If you’re looking for some friend group names that are easy to remember and are perfect for your new or old friend group, look no further! This post is all about naming your new trio of friends, as well as providing a few options for those who have been through the struggle of coming up with a clever name! 

Table of Contents:
1. Group Name for School and College
2.StudentsGroup name for Club friends
3. Cute Username for Group
4. Group names for cousins
5. Best Ideas for Group name 
6. Conclusion

Group Name for School and College students

If you’re looking to be the next queen bee of your high school or college, then this is a great way to stand out and make some friends! Plus, it will get your friends talking about you and what your name means, and how interesting it is. Here is a list of names:

The Awesome GalsThe Badasses
3 Idiots😋Group of Misfits
The Group of OperatorsAmbitious Writer
3 entrees😝Gandhi’s 3 Monkey(For Indian)
3 Girls of Anabell😱The Avengers
Non-StoppablesThe Defenders
The Talking TreeThe Guardians of the Galaxy 
The Disruptive DudesThe Lewinsky’s
The Amazing MonkeysThree Keylocks
The Creepy Creations The Kardashian’s 
The Late Night PotatoesThe Bacon Boys
Team of 3 MonstersSync Outcasters
Club Ome B12Art Clubs
Rad RoachesThe Patience Posse
Club OmegaGirl of Mad House

Group name for Club friends

So, you’re going to start a new school year, or maybe even start your own club at work. Well, don’t worry about what your name will be! With these 3 friend group names, you’re sure to find one that does the trick!

Gorgeous GroupTeam of Buzzel
The UnknownsThe Pretty Persuasion
Hopeless GroupLions 
Atomic ReactorsCountry’s Future Weapons
XplosionKeep “typing…”
Rider OneFull On
Glowing StarsChat Lounge
Angle 3The Walkie Talkies
Popular group of iiiSports Lovers
Love AnglesMost Wanted Boys
Wandering MindsCrazy People
Walky TalkyThree Devils
Yaaron ki Mehfil3 Rangers
The HackersMountain Movers
Coffee LoversAngle of Wings
Join at your own riskAvenger group
Love the Way it isMind Bowling

Cute Username for Group

This group has a cute name that is perfect for any other funny situations this group could end up in. The definition of a ‘friend group’ is a group of people who want, and usually need, to be together in order to survive. Whether you’re the only one that knows how to fix your car or the gal with the best jokes, there’s someone for everyone. And these are just some ideas for names! So scroll down before you stop reading this so-called intro 🙂

We Talk A LotWhatsApp Connection
Strong tiesSchool Student
Teenagers3 Masters
Hang OverDeewana Pagal
The Surnames FamilyHeart Attackers
Breast WomenGrownup Men
Non-Stop NotificationsThe Public Square
Don’t Disturb GroupNow we can talk
Mind ReadersFir Milenge Chalte chalte
The Marx BrothersThe Girls
Brand BoysThe Kings
Men of the wordKorean Boys
Mady menThe Elite 
The Crowd PleasersLegends of Rock
Tech NinjasGeeks Who Drink
Crazy Engineers3 Drunker
The SpartnCoolest Family
The Real menLets go

These group names have a funny yet cute name that is perfect for any other funny situations this group could end up in. The ‘persuasion’ is just a way to say manipulation, which must be the cutest way to call it. It’s cute and funny at the same time.

Group names for cousins

There are many things in life that you shouldn’t ignore. Some of these things could be the fact that you have a lot to offer, and someone else might just be missing out on this. And a wonderful way to show your cousin how amazing you are is by giving them a cute name that they would love and recognize. Here we have some good names for your cousin, who will always be there for you no matter what. Also, Choose A Best Singing Group Names For Females.

Happy HouseMehdi Girls
Cousin’s Ki TolliFab 3
Devil’s HomeMakeup Group
3 Bears TeddyWeekend kings
Sophomores with attitudeTop Class Home
Always togetherYet to Marry
let’s meet!Bonding
Weekend BoostsDozens of Cousins
The Grub ClubCousins World
Noise CreatorAll Round Cousin

Best Ideas for Group name 

It can be hard to find the right name for your friend group. Maybe some of your friends are extroverted and love being the center of attention, or maybe you have a group of people who don’t conform to what society expects. There are a ton of ways to get it right, but if you’re stuck and need some inspiration for your group name, here are some ideas for groups based on personality

Let’s do thisLucky Charms
Masti Zone !!Rock and Roll
Sister and MisterWe know well
Play your wayThree Best Friends
Badmaash CompanyChat With Cousins
Cousin TimeThe Cuz Buzz
Garmi Ki chutiyaanThe Faltu Club
The Cousin GangCousins Across Borders
King of Good TimesFamily Gang
God Made RelationsDear ones


Be it a family group or a friends’ group, every Whatsapp group needs a proper and super cool name with it. These were some of the best-picked-out names for different types of Whatsapp groups. You can check them all and select the one you like.

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