This is for any couple who is looking to try out an Instagram username for the first time. Whether you are newly dating or have been together for a while, what’s more important than getting your Instagram game on point? Not only does this give your significant other a chance to contribute to the feed with cool pictures of themselves or of something they’re working on, but it also allows them to see how well they work in front of the camera and judge whether they should participate in the social media sphere.

Some of these ideas are for those that are new to Instagram and want an easy username idea. Some of the usernames can be a bit long, but consider that you’ll only have to type them in once. Typing them in again and again soon gets old, and people will forget how many followers they appear. The reason some of these ideas work so well is because they tell a story and pull from an event or location that your relationship is built on.

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Adorable Couple Username For Instagram
Sassy Couple Username For Instagram
Chimerical Couple Username For Instagram
Humorous Couple Username For Instagram
Famous nickname for Couple Username For Instagram

Adorable Couple Username For Instagram

This is a great place to start because it’s playful and tells a story (a romantic story). This idea can also be used in conjunction with the previous one if you want each of you to have your own Instagram account. This may be good for the introvert in your relationship that doesn’t like being on camera all the time.


Some of the names which are cute and adorable are:

Date DayCouple Peculiar
Couple HappilyCouple Kind
Date TimeCouple Youthful
Couple LoveDate Night
Cute Couple PicPlaymate
Cute CoupleGorgeous Couple 
Couple StyleCouple Charm
Couple CuteCouple Crush
Couple RichCouple Passion
Couple CaringCute Couple Date
Couple So Fabulous Cute In Love   
You and I Forever  Made For Each Other   
Two Of UsMy Blushing Bride 
Perfect LoveAin’t no couple like us
Love PairFabulous_couple_2  
Couple GoalsPerfect Peace
My Love Life Pair Perfection 
JustusTwisted Twosome 
Lovely CoupleBesties

No matter which of these you choose, at the end of the day, you and your significant other have a story behind your relationship that is unique and beautiful. You’ll have to settle for love over something inspired by money or fame when you make your decision. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be totally cool about it. An Instagram username inspired by cash is great because it’s a bit of an inside joke for those that know the relationship’s history.

Sassy Couple Username For Instagram

This is another great one to start with since it gives both halves a chance to showcase their different personalities. If one person is more outgoing, this username can give that person an opportunity to take over a certain aspect of the social media page by having their username be a call-back to something they’ve done before.

Here are the suggestions:

Love of my LifeArms On Each Other’s Shoulders
Feet In Each Other’s Footprints Flip Flop Girl  
Darling’s WifeMy Sweetheart
Girl of my DreamsMy Princess
My LoveApple of my eye
Sharing A Love Story My Love Story – For Every Day Of the Year
A Couple SelfieFalling In Love All Over Again 
Couple SelfiesLike Father, Like Daughter 
Two People In A Similar SituationTwo People In Love
Couple i n LoveRomance Overcomes All 
Date Night SelfieWe Love Each Other To Bits.
Wedding Bells RingingAll The Stories Unfolding Behind Us.
Life’s Moments Are In Our Hands.Greatest Moments In Time.
Our Love Is On DisplayWe Are The Best Of Friends
Me & My BooMyself & I  
Unforgettable Times Together Your smile is contagious! 
Our Couple Pictures On Social Media.I Love It When We Dance. 
I Love It When You Laugh. I Love It When You Smile.
Date Night Coversation Date Night Training
Couples Outing Couples Date Night Ideas

No matter which one of these you can use, you can be sure it will be a hit if you choose to stick with it. It’s also important to note that some of these are specific to that person’s personality. This is not your typical Instagram username, and so anyone that follows you on social media will know this about your relationship. However, a lot of people use Instagram for fun and would never write anything too personal in their profile unless they know the couple personally.

Chimerical Couple Username For Instagram

If you and your significant other are into sci-fi, this can be an amazing direction to go. You could even go the whole way and reference a specific episode in your relationship if you and your significant other love the same show. Don’t choose anything too cheesy that sounds like a cheap plot point, but definitely use something that has rhyme to it so it’s easy to remember.

Few of the suggestions are listed down below:

FriscoMoonlit Night
Our Little Secret Love Bird
Best Friends Mermaid
Crazy In Love Love
Trouble AheadBe There For Me
Always by My SideLove Overcomes All Odds ​​​​
Our Path Unfolds  As the World Falls Apart  
Never AloneLoving Hearts Together 
Friend In NeedLove We Fear
Always with MeIllustrious Creatures  
Fierce LoveI Will Protect You 
Our Love Rages On Love is Life 
As You Fall, I Catch YouNever Alone ​​​​​​
There is Beauty in ChaosLove is Timeless
Together We Create As You Fall 
Together As OneA Love of a Lifetime
Coupling  Harmony Found
Illustrious & Caring CouplesMagical Couple
You Belong To Me Mathematical Romance   

Humorous Couple Username For Instagram

Something humorous is something that your significant other would probably scream at you for doing, but if it’s what you like, then go for it. It can really resonate with others, and this username will bring laughs if it’s done right.

Here are some of the suggestions:

Nuzzle My Nose In Your Neck   Snuggly-Wuggly 
Hugging It Out ​​​​Snuggle Time   
Smooch That ThingDeep in Love 
Sweet KissesCheeky Couple 
Blushing FaceLips to Lips 
Love of My LifeCozy Love 
Twin Peaks   Sweet, Fuzzy & Lovable  
Cuddle-LumpLove Nuzzles  
Tum-TumsCute, Cuddly & Cozy 
TreasureKissy Face Cheek-Kiss 
Tootsie WootsyTwinning It Up   
Love is Forever! honey-Boney
Forever TogetherForever Loving Each Other
You’re the Sun & MoonCouple of My Dreams Made Real ​​​​
Gift of Love ​​​​​​Two People Captivated By Each Other
Such a Lovely Couple So We Can Love Each Other
Lips to LipsTogether Forever Love 
Kissy Face Cheek Kiss Love of my life.  ​​​​
Hugging You from Behind You’re the Sun & Moon
Cuddly-Wuggly One More Kiss 
I’ll Hug Your Pouty Lips Love You with All My Heart

If you’re looking for something a little bit more serious but still humorous, this is a great place to start. It gives you the opportunity to play around with your words and be creative while still being cohesive with your username.

Mr. right

Famous nickname for Couple Username For Instagram

If you and your significant other have a lot of followers, you could take inspiration from one of their famous nicknames. This can be a fun way to create something cool without having to think about anything for too long. It can give your relationship a sense of humor that can generate a lot of hype within the social media circle.

Love BugBeing One With The Other.
Living Life TogetherA Love to Last A Lifetime
Tender & Loving Couple Crazy in Love
Boo Boo Bear  Living Together In Paradise
Darling Wifey  ​​​​Dumpling
Madly in Love With You  Egghead
DummyEver Girl
Pooh BearPuppy Love
AphroditePrince Charming
Ever BoyLove of My Life 
My Prince CharmingEver Beloved
Ever SweetheartEver After
Our LoveCrazy Cute 
SweetiepieMy Sweetheart 
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Tickles My Heart  
Always by Your Side Loss of Speech  
My Darling Wifey ​​​​All My Heart & Soul
Tender & Loving Couple   Sweetiepie
Lover Boy & Girl Love on the Rocks
Mimi & Sugar  ​​​My Sweetheart & I
Darling Wifey   Honey-pie


Proofreading your username will work wonders. It’s a simple way to ensure that you’re getting the best possible name for your Instagram. Pick something you like, but one that is also catchy, and start promoting it across the platform. People will soon be able to see how well it will work for you and for your relationship once they click on it. This can help you add a new element to your profile, but the major benefit is that it will remain consistent so that people who are following both of you can easily identify who is who in the relationship.

The right username can really shape up an account and give your audience an idea of what kind of person you are.

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