Many new investment companies are required to have registered names, and they often struggle with finding the perfect name.

To help those in need of a name and those who are looking to register one, I have compiled this list of words that might be suitable for investment company names. This is not a definitive list, so feel free to add any words which you think would make a fantastic investment company name. 

Table of contents:
Catchy Investment Company Names
Trustworthy Investment Company Names
Trending Investment Company Names
Ability to Create Financial Products with Weird Names 

Catchy Investment Company Names

Catchy investment company names like “ABC Trust Company” and “XYZ Private Wealth Management” are probably not possible to replicate. However, there are plenty of other options that could get you to a similar place. Some examples include:

Catchy Investment Company
ArbAsset Control ServicesBancorp Investments 
BanqueCDA Group Centre Financial Holdings
Corporate Control PortfolioUmbrella Holdings 
Venture Capital (VC) Manage/Control/Holdings Assets/Banking/Investments
IndicesAlpha Alpha Investments 
Hot stocksBeta Beta Investments 
Beta-Alpha Rationale Alpha Manage/ Reinvestment/ Holdings Equities
Minus-AlphaFactor-Multiple Alpha and beta
Meta-analysis Astro-statisticsBeta and theta
Leverage Buy signals and sell signals Real Capital LLC
Advance Inc.New Land VenturesNew Capital Holdings
Locate/Acquire/Distribute Investment holdings Holdings company 
Leverage company Venture capital Capital management 
Portfolio management Multi-Acre Investments Thorny Hedge Fund Project 
MultiAcre VenturesAsset Control Services Dynamic Equity Management
Versatile VenturesSpecialized Asset Management Strategic Equity Management 
Value Enhancement Trading Growth Enhancement Trading Strategic Exchange Management 
Skew Enhancement Trading Dynamic Exposure Trading Dynamics

Trustworthy Investment Company Names

Trustworthy investment company names like “John Smith’s Money Market Trust” are almost impossible to replicate. However, there are plenty of other options that could get you to a similar place. Some examples include:

Trustworthy Investment
TrustCapital Corp Security Services Group 
Vault Inc.Guardian Holdings Inc. Trust Agency
Investment industry Hedge Fund CompanyDivision of Investment Portfolios 
Investment Portfolio Administrative Services Money Management 
Manager of Investments Corporate Investment Field Bespoke Investment Group 
Distributed Financial Services Management Company Investment Fund 
Private Asset Management ServicesCentre Financial Holdings SpikeFast Ventures
Growth EdgeCentre GrpAstro-capitalization
Beta and theta portfolio Leverage Management Funds of Funds 
Diversified Specialized Portfolio Management   Financial Control and Management Group Numeric Portfolio Managment Group 
Smart BetaMinus-Alpha Investments Minus-Beta Investments 
Quantitative Financial Corp.   First Rate ChoiceEpitome Ventures
Expected Capital Management Quantum Financial GroupLeverage Management and Holdings
Chalky Investments Quantum Investment Group Efficient Markets Solutions 
Alpha-Lowered Hedge Fund Project Global Banking GroupIncome Investments Inc
Alpha-Reduced Hedge Fund ProjectForeign Holdings IncMutual Funds Inc.
Simple Bank Holding CorpFixed Assets IncCapital Management and Administration Inc.
  1. Early Stage Management Inc. 
  2. Holdings and Administration                                                                                         
  3. Collective Investment Fund Inc.
  4. Capital Control Services Inc. 
  5. Distributed Financial Services Group Ltd 
  6. Leverage Administration Nt Ltd. 
  7. Private Asset Management Services Ltd. 
  8. Smart Beta Investments Ltd. 
  9. Income Share Limited 
  10. Leverage Management Limited
  11. Active Asset Solutions Limited 

Trending Investment Company Names

Trending investment company names like “XYZ Mutual Funds” or “ABC Investment Partners” are probably not possible to replicate. However, there are plenty of other options that could get you to a similar place.

Trustworthy Investment
Gem Investment CompanyIdea Infinity
Mastermind VenturesInfinity Investment Group 
True InfinityImplausible Capital Holdings
Unlimited Wealth Management Group New Venture Funding Inc. 
Big Money Maker Holdings Red Thread Shares Inc.   
Gem InvestmentsGrouped Statements of Financial Assets 
Alpha Fund Capital Realty Inc. 
Beta Fund Capital Management and Control Inc. 
Skew Business Value Management Capital and Control Place Inc.  
Kicker Group Trendy Capital Holdings Unlimited Inc.   
  1. Nirvana Portfolio Services 
  2. Karma Shares Unlimited 
  3. Satori Capital Holdings 
  4. Sky-high Portfolio Management 
  5. Conspicuous Portfolio Management 
  6. Seamless Strategic Assets 
  7. Limitless Strategic Assets 
  8. Insignificant Strategic Assets 
  9. Insignificant Assets  

Ability to Create Financial Products with Weird Names 

The ability to create financial products with weird names may be partially attributable to the fact that bizarre financial instruments are just difficult for regulatory compliance purposes, and it is easier to make them than it is to make regular money. Some examples include:

Set aside a set amount of whatever currency you want in a pool or a portfolio than can only be accessed when the fund manager decides that you have been good enough. In this case, no one will even know which currencies are being held.

Trustworthy Investment

1. Create your own precious gemstones and then sell them to others. Be careful not to let the stones slip out of your hands, because then they will not be considered precious anymore.

2. Start a corporation that is completely based on the concept of bullion, but instead of selling physical bullion, you sell digital versions.

3. Hold all your money in a bank account with 0% interest and only allow yourself to withdraw money when the Prime Rate drops. That should keep your money safe and sound while still giving you some spending power when it’s right for you.

4. Create your own money printing press, but instead of producing money, print out coupons for $1,000 worth of gold all day every day for everyone that wants one.

5. Capitalize on market inefficiencies and produce as many coupons for $1,000 worth of gold as possible until the currency crashes and you can buy up all your coupons back for pennies on the dollar.

6. Start a conspiracy theory investment fund.

7. Start a fund that invests in nothing but shorting conspiracy funding sites that talk about an impending market crash.

8. Start an investment fund that only takes deposits in Bitcoins and doesn’t allow any withdrawals until the value of Bitcoins doubles or triples.

9. Build your own time machine and start investing as much money as possible as soon as possible to ensure you have enough money to retire when the time machine is invented, i.e., now.


Hopefully this post was helpful and has given you some good investment company names that you can use in the future. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks! Hope this list works well for you! Use them wisely, and may your returns be great!

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