The key to a good advice column is in the name of it. There are many different types of advice columns, and as you can imagine, each one has its own specific name. Below you will find some suggestions for names for an advice column that would be based around topics such as relationships, careers, and dating.

Relationships: Relationship Advice Column

Careers: Career Advice Column

Dating: Dating Advice Column

Best way to find answers is to start from the beginning and go from there! If these suggestions don’t float your boat or they already appear on another website, come up with your own unique title! Remember that an advice column’s name is what sets it apart from all the other blogs out there.

Table of contents:
Names for Relationship Advice Columns
Names for Career Advice Columns
Names for Miscelleneous Advice Columns

Names for Relationship Advice Columns

Relationship advice columns are very interesting to me as I’ve been in a relationships for a number of years. So here are some of my ideas on how to name ones on the site!

What are the rules for dating?How do I ask a girl out?
How can I pick up girls?What should I wear at a bar?
Rules of dating tips.Social networking column
Arranged marriage advice columnRelationship Troubleshooter
Love triangle advice columnMarriage clinic from your computer
I Love You, But…Avoiding the Wrong Kind of Boyfriend
How to Derail a RelationshipGreat Advice
What’s a Couple To DoGift Guide
Love and RelationshipsDating Advice
Help! I’m Falling For My Best Friend!Relationship Help Guide
Their Love StoryLove Addiction
Love LifeThe Breakup List
Relate to Me Love Advice
Couples in CrisisDating Tips 
Couples TherapyThe Rules of Love 
Dating Nightmare!How to Meet a Good Girl
Fake BoyfriendAsk Away
How to Break Up With Your BoyfriendThe Daily Edge

Names for Career Advice Columns

Career advice columns are a very important part of ones life. They will help you decide on a career and find the best fit for you! Make sure the name for this column is creative and descriptive.

Her CampusCollege EssentialsJob Search
How to find a job College Internships How to Succeed in College
How to write a college paperCollege Life 101Instatastic!
Job Searching Made EasyHow to Apply for InternshipsHow to Survive the First Year of College
How to Apply What’s New on my Phone?Semester Survival Guide
College Study TipsPost-Card EtiquetteHow to Apply for Job
Vocabulary Graduate School Job SearchCasting Calls For College 
Study Tips for College!Getting into Graduate School! Wish Upon a Job
Resume Help: How to Write a ResumeGrad Career Chat: How to Succeed in Graduate School! Have No Fear! Her Campus is Here!
Turning the Tables on College DebtHow to Apply for College Scholarships How to Make a Good Impression
The Career File My First Real JobJob Hunt Tips
The advice you needJob Hunting TipsInterview Advice 
How to Make a Killer ImpressionHow to Find the Perfect Job for YouHow to Get Into Graduate School!
The Guide to Finding a Job Career columnistHow to get an internship
What is the best way to make money?The Best Job Guide for College StudentsHow to find a summer job
Tips for College Freshmen Getting Funded for CollegeFinancing Your Education
Make Money Online! Finding Jobs on the Internet!  What’s my Future?

Names for Miscellaneous Advice Columns

There are many different types of columns that would be good to name on this site! Some of these columns are everyday things, while others are not. These column suggestions are just a fraction of what the site has. For example, there is an advice column on Chore Charts, dates (like when someone should or shouldn’t ask a girl out), relationships (like how to handle them), and computer stuff (like how to fix your computer quickly).

office met
Winter Survival Guide: How to Survive WinterHow To Survive a Long Work Day In The Cold 
How to Warm Up a Cold RoomWinter Weather Guide 
How to Keep Your Food From FreezingStaying Warm during the Cold Weather 
Beauty Tips A Guide to Cozy Winter Clothes 
Winter Tips! Snow Fun!
Snow Angels! Christmas Gift Ideas!
My Favorite Holiday Gifts! We are here
No problem is too bigHow to Have a Great Day
How to Make a Great Day Even Better!Beauty tips for every girl!
Tips for Cleaning Your RoomThe Spring Cleaning Checklist
Cleaning Tips for Every Girl!Sensible advice for every girl!
Every Girl’s Guide to School PicturesSchool Picture Advice Column
Laser Removal Advice ColumnNutrition Advice Column
Studying Tips: How to Study More EffectivelyHow To Survive The Stress of Finals Week! 
Study Habits That Will Lead You To Success in College“Camp Counselor”   
Summer Camp Survival Guide How To Survive Summer Jobs 
How to Survive the Stresses of Summer School! Summer Tips for Teens 
Summer Survival Guide! Survival Guide!
Surviving Summer Job Interviews! Survival Guide for College Students!
Six Easy Steps To Survive College Survival Tips For High School Freshmen! 
Survival Tips for College Students! Life Guide: How to Stay Healthy and Fit in Your Twenties & Thirties!
How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays! Healthy Living Guide: All the Information You Need
How to Be a Good Person for Your Dog and Your Family How to stay healthy at a young age.
How to stay healthy in your twenties and thirties!Surviving Your Twenties
Fun Reading For Your 30s! Age-Defying Tips! 
Advice On What To Wear In Your 20s!Tell Me What To Wear In My 20s!
Starting A Business In Your Twentieth CenturyNo Seriously, I’m Serious. Really…
How to Make Friends in CollegeHow to Be the Perfect Friend
How to Buy the Perfect Gift for the Holidays! Mature Advice: How to Deal With Life’s Hardest Situations 
Shopping Tips Every Girl Needs!Every Girl’s Guide to Shopping! 
Interview Advice Column We are listening


A good advice column is something that can do a lot. It can answer questions, help people find what they’re looking for, or even help people stay happy and healthy. This column is a great way to have this information for free in one spot 

What kind of advice column do you want? Are you interested in a friendship advice column? A dating advice column? Do you want to know more about things like college, relationships, and health? Or maybe something else altogether.

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