The moment you understand your own stoner name, the moment you realize how to decipher the code that is your name and find out what it really means, it’s like all of a sudden you’re enlightened and everything starts to make sense. And when this happens, all those moments of stumbling around in life where nothing seems to click or make any sense suddenly becomes so much clearer. Trust me on this one person. It’s an amazing feeling every time. And sharing your name with others? That just makes everything even better.

Table of contents:
Tips to give a stoner name for yourself
Cool Names for Stoners and Potheads
Full of Attitude Names for Stoners and Potheads
Funky Names for Stoners and Potheads
Covers Names for Stoners and Potheads

Tips to give a stoner name for yourself

1. Think about how the word sounds when you say it out loud

You don’t want to pick a name that ends in the same vowel as you do!! (Or with a consonant that sounds like your own name!) [e.g., Joey, Robson, Kennet…]

2. Think about the way you pronounce it

a. If it’s a normal word, go with that. 

b. If you have to think before it comes out, put an “x” or something in front of it and then say it out loud as fast as you can, without even opening your mouth [e.g., Kennet x X THE “X”] 

c. If you don’t know how to pronounce it, maybe look up the word and find out how to say it aloud

3. Think about if it’s even a word you want to use

You don’t want to pick something that sounds like a name you’ve used before, or that has been used before… [e.g., Mac, John, Robson…] Try to come up with something new!

4. If it’s an existing word think about what you could mean by it

As long as you haven’t picked anything too weird then this shouldn’t be too difficult. [e.g., Tiolet, Croak]


Cool Names for Stoners and Potheads

Alright, so you picked out your own stoner name, now here’s some name suggestions I’ve come up with from others, that are really cool. These names all have the “cool” factor built in and will make you sound like an expert. Now who wouldn’t want to be called something like these?

Cotton neck Bigtoe Marm
Rudy Stoney Lucky Luke 
Bart Blondie Planche 
Delta 9Ashes Leshada Bobby Blue Boxer 
Bling Blue Jay Blunt Blueberry Muffin 
Bobby Whaxin Blueberry Haze Stoned and Fly 
Ace Bluebird LocoBrownie Kush Cake 
Cruncher Chilly CroakDee Doja 
Cheech and ChongCurly Wiz Dominitrix 
Cheeto ChronicDisoriented Dickie Eric 
Eazy-E Flake G-Dog 
Grapefruit Head Hairy FacemaskHole 

Full of Attitude Names for Stoners and Potheads

Some names just ooze with the cool factor. Just the way they sound makes you want to be called that. They’re just oozing with cuteness right? These are the names you want to get your hands on, or make up for yourself.

Hotboxing Hurricane Jack Hulaween
Jambalaya Jones Jolly Rancher Kush 
Nugget Shaggy Baskin Stoner J.W. Brains 
Toxinsaurus Rex Weed-Acid Woooosh
Xanadude Zombie Zouka 
Zoot Bobby Blue SoxDiesel 
ZumbaCandy Cane Stoners Rich
Potheads FunkCheech and Chong Zootie
Toilet Bike Stoners Roxy
Six Gun Dirty Birdie Northern Lights 
Potheads JimFunky Munky Mary Jane Doe 
Flower Child Stoners on the MoonStoner Solstice 
Stoney-Tone Marmalade Mouth Mes 
Potheads Peyote Greener Potheads SportyKushwack
Potheads Wizened Potheads Electric BobbieStoney B. Quitter 

Funky Names for Stoners and Potheads

I almost left this whole section out because it’s so obvious that these names are fun. But there are some really cool ones too. I’d recommend picking one of these names and then making it your own.

Shake X-2 The Wiz 
PeedoThe Godfather of Potheads Boom Shaka Laka!
Jungle Juice Stoned Butt Stoned Kisser 
Jungle Iceman Smoochie Pot Chronic Smokey 
Stoney Mite Potheads Pogo Stick Potheads Banshee IV 
Potheads Mosquito Potheads Skunk Potheads Grasshopper 
Stoner Jean-Claude Van Damme Puffin’ Paddy 
Skunkdust Chrispy Crunchy Potheads Rukes Potheads The Rock 
Potheads Thing Potheads Rake Potheads Rangy Bopper 
Flake LefthandFlake Righty Ace Freckles 

Covers Names for Stoners and Potheads

There’s not a lot to say about this, other than they’re the perfect name when all you want to be called is just that.

Great Smoke Demon Smokin’ Johnny Stoned Lucifer 
Iron Mr. HighnessStoner Santa 
Stoners Weed Master Dojo CroakerSkunk-Lips 
Potheads Weed King Super Fluffy TootieSmack-A-Hoe
Magic Pot Lord Gold BluntGold Locks
MacAndyscovery SeedsGold LaceGold Nugget
GoldiLocksGolden PineapplePotheads Dynamite 
Golden ChildSparkling SugarPotheads Hotboxing’ Stoner 
Potheads Puff Daddy Stoners ScatStitch 
Potheads Smokin’ Boxcar Willie Potheads Joy Buzzer Potheads Scary 
Stinky Kitty Potheads Terrapin Potheads The Train 
Terrific Train Potheads TrainwreckTrain Whistle 
Potheads The Twister Potheads The Strainer Stoney Cheetah 
Potheads Two Lips Potheads Jr. Stoners Pot Head Trooper 
Stoners Pot Head General Lee Stoners Pot Head Rebel RouserStoner’s Pot Head Dragon Wagon  


I hope you enjoyed our naming guide and found a few names that you like. Keep in mind, these names are just the beginning of the many possible stoner names. Feel free to use these as a base to start out with and then come up with your own name that sounds just like it, but with your own personality thrown in.

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