For all comic book fans, when it comes to naming a team of superheroes, creativity goes out the window and every possible name has already been used. This is unfortunate because there are plenty of pleasantly creative superhero team names, but unless you’re Stan Lee or Jack Kirby coming up with new books before the idea has gone stale, chances are you’ll be stuck with something boring like “The Avengers”.

But what about when you’re looking for a superhero team name? Here are some suggestions on how to make your superhero squad stand out and bring some life back into the mundane.

Table of contents:
Superhero Team Names for kids
Superhero Team Names for Adults
Superhero Team Names for School projects
Superhero Team Names for Party Lovers

Superhero Team Names for kids

If you’re younger and trying to think of a superhero team name, you need something to get the kids excited about. Here are a few names that will interest them:

Heroic and perfect
The Powerpuff Girls    The Avengers The Fantastic Four
Super Friends  Fearless Defenders The Defenders
Guardians of the Galaxy Ladies of the Legion (X-Men) The X-Men   
Bullpen Brigade (Marvel) The Teen Titans  Young Justice 
Young Heroes in Love  Justice League  Suicide Squad 
Reboot Teen Titans Secret Six  Action Comics 
Wildcats  Constantine Hellblazer
Moon Knight  Marvel Knights  Daredevil 
Spandex Force  Ultimate Marvel  The Super Squad
The Heroic Four The Fantastic Five The Incredible Six

Superhero Team Names for Adults

For adults or older kids who appreciate a more witty or sarcastic take on superhero names, these are perfect:

Superhero  Adults
The Spandex Grannies  Action Force   Bruisers 
The Silver Age Justice Squad   Justice League of America  New Avengers 
Defenders of New York  Legion of Superheroes Avengers Assemble!
Legion of Justice The Injustice League Defenders of the Universe 
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  The Justice Society of America    Excalibur (X-Men) 
X-Factor (X-Men)    Team Youngblood The Legionnaires of Tomorrow
Fantastic Squadron  Lobo’s Legion (DC) The Legionnaires
The Suicide Squad The League to Save the World The League of Justice  
Titans East! Super Buddies  Young Justice 
The Chaos Crew  The Infamous Five The Fatal Five
Dynamite Batman’s first team The Fabulous Five 
Global Guardians Young Justice League  Space Force!
The New Warriors Young Heroes in Love Squad  Dynamic Duo 

Superhero Team Names for School projects

These names are good for a school project, book report or something similar:

 Superhero Team
The Enigma Centurions The Behemoth Heroes The Primal Marvels The Super Heroes United
The Itty Bitty Avengers JLA Class of ’05 The Incredible Powerchicks The Fantastic Five-ish 
Gotham City University’s Team of the month Club Spiritual Champions of the Universe  Heir Apparent Hercules and the Bobsey Twins  
The Young Avengers   Justice League International Young Justice League Teen Titans Junior Team
Young Justice Society  Teen Titans  The Black Marvels  Fantastic Foursome 
Ultimate Avengers  Clandestine Initiative  Wildcards   Team X   
The Great Secret Society of Super Villains (Marvel) Métallo (DC)    Power Pack (Marvel)    Fantastic Force (Marvel)
Toe Tags Booster Gold (DC) Defenders of the Environment (Marvel)   Fantastic Force Special Team! 
The Ugly Duckling (DC) The Fearsome Five (Marvel)  Avengers A.I.M. (Marvel)  Métalo 5th Generation! 
Dynomighty Six!  6th Generation Super-Spies!     The Cosmic Coastline  Defenders of the Earth 
Team Métalo!  The Secret Six Crew  Wild Pack  Champions 

Superhero Team Names for Party Lovers

There are lots of good superhero team names that can be used at a party or other event. Here are a few: 

Superhero Team
The Young Freaks on Saturn  The Hooliganz of Steel   Defenders of the Planet!  
The Conga-Line to Victory !  The Hot Tamales ! Super Squad Heroes! 
The Star Spangled Supersquads!!  The Justice League of America!! The All-Star SuperSquad!!
The Legion Super Squad!  The Cosmic Super Squad ! The League of Heroes !
The Legion of Super-Heroes!  The Guardians of the Galaxy  The Teen Titans Go!  
Avengers Unite!  The Deadly Dozen   Team Marvelous! 
Heroic Force  (Marvel)  The Evildoers (DC)  The Uncanny X-Men (X-Men) 
Defenders of the Earth (DC)  The United Nations (Marvel)  The American Justice League
X-Partment College (X-Men)  The Golden Age  The Justice League International   
Transcendent Rebels Justice League Dark (DC)  The Immortal Heroes (Marvel) 
New Titans (DC) Silver Age Justice League (DC) Out of this World Squad!
The Astonishing Avengers! The Exciting Foes of Foes Stormwatch


There are many good superhero team names out there. If you can’t come up with one or want to get ideas, take a look at this list. You will definitely find something that you like and when it comes time to name your own superhero team, you’ll have a huge pool of names to work with.