Not sure what to name your new restaurant? We’ve got a few suggestions! 

You might want to go with something like “The Pizza Stan”, which is quite clever in itself, or you could opt for something more traditional like “Mario’s Pasta” that leaves no one guessing. The possibilities are nearly endless so have fun coming up with the perfect name for your new restaurant!

Table of contents:
Trendy name for a Italian restaurant
Authentic name for a Italian restaurant
English name for a Italian restaurant

In the meantime, we’ll keep brainstorming and hope that our next suggestion will be just what you’re looking for.

Trendy name for a Italian restaurant


Don’t want to come up with a restaurant name all alone? No problem! You can get creative and get help from your friends about what to name your new Italian restaurant. If you don’t know anyone, hang out at the local pizzeria and see if one of the customers has a good idea for an Italian restaurant. You might just end up finding the perfect name for your new establishment.

La ruota – The wheelSicilia – SicilyIl pane – The bread
Bella Napoli – Beautiful NaplesPasta, Pasta, Pasta…Il cucchiaio – The spoon
Aldebaran – The star of the Taurus constellationLa panna cotta – The custardIl rosso – The red one
Il giallo – The yellowIl verde – Green oneIl blu – Blue one
Vino e olio – Wine and olive oilEspresso, caffè, tisane, thesaurus…Maritiandros 
o la della fruttaLa greenIl ristorante delle stelle
The Big PastaIl porto – The PortLa moto – The motorcycle
Vulcano Ristorante Mare L’aquila rosa
La caravelle Il ponte – The bridge Napoli Citta’ del gusto
Il ristorante dell’amore The corner – Pizzeria and cafe La página
La pietra – The stone La ruota – The wheel Il ponte – The bridge
La nave – The ship Il bacio – The kiss La rotonda – The roundabout
L’infinito – Infinity La casa della pizza – The house of pizza Gelato di tutti i gusti!
La Bianca – The white one Oregano’s Olive Branch Pasta and More
  • Il jet setter – The jet setter 
  • Il ri-formaggio
  • The bread one: Il pane! 
  • The fish one: L’otre, La chalumeau  
  • La cucina della vita 
  • La cucina di papà
  • La neve di Frank Sinatra

Authentic name for a Italian restaurant

To find an authentic name for your Italian restaurant you could try going to Italy and ask the locals, they will certainly have some good ideas. You could also ask your Italian friends or have a look at the yellow pages in Italy, you will find a lot of interesting propositions for a name.

 Italian restaurant
Bleu SpaghetteriaCarne e pesceLa crotte de veau – The suckers 
La tagliata The meat one: La carne!Le Chocolat – The chocolate one
Le Cappuccette – The sandwichesLe pappe – Le pizza bread (or The bread!)L’anima – The soul
Il chianti classico del TirrenoLa cucina del cuoreCucina di mamma 
Cucina di papà La cucina della vitaIl cuore – The heart
Les copains – The buddiesThe chef’s delight Le cuissone – The pots
La cucina del piacere – The kitchen of pleasure La cucina di una volta Il paradiso – The paradise
Il giallorosso – The yellow and red one  The pizza one: La pappa! Campionaria 
Il mondo – The world La cucina – The kitchen The bistro one: Le Bistrot!
Il ristorante delle stelle Le cocotte – The pots  Le profiterolles 
I fratellini – The little brothers Il cuoco della casa  Il gatto con gli stivaletti!
La cucina abruzzese  Il cantuccio  The corner (or Pizzeria) 
Le chouettes – The chef’s angels Il cuore della cucina – The heart of the kitchen La cuisine maman – The kitchen of mamma 
La mousserie – The ice cream parlour Le bistrot de Fanny – Fanny’s bistrot La vallée des oliviers
  • I ristoranti delle stelle nel cielo 
  • La villa delle fragole 
  • La cité du chocolat
  • C’est mon choix! – It is my choice!
  • Viva las Vegas! – Long live Las Vegas!
  • Il dolce far niente – The sweet doing nothing!
  • Il paesaggio – The landscape

English name for a Italian restaurant

For an English name for your Italian restaurant you could try to look up some names in the Yellow Pages or ask some of your English friends; or else you can even ask Google.

You could choose something classic like “Mario’s Pizzeria”, or maybe come up with something more original like “The Pizza Stan”, which is quite clever in itself, but there are so many possibilities that it is hard to get stuck.

Taste of RomeOn the Grapevine Italian FoodThe Restaurant of the Pizza
Il Colosso – The ColossusThe MasterpiecePizzeria Mario 
Mamma’s pizzeriaThe strawberry houseIl Ristorante della Parma 
The pleasure kitchenLa pizza di mammaIl ristorante delle stelle
La cucina del cuore  Ti Amo, Pizza!The Pasta People
La cucina  Il Principe – The Prince Vera Pizza 
Le Dolci – The Sweets Il Paradiso – The Paradise Il Principe – The Prince 
Il Paradiso Del Cibo Italiano Il ristorante delle stelle Pasta Big and Small
Asiago Italian La cucina della vita Il ristorante delle stelle
Le coq au vin  The Chef’s Delight L’ape regale – The royal bee
  • De La France Au Pizzaiolo 
  • Dad’s sweet potato!
  • Ristorante La Torre 
  • The valley of olive trees 
  • The Best of Marche  
  • The Best of Lazio  
  • Speak Italian, Eat Italian


The best way to come up with a new name for your Italian restaurant is to think out of the box. It’s time to get creative and have fun!

There are way too many possibilities and you need to be the one who will find the perfect one for your business. Maybe you just need some help on how to think of new ideas, or how to come up with other ideas from the numerous suggestions in this list. At any rate, if you manage to get an idea that sounds good, it may certainly be worth trying it out.