace ArmadaThe RBI MachinesThe Fantasy Force
The Hit ParadeThe Slider SlayersThe Bat Flippers
The Golden GlovesThe Pitch PerfectsThe Home Plate Heroes
The Fantasy FalconsThe Whiff WondersThe Stellar Slammers
The Bat BrigadeThe Curveball CommandersThe Diamond Dynamos
The Fantasy FuryThe Home Run HittersThe Strikeout Sultans
The Power PackThe Grand Slam GiantsThe Fantasy Flames
The All-Star AssassinsThe Swing SultansThe Base Path Blasters
The Big League BlastersThe Fastball FrenzyThe Fantasy Fiends
The Glove GodsThe Knuckleball KrewThe Diamond Destroyers
The Ace ArmyThe RBI RoyaltyThe Fantasy Freaks
The Hit MachineThe Slider SmackersThe Bat Bombers
The Golden GuardiansThe Pitch PerfectsThe Home Plate Hammers
The Fantasy FalconsThe Whiff WarriorsThe Stellar Sluggers
The Bat BlitzThe Curveball CrushersThe Diamond Demons
The Fantasy FuryThe Home Run HavocThe Strikeout Sensations
The PowerhouseThe Grand Slam GladiatorsThe Fantasy Flames
The All-Star AvengersThe Swing SaviorsThe Base Path Blazers
The Big League BashThe Fastball FiascoThe Fantasy Force
The Glove GangThe Knuckleball KingsThe Diamond Destroyers
The Ace AllianceThe RBI RulersThe Fantasy Fanatics
The Hit SquadThe Slider StrikersThe Bat Bandits
The Golden GamblersThe Pitch PerfectsThe Home Plate Hitters
The Fantasy FalconsThe Whiff WhackersThe Stellar Sluggers
The Bat BrawlersThe Curveball CommandosThe Diamond Demons
The Fantasy FuryThe Home Run HurricanesThe Strikeout Stars
The Power ProsThe Grand Slam MastersThe Fantasy Flames

Attractive Fantasy Baseball Names

An attractive fantasy baseball team name should be eye-catching and memorable. Consider incorporating bold colors or interesting typography into your team name or logo. You could also use a play on words or pun related to baseball terms, such as “Home Run Heroes” or “Baseball Beauties”. Ultimately, an attractive fantasy baseball name should reflect your team’s identity and help you stand out from the competition.

Moonshot MaulersThunderball TitansDiamond Dynasty
Slam Dunk SluggersFireball FusionPower Play Pirates
Ace AvengersLightning LumberjacksFantasy Fastballers
Bash BrothersStorm Surge SquadElite Swingers
Sultan of SwatThunderous ThumpersMagic Mitts
Dinger DynastyFirestorm FuryGolden Glovers
Curveball CrushersThunderstruck ThunderAll-Star Aces
RBI RulersLightning StrikesFantasy Flamethrowers
Mighty MashersStorm ChasersSpectacular Sliders
Powerhouse PioneersThunderous ThunderboltsDream Team Diamonds
Home Run HeroesFireball FlamersGrand Slam Gladiators
Batting BrigadeLightning LobbersSupreme Swingers
Dreaded DunkersThunderstorm SquadMasterful Mitts
Kings of SwingFirepower FusionStellar Stoppers
Big Fly BlastersLightning LumberFantasy Fireballers
Dinger DukesStorm Surge SluggersMagic Mound Masters
Swat SquadThunderball ThunderGolden Glove Gladiators
Batter’s BrigadeFireball FuryAll-Star Armada
Masher MastersThunderous ThumpMagic Mitt Machines
Power PackLightning Strikes BackSpectacular Sliders
Elite EnforcersStorm SeekersDream Team Divas
Home Run HittersFireball FlamethrowersGrand Slam Gang
Batting BattalionLightning LobSupreme Sluggers
Dreaded DingersThunderstorm ThumpersMasterful Mitt Makers
Royal SwingersFirepower FrenzyStellar Stoppers
Smash SquadLightning LumberjacksFantasy Flame Flingers
Slugger SultansStorm Surge SmashersMagic Mound Magicians
Hit MachineThunderball TitansGolden Glove Guardians
RBI RenegadesFireball FusionPower Play Phenoms
Ace AvengersLightning LumberFantasy Fastballers
Bash BrothersStorm Surge SquadElite Sluggers
Sultan of SwatThunderous ThunderboltsMagic Mound Masters
Dinger DynastyFirestorm FuryGolden Glove Gladiators
Curveball CrushersThunderstruck ThunderAll-Star Aces

Cool Fantasy Baseball Names

A cool fantasy baseball team name can add some edge and personality to your league. When coming up with cool name ideas, consider using a bold font or incorporating a trendy design element into your team name or logo. You could also use a pun or play on words related to baseball terms or players. For example, “Aces Wild” could be a cool team name for a squad with dominant pitchers.

Diamond DynastySlam Dunk SluggersPowerhouse Pirates
The Home Run HeroesThundering TitansCurveball Crushers
Magic MittsThe Mighty MambasCyclone Swingers
Grand Slam GangSavage Swing SquadStellar Sliders
Fantasy FireballsBeast Mode BombersThunder Thumpers
The Bat BrawlersStellar SluggersLightning Strikes
Rapid Fire RoundsLightning LobbersWicked Whippers
Ace AvengersDream Team DingersIron Fist Infielders
Sultan of SwatVenomous VipersFastball Flyers
Diamond DominatorsMoonshot MastersPower Pitch Pirates
The Crackling CorksSlugger SupremacyLightning Lancers
Home Run HittersThunder ThwackersMagic Mitt Mariners
The Powerhouse PackCannonball CrushersTwisted Timber Tossers
Dynasty DingersThunderbolt TitansFireball Flamethrowers
Knockout KingsRocket LaunchersThe Swinging Sorcerers
Slammin’ SavagesWicked Wiffle WarriorsMighty Maple Mashers
Diamond DemonsSizzling SwingersMystic Moonshot Masters
The Curveball ClanThunderous ThundercatsRampaging Rookies
The Brawny BatsmenLightning Lob LeadersThe Grand Slam Gang
Ace All-StarsThundering TornadoesHome Run Heroes
The Crackling CrewWicked Wood WhackersMagic Mitt Magicians
Power Play PiratesSlam Dunk SuperstarsDiamond Dynamo
Bash BrothersThunderstorm TitansGrand Slam Guardians
The Swinging StormSizzling SluggersMystic Moonshot Machines
Dynamic DingersThunderous ThunderboltsRampaging Rebels
Mighty MalletsLightning Lob LunaticsThe Stellar Slammers
Whip It WildThe Bats of ThunderDiamond Dominance
Slugger SquadThunder TwistersCrackling Corkscrews
Moonshot MavericksWicked Whip WarriorsMagic Mitt Marauders
Powerhouse PackSlamming SluggersAce Avengers
Thundering ThunderSizzling SwingstersMystic Moon Masters
Bat BlastersLightning Lob LegendsRampaging Rocketeers
Bash BrigadeThunderous ThumpersStellar Slugfest
The Swinging SwarmSizzling SlammersMystic Moon Maniacs

Attitude Fantasy Baseball Names

An attitude-filled fantasy baseball team name can show off your team’s personality and confidence. Consider using a bold font or incorporating a graphic element that reflects your team’s attitude. You could also use a pun or play on words related to baseball terms or players to show off your team’s swagger. For example, “The Bad News Bunters” could be a team name for a squad that’s not afraid to take risks and make bold plays.

Slammin’ SavagesThe Outlaw BatsPowerhouse Predators
Curveball CrushersThe Swagger SquadDominant Daredevils
Blastoff BanditsAce AttitudeVicious Victors
Dinger DynastyRebel RippersRuthless Renegades
Macho MambasThe Swaggering SluggersFearless Fireballs
Swingin’ SwagAggressive AvengersAlpha Aces
Home Run HeroesThe Bold BashersSavage Swingers
Big League BadassesThe Attitude All-StarsRuthless Raiders
Triple ThreatsThundering TitansFerocious Fighters
Hit Parade HustlersFierce FoesSwaggering Sultans
Beast Mode BrigadeThe Dominant DingersWild Whackers
Smash SquadSwaggering SlammersRuthless Rebels
Hotshot HittersThe Outrageous OutlawsSavage Stingers
Bash BrothersAlpha AttitudeDominating Devils
Grand Slam GangThe Swaggering SaviorsMighty Maulers
Power PioneersRuthless RippersVicious Valiants
Batting BulliesThe Fearless FlamethrowersSupreme Swingers
Daredevil DingersSavage ShowstoppersRuthless Renegades
Masterful MaulersThe Swaggering SluggersFerocious Fireballs
Ultimate UppercutsAggressive AvengersAlpha Aces
Swagger SquadRuthless RevolutionDominant Daredevils
Dinger DominatorsRebel RippersPowerhouse Predators
Macho MaulersThe Swaggering SluggersFierce Fighters
Home Run HooligansThe Bold BashersFearless Fireballs
Big League BanditsThe Attitude All-StarsRuthless Raiders
Triple Threat ThunderVicious VictorsWild Whackers
Hit Parade HeroesFierce FoesSwaggering Sultans
Beast Mode BashersThe Dominant DingersSavage Swingers
Smash SymphonySwaggering SlammersAlpha Attitude
Hotshot HooligansThe Outrageous OutlawsDominating Devils
Bash BrigadeRuthless RippersMighty Maulers
Grand Slam GuardiansThe Swaggering SaviorsVicious Valiants
Powerful PiranhasSavage ShowstoppersSupreme Swingers
Daredevil DestroyersRuthless RenegadesFerocious Fireballs

What is a Baseball Fantasy League?

A baseball fantasy league is a game where participants create their own fantasy baseball teams using real-life players from Major League Baseball. Participants draft players onto their teams and compete against each other based on the players’ real-life statistics. Points are awarded for various achievements, such as home runs, stolen bases, and strikeouts. The goal of the game is to accumulate the most points and win the league championship. Fantasy baseball can be played online or in person, and can be a fun


Choosing a creative and memorable fantasy baseball team name adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. Whether you prefer puns, alliteration, or references to baseball legends, there are countless possibilities to express your team’s personality. Let your imagination run wild and select a name that reflects your team’s strengths, strategy, and love for the game. So, gather your roster, give your team a captivating name, and get ready to swing for the fences in your fantasy baseball league.

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