There are many references to horses in Indian culture. In Hindi, a horse is called “aswa” or “sha.” And there are many Indian names of horses which include names like “Aswan”, “Dashwa”, and more. These names have a certain amount of importance because they can be used as your nicknames and give off certain meanings in addition to being chosen for aesthetic value. Besides that, some Indian horse names could also be related to famous horses from other cultures as well, such as ‘Suleiman’.

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How do I learn Horse-riding?
Stallion suggestions for Indian horse names 
Valiance suggestions for Indian horse names 
Sporty suggestions for Indian horse names 
Common Horse Names Suggested by Hindus

How do I learn Horse-riding?

1. Horse-riding can be part of your school activities. Most of the schools have horse-riding classes and training centers. Ask your school to make horse-riding classes in their gymnasium; or ask the headmaster to give you permission to send your friends and siblings for riding lessons.

2. Horse-riding could also be a recreational activity for you and your family members. You can also take lessons from someone who already knows how to ride horses well, or if none is nearby, you can go with someone who is a good rider yourself (at least better than you). You may need to take lessons on how to walk etc. while riding the horse at the beginning.

3. You can also ride with your friends and classmates to a nearby park or on weekends.

4. Go to a local stable or ranch and ask if you can take a tour of the place, and maybe even ride the horses for a small fee.

5. You can also watch horse-riding events like horse races on TV, and learn whatever you can, such as how the riders sit in their saddles and hold their reins etc.

6. If you live near any stables or ranches, try talking to some of the workers there about riding lessons and cost etc., either on your own or with one of your friends.


Stallion suggestions for Indian horse names 

Considering that most Indian men are likely to have a romantic and/or religious relationship with their steeds, it is important that their name has a certain amount of importance. The names are chosen for the same reasons that English names were given to horses in the past. In other words, they are chosen based on aesthetic value first, followed by meaning second.

YamhaRajwad DashwanatVijayat
Aswanhiyaan YamaanawatKesarwanawat Napoleon
GulrajSheraatKeshawnawat Sherani 
JaatBholad Rajwadhwaan Jalni 
Indian horse

Valiance suggestions for Indian horse names 

The names that are suggested for Indian horse names are often strong, proud and chivalrous. They might include words like “ashwam”, “abhayam”, and other similar words. The names might also contain words that have a history in the Indian culture, such as “indrasena” which stands for courage, pride, or bravery.

Nmgrajam Nirmala 
Prasanthi Sudhaa 
Sumanthi Shakuntala
Vijaya Srihari
Vishnuvardhana Prabha 
Chhiahia Gavan 
Sir Dhanush 
Shivaji Shivarajkumar
Indian horse

Sporty suggestions for Indian horse names 

Horses in history have been known to be involved with sports, hence some of their Indian names could be a reflection of that. Some of the examples are as follows:

Some of the names here might have already been used as human or pet names, but people looking for a new horse name might find these suggestions useful regardless.

Indian ChowHorse Wish
Horse HeavenHorse Master 
Horse LoverChi-Chi 
KavirajSant Jivaraj
Bharat Singh Sudhir Phadke 
Chandraman Shinde Arjuna Ohuruogu
Vishnu Kumara Horse Fiesta
Horse High Horse Foal
MusharrafJaspreet Singh
Sauman Tahir Agarwal
Karanveer Singh Anjana Prabhudesai 
Sudarshan Sreejesh Indian Zest
Krati Namita Toppo
Namratha Pancheri Indu Choudhary 
Aliya RaziPurple Diamond 

Common Horse Names Suggested by Hindus

The Hindu tradition emphasizes purity and cleanliness. Hence, some of the most common names for horses in India relate to the white color and cleanliness  The word “poosam” is similar to the word purity, which is one of the main reasons why it has become one of the most popular horse names. The word “gopika” stands for lily, while “kripa” means mercy.

KoraiKrushiDhayalu Poosanaidu 
Kamini AlkaSarnamalai Mahadevi
SaamanAnkitaAasamalai nidithyaChakral
KodaiyanJarindar Lakhsika Muthuvelku 
Puthi Mahalakshmi MalapparaiMokshanand Sreeramulu
Manipaalaiyammani AaravantharKazhugu Srinivasan


Indian horse names generally have several meanings that relate to the culture of the country. Some include certain words like ‘indrasena’ which means bravery and pride. Other popular names are derived from mythology and legends such as “Krishna”, “Sastha”, “Vishnu”. Some names also include words that reflect the religion as well, suggesting strong values such as “Bhagwan” or God, “Namratha”, cleanliness, and so on.

Some suggestions are created to sound like they are related to sports and other things in life, but they might not be directly affiliated with horses, such as Indian Chow.

There’s no one way to choose great names for your horse.

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