As you are probably aware, the charity sector is one of the most important areas in which to involve yourself. It has attracted individuals from all over the world, and while they often provide services that help those in need with their time and money, it is also important to think about what kind of a corporate name could be given for a new charity. This article will go through ways on how to come up with a name for your own cause.

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Trustworthy NGO Name Suggestion
NGO Trust Name Suggestions
NGO Foundation name Suggestions
Why NGO?
Trustworthy NGO

Trustworthy NGO Name Suggestion

Naming organizations and companies is one of the most critical tasks that anyone can perform. In fact, many people would argue that it is one of the most important steps of all when it comes to running a business. Whether you have just started a new company or you plan on taking things over from an existing business, you need to make sure that the organization that runs under your name would be trusted within your industry.

Smile foundation Pratham UDAAN Welfare
Lok Foundation Sahyog Foundation Tabandh Foundation
Umang Foundation
The Giving Back Fund DonorsChoose VisionSpring World Vision
Mercy Corps Save the Children Point Foundation
Corporate Social Responsibility  GiveWell Giving What We Can
GiveDirectly (GIVE) Nirvana Now
Project Nirvana Uplift Humanity Direct Aid International (DAI)
Direct Relief Partners in Health (PIH) The Red Cross
Medecins Sans Frontieres  Amnesty International SOS Children’s Village
Save the WHY! Magazine The Woodhull Freedom 
Fuel Freedom Foundation Leading Change (LC) Redefining Progress
GratitudeWorks Foundation The Conscience Fund GlobalGiving Foundation

NGO Trust Name Suggestions

Finding a name for your NGO can be difficult , and this article has provided some suggestions to make your search easier. However, if you still need assistance, you should consider looking at the following names and seeing if any of them would be right for your organization:

Global Charity Foundation Give (India) Foundation Children’s Aid Fund
Charities and Trusts Fund Millionth Man Foundation Give International Inc.
Charity Incorporated Give India India First Foundation 
The Peace Development Fund  India Development Foundation  Development Innovation Ventures Foundation 
Indian Charities Fund  Free the Children  The Free Market Project  Partners for Development Avenir Foundation
Clean Water for the World  SPEAK Truth to Power Blue Planet Foundation
Partner for a New Beginning  Unlock Technology Solutions  Blue Impact Foundation
Blue Corporation Mitek Foundation Green It Solutions Inc.
BE:Change Foundation Makani Power Blue Culture Fund 
Blue Cities Blue Ocean Initiative Breathworks Inc.
The Blue Roof Foundation Clouds of Change International  Better World Adventure Foundation
Blue Ventures India  Bloomberg Philanthropies Blue Meadows Foundation
Charity Case  Charity and the Arts
Center for Global Development  The Center for Good Business  Virgin Earth Challenge Foundation
Cherry Corp.  People Solutions  Leveraging Innovation
Technology and Goodwill  Love One Another Inc.  New York Cares
The Romanoff Project  Trees Water People Water Charity Inc.
Water Is Life  Wello Inc. Sunshine

NGO Foundation name Suggestions

The following NGO name suggestions might help you with your search:

Social Investment Charitable Foundation  The PEACE Initiative Foundation  Social Investment Group International Inc.
The Learning Alliance Comnet Foundation  Global Citizens Inc.
Global Citizen Fund Citizen Solutions The Majestic Foundation 
The Global Good Fund Global Impact Group America’s Charities Inc. 
Make It Better  Explorer Foundation NGO Ventures Inc.
Vision Generation Group Nike Foundation  Nike Green Initiative
Foundation of the Social Investors Global Incubators Foundation Bread for the World Innovative Fund Inc. 
New Collective Foundation  Foundation for Social Good Global Citizen Inc. 
Change World Inc. Globali Foundation  FOCUS Foundation 
Socially Conscious Securities Corp. The Global Humanitarian Action Fund  Roots of Goodness Foundation, Inc.  
The Global Opportunity Fund  CharityVision Corporation Good vision
Trustworthy NGO

Why NGO?

Why do you want to create a new NGO? What are your objectives? What does it mean for you? Why is it important? If you are in the business of creating new organizations, then you should understand what this venture will mean to you, as well as others.

1. Your name will be the first thing that your donors and supporters see, and the first impression they get.

2. Your name will tell them what you stand for, and how they can help you achieve your mission.

3. A good name will make people want to work with you.

4. A good name will show off your logo and brand identity. 

5. A good name can give you funding, so long as it is genuine and helps your cause, not just one that could use a helping hand to make the world a better place for all of us!

6. A good name can help you make more friends, so that you can have more people that believe in and support you.

7. A good name will give you a better chance to carry out your mission and vision.


Don’t wait till your name is perfect before launching your NGO! Do not put all of your eggs in one basket! Apply for grants and search for ways to get the funding needed for the start-up costs, such as permits and legal fees. Once the start-up costs are covered, then think about how much it will cost per month to run this new nonprofit organization’s daily operations.



With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at how you can name your NGO. Which name would you prefer, and why? What helps make it more appealing to your donors, volunteers and supporters? It is important that NGOs are named based on what their mission statement is , as well as on what their intended purpose is.