Imagine being a little kid, playing with your friends in the backyard. You’ve been searching for treasure all day, but when you stopped to take a break, you realize that no one is giving up. The sun has finally set and it’s only getting colder out. What do you do? You name the team something clever like “The Twilight Zone,” “A Little Bit of History,” or “Cowboys and Indians.”

If you want to name your team something clever and original, but don’t want to spend the next week brainstorming, try some of these team name suggestions for a treasure hunt.

Table of contents:
Adventurous Treasure Hunt names for team
Exploring Treasure Hunt names for team
Speculating Treasure Hunt names suggestion 
Treasure Hunt names suggestion for Boys
Treasure Hunt names suggestion for Girls

Adventurous Treasure Hunt names for team

If you are a sporty group, this might already be something that came to mind on your own, but as a way to smooth out the process, you can try some of these team names:

The BumpkinsThe Brightness QuintetThe Edge Crew
The Bright LightsThe Crew of the CentaurusThe Four Horsemen
The Gang of FiveThe Hillbilly HoneysThe Legion of Boys 
The Good GuysThe Hippies The Namesake Owls
The Cops and RobbersThe Gold Diggers The Hitch Hikers 
Wanderers The Historians Pirates and Princesses 
Ocean Explorers Battling Bard/LizardTime Travellers 
Robin Hoods Cowboys and Indians Dancing Knights
Searchers Explorers Star Seekers 
Pirates Castaways Treasure Hunters 
The Writers The Spies The Hunters 
The ExplorersThe Adventurers Tomb Raiders
Treasure Keepers Ninjas and PiratesUndertakers
Pirates of the Caribbean Team & a Half  Oceans Eleven 
The Brave The Lightning Strikes Tricksters
Skydiver’s Society The Outlaws The Explorers 
Undertaker’s of the UnderworldsA Good Day to Die A Bit of History 
Dicey DeesysThe Settlers The Diggers 
Pirates of the Ocean Pirate Hunters Tomb Raiders 
Ninjas and Pirates Adventurers Uncharted Seas Skydiver’s Society
Treasure Hunt
  1. Murders and Murderettes 
  2. A Good Day to Die 
  3. Acrobats 
  4. Alchemists 
  5. Assassins 
  6. Bald-Headed Men 
  7. Bonus Hunters
  8. Quantum Leap of Faith      
  9. Pirates in the Caribbean 
  10. Colonial Army

Exploring Treasure Hunt names for team

In my opinion, most of the team names in the top section are pretty neat. But they’re kind of dull. If you want to make your name cool, but don’t want to spend a week desperately brainstorming, try some of these team name suggestions for a treasure hunt.

People who are looking for a more basic name may prefer the following:

The BummersThe Bright Blades Dandelions
Dragons, Dudes and Dames The Edge Crew The Fives 
The Four Horsemen The Gang of Five The Good Guys 
Hillbilly Honeys  Historians History Reverers  
History Buffs  The NinjasThe Four Horsemen 
Hardly Any Flyers Here Astronauts Club Barnstormers
The Heroic Knights  The Hillbilly Honeys The Hippies and Their Evil Friend 
Ghost HuntersTreasure Hunters The Hitch Hikers 
The History Lesson Wanderers The Horny Pirates 
The Hitchhikers The Historians Robin Hoods 
  1. Cowboys and Indians 
  2. Dancing Knights 
  3. Searchers      
  4. Star Seekers 
  5. Spies         
  6. A Little Bit of History      
  7. Lizard and the Bard                
  8. Bard and the Lizard      
  9. Time Travelers                
  10. Wild Wild Ghosts 
  11. Argonauts of the Deep   
  12. Cave Diggers   
  13. The Secret Society of Hiding Graves      

Speculating Treasure Hunt names suggestion 

Try a few of these team naming suggestions for a treasure hunt. When it comes to picking the right name for your team, you have many options available. Whether you are in a long-winded debate with your friends about what to call yourselves and the time is growing short, or if you want to move on from the traditional names

Treasure Hunt
The Hunting dogsthe magic finder
The Magic Teamthe magicians
the miracle teamThe Mystical Magicians of the North
Award Team a tiny army 
a very small armya band of brave soldiers
The Border Patrols  The Brothers in Arms  
The Fire Fighters The Ninjas and Pirates 
the fire fighters loveThe Tomb Raiders 
the auxiliary fire fighters’ squadThe Secret Society of Hiding Graves 
The JumpersA Good Day to Die  
Time Travelers  Treasure Hunters 
The Searchers A Little Bit of History  
Lizard and the Bard  Bard and the Lizard    
The Hillbilly Honeys The Hunters 
a band of brave soldiers The Hunters of Kilimanjaro 
the border patrol The Strong Men of Mountain Large  
The Writers  The Hunter’s Delight    
The Spies The Brave Warriors of Mountain Top Large 
the time travellers’ clubThe Snow White & the Seven Dwarves  
the time travellers’ societyThe Warriors of Mountain 

Treasure Hunt names suggestion for Boys

Treasure Hunt naming suggestions for boys. Guys, impress your friends by coming up with a unique name or fitting moniker for your team.

Path findingLook it outEmerge from the Chaos
The Guiding teamThe ExplorersThe Trailblazers 
The ProtectorsThe DreamersThe Souled Out   
The SeekersThe Dream TeamThe Silver Eagles
The Dazzling HuntersWith love from the dark. The Village Indians    
  1. Super Hero’s 
  2. The Mighty Defenders 
  3. The Silent Sentinels
  4. The Great Society of Explorers
  5. Bingo bucks 
  6. The Ninjas and Pirates
  7. The Hillbilly Honeys  
  8. The Good Guys         
  9. History Buffs               
  10. Hillbilly Honey Hunters        
  11. The Trailblazing Explorers
  12. The Heroes of the Way forward
  13. the path finders    
  14. the army of the lost explorers
  15. the magic finder
  16. the magic team  
  17. The Cross Over 
  18. The Searchers                     
  19. Dancing Knights

Treasure Hunt names suggestion for Girls

Treasure Hunt naming suggestions for girls. The ladies will have a blast coming up with a great name or fitting moniker for your team.

Ask and ye shall receive      

The Desert Queens    Green Girls Love  The Pink Patrol
The Like the DarkThe Lovely LeopardsThe Dark Liners
The Army of the Lost Explorers the village princesses the dark lady warriors 
the mighty dark warriorsLost princessesThe White Witches XD
the fairies and their army The Witches The Black Witches 
  1. The Knights of the Dragon’s Lair      
  2. Maya’s Tribe of the Lost                   
  3. Treasure hunters’ society                
  4. The Mighty Mist Warriors                             
  5. The Shadow 
  6. Warriors of the Mist         
  7. The Green Knights of the Mist         
  8. The White Knights
  9. Misty Forest Pirates


There are many names to choose from. For most people, this is the easy part because they have no limitations. If you have a limited time to come up with a name, then try some of these suggestions.

If you need more time or feel that you are stuck coming up with something good and original, you can also try scouring the internet for some names that sound interesting and might work. Popular names may work better depending on what type of treasure hunt you will be participating in.

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