In the 1978 DC Comics film, Superman was sent off on a voyage to Earth to find his biological parents. In the film, Kal-El has many Kryptonian names: Kal-El (meaning “Star Child”), Prince of Krypton, and Son of Jor-El.

In a recent episode of The Flash, Wally West went under the name Vandal Savage but was later forced back into his own Kid Flash suit. In that suit he is addressed as “Kid Flash.

If you’re a comic book reader, then you should know that Krypton used the same systematic “superhero names” as DC does. But we’ve put together a list of unique variants for your convenience. This is not complete, but it’s just a starting point. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Table of contents:
Who are Krypton Superheroes?
Mighty Suggestion list of Krypton Names
Savior like Suggestion list of Krypton Names
Warrior Suggestion list of Krypton Names

Who are Krypton Superheroes?

1. In the comic universe, Kryptonians share the same system, except for powers and abilities. One of Superman’s abilities is to bend metal in his hands. That’s all we know about his ability to bend metal. That doesn’t make any sense!

2. Being a superhero on Krypton is an honor. Of course there are criminals and psychopaths, but it would be a rare thing for someone to have powers, but not using them for the good of other Kryptonians.

3. The names are inspired by Superman’s Earth parents. So his Earth “real” name is Kal-El, but his Kryptonian name is Kal-El.

4. There are no Kryptonian terrorists. If the highest Kryptonian authority gives an order, then all Kryptonians will obey regardless of their opinion.

5. The names would be similar to Superman’s name on Earth, but with a different twist.

Mighty Suggestion list of Krypton Names

These are names of people we know or think of but may not be technically the actual name of a Kryptonian. The following list was compiled by going through the comics and television shows that have ever featured characters from Krypton. Krypton are the people from Krypton, Superman’s home planet and birth place. These are the names of Kryptonians, including the protagonist Superman:

Kal-ElDahak CalakAvotha Prakata
Rehgar Rigamar-Toth Valor Valora Ra-Kal 
Rao Ralla Lara Lar GandBrainiac
Majel RoddBendisGranpaTanith KoenigLar-On  
Lara-ElJor-El IIMaraDominic LanseMalkuth
Mercy GravesMegan MorseDeimosTelos IV Zodians
Warrior of LightDeathspawnLor-ZodMil Vis-TiLyg-My
Me-LarQuerl Dox II SterlockMajek Hank Henshaw
Sardok-Lon Siran III Vubben Jax-Ur  Clifford DeVoe
Cleric Dan Turpin El Daeemos Elongated ManKida 
Lois Lane-Elliot Manhunter  Metallo-DoxMaxima-KehynNeron-Lee 
Marlena MendozaKara Zor-El Kalki the ConquerorKangs the BarbarianBruno Mannheim

Savior like Suggestion list of Krypton Names

Krypton must be a savior planet to produce beings like Superman. These are super-hero-like names (save-the-world type) of people we know or think of but may not be technically the actual name of a Kryptonian. This is the list.

Knill-JinFyl-NodArna L-Ron
Bizarro Zon-NorValorum-LaaqhNike
Ariella KentArtemiz Kryptina Nemesis-Tala 
Para Nura Rond Vidar Lukas Shriek
Bizarrogzi-TothMakkari Kryptemodekha Dax-Ur 
BolFortress of Solitude Kandor CityLor-Em 
Rao  RokynWellon-Dar  Cadmus 
Valor-Reman Mell-RokNemesis Jauda-Lar
Valak Adara Alura Zor-El Ambush Bug 
Black Flash Catsai CharShi’ar EmpressK’Jonee
Crusader DestroEl-Azur-ElFury of Firestorm
Jova HinozFoll-LellKor-VellMirror Master
Torne-Kor Dax-Liam Zodai   Asura/Nemesis
Zod-LorGogSilent InvasionPolaris  
Torn-Jor MaliceNir-LarPrez Rickard 
Lor-Gan Mirage-El Nol-Anj  Zara Zor-El 
Lilandra-Laezri rann Comedian of KryptonGrandfather ParadoxLar-H

Warrior Suggestion list of Krypton Names

A warrior comes alone , in single combat, usually on horseback. It is the name of a Kryptonian on earth who has a strong warrior-like personality. It is the name of a Kryptonian who went out to fight.

Kryptonians are known for their military tactics and strategies. This list should be in order from strongest to weakest.

Er-KalGeneral ZodEl-Sayn
General Dru-Zod Gor-Nok   Aero-Guardian   
K’hund   Lobo the Wonder Dog  Kal-Alfa 
Kal-El/Kal-LKalibak Krytonian Knight 
Cere-Clone Cerebro Eradicator 
Aurelius Rex   Justice LeaguerBeyonder  
Cir-El    House of DaxKryptonian-Lantern
Martian ManhunterNightwing   Mongul  
Aquaboy  Legion of SuperheroesSlam Bradley 
Sabo the Super-Ape  Bryant Haliday Tory Collins 
I.Q. HighKryptonian-PlutoniumSuperboy-Prime
Raizor Mutant-Kryptonian Superboy-Red  
Psycho PiratePlug Man  Plasma-Boy 
Zor-El the Agent of ChaosJarro     Kryptonian-Plutonian
Kryptonite Man  Stargirl  Starman-Lar 
The Atom-SaiyanStreaky the Supercat Sudeni
Supergirl-Red Superboy-Blue  Superman-Prime
Superwoman-Red  Tiger Man Tinya Wazzo
Ultra Boy Vox Warrior Woman
Kryptonian-HawkmanKryptonian-Abin SurSuperman of Earth-Dax


The following list of names is a work in progress. It includes variant names, character titles and people who are related to the Kryptonian race. They are a series of superheroes that include Superman and Supergirl, though they have more in common with Marvel comics than they do with DC. We have compiled a list of simple, unique Kryptonian names with suggestions. We know there are more names, but we think this is a good start to get some ideas down for a new game. If you have more names, we would love to add them.