Are you starting a new Wookiee-rific role playing game? Do you want to make your players feel like they’re fighting alongside the most powerful beings in the Star Wars universe? Then come on down to our guide for female Wookiee names perfect for fantasy world!

Having trouble thinking of your own names? Then don’t worry, we’ve already done that work and hand-selected some of the best from all over! There’s sure to be one you’ll love out of these. Now just get ready for battle and let fate decide who will live or die in this epic tale.

Table of contents:
What are the features of a Wookie?
Most Common Star Wars Female Wookiee Names
Self-Invented Star Wars Female Wookiee Names
Fantasy world Star Wars Female Wookiee Names

What are the features of a Wookie?

1. Usually the female Wookies have yellow eyes

2. Usually, the fur color is brown. However, it can be any shade from light to dark brown.

They can also be black or white and sometimes even grey or dark grey.

3. Usually, a female Wookie’s hair is long and braided with beads and other decorations (but not as complex as their male counterparts) and is considered a symbol of beauty and status in their culture. They are often multicolored in shades of browns, blacks, grays or whites with black stripes throughout their hair which represents how many family members they have lost to the Yuzzum (a species native to Kashyyyk that eats sapient beings).

4. The female Wookies are usually fairly tall.

5. The female Wookies are strong, brave and loyal. They aren’t afraid to fight to the death for their companions or loved ones.

6. The females usually have bigger breasts than the males, but some males do have larger breasts than some females.

7. The females also have a lighter skin tone than the males and a shorter muzzle, which is shorter and less triangular-shaped as well as smaller fangs as well.


Most Common Star Wars Female Wookiee Names

Wookie are the most powerful beings in the universe. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean they are nice and friendly or obedient according to your average Wookiee. In fact, most Wookiee are quite the opposite. Nevertheless, when you’re ready to sit down with some new friends and have a few laughs over a drink (or meal from time to time), our list of possible names for female Wookiee is sure to keep your party going.

Some of the most common Wookiee names you’ll hear during the Star Wars. 

Jynx KreytaraChewbacca
RhalaRiiyaya Princess Leia
Athid K’ya Mila 
Cymek Mimi Jagunarra 
KyrissaAlderaanian Mauvaise 
Bria  C’awalyn Dakara  
Hawaiian WaxarraKuluna 
Gheesha  Yawara  Yurashka
AdayahAwdya Aadhya
Badiya NithyaPethi 
Wancheek Parrisa Shayla
Treekia  D’awala Kiwa  
K’warr  N’zothaUreeska 
Yamie BentattaHaya
Cythol Kymacko Ureekee

Self-Invented Star Wars Female Wookiee Names

Of course, the Wookiee are quite a bit different from humans in many aspects. One of these is the fact that they don’t actually have any set names. Instead, every Wookiee is given an unchangeable name based on their actions, merits or honor in life. This name can be anything and can even be changed depending on the action or deed. As such, our list of possible names for female Wookiee will begin with this category so you can build your own before we run out.

You see those ears? They mean business…

Hamper DestinyStrategy
Puzzle Painting Stronghold
QuandaryClue  Owl  
Topaz EelpoutGemini 
Sightseeing Fundamental  Calculation
CobaltTinsel Tantalium 
VictorianFalling  Conversation
Method Flourish Spineless  
AfterthoughtRecovery Expertise 
Tactical  Warrior  Reactionary
NavigationMinder Interpreter 
ConvertibleUnmannerly Modulation 
Virus Deceitful Processor  
Tassle Beholder Gleaner 
Aspect   Atomic Brier  
KnotworkFloral Starfish
Ruby Gladiolus Brilliance  
Innocent Yamato Opal 
AlabasterDecoration Fantasy

Fantasy world Star Wars Female Wookiee Names

Once again, it is important to remember that you are free to create your own names for your Wookiee. The only thing we ask is that you don’t just take the first or last name from other Star Wars characters and change the gender. For instance, calling a male Jedi “Leia” is not okay. Instead, try to think of something creative that might even imply their personality in some way (just like humans tend to do).

FlawlessImmortality RadiancePleasantnessNurturing
ReverenceAdorationContentment Elegance Kindness
BadgeCourteousness ProgressivenessUnblemishedLovesy


Now that you know about our list of names for female Wookiee, we hope that you will be able to use these names in your fantasy world or even in a role-playing game. Don’t be afraid to use the traditional names as well as the invented ones. The Star Wars universe is filled with both and we hope that this guide has helped you find just what you were looking for.

As always, stay tuned for more information on female Wookiee names and more guides and lists on Star Wars. Happy reading!

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