As a food stall holder, you understand the challenges of running a successful business. One of the biggest struggles that you will face is finding a name for your food item, since it is one of the most important first impressions that makes or breaks your business.

What follows is a list of ideas to give your stall some creative flair.

Table of contents:
Tips for getting a food stall set up
Hungry-people Stall Names for Food Items
Worth it Stall Names for Food Items
Professional Stall Names for Food Items

Tips for getting a food stall set up

1. Choose your stall.

Pick a location that’s close to a busy road and close to the market (some food stalls are not allowed within 100 meters of the market) however you also need to be near a toilet and ground water source.

2. Choose the right location.

One of the best ways to look for a suitable spot is by contacting your local council’s office (it should have a stall division).

3. Decide on your stall type, material and fixtures.

There are several types of stalls you can choose from. The most popular ones are the ground floor ones with their own toilet and water tap, which is perfect for food stalls and also allows you to have a living area above it as well. 

4. Choose your signage

The main factor in choosing the right signage is how recognizable or eye-catching the name of your stall or product will be. 

5. Choose the best stall name

It should be catchy and easy to remember. Also, pick something that has a ringtone name such as “Super Golden Fried Rice.”

6. Make sure your stall is safe and secure.

Make sure all the materials are enclosed properly at night and maybe even lock up some cabinets at night. 

food stall

Hungry-people Stall Names for Food Items

Stall Names should tell people that you serve more than just food and vibe the product to be appealing.

Test it out and try to get the best-suited naming idea of your stall. If you’re sticking with Chinese, avoid names that would sound too foreign such as “Tea Leaf Soup” or “Polish Soup.” 

The Rolling StovesSauced Food RestroUrban Street Grill
Coffee BeanVintage ExpressChef In A Box
Tasty FoodTasty Fried RiceDelicious Yum Yum
Cracker TasteSizzling Shark BellyPeking Street 
Hand Pulled Noodle and Sizzling Snack StallsSausertown Grill tall Devil Burger Stand
Diner ExpressDelicious Dumpling Tasty Tasty
Hot NoodlesThe Beef on StreetDaily Sausage  
Clay Pot Chicken Rice Porridge Jumping Cracker Porridge and Rice Honey Street Fried Rice 
Made In A Box Yummy CrackersHot Sizzling Street
Monkey JumpEveryday Noodles and Snack StallsFood Wrap
Crispy Fried Chicken WrapGolden Fried RiceMuffins and Coffee
Salads, Sandwiches and Grill StallsBig Bread Sandwich Stall Cheese Noodles and Sausage  
food stall

Worth it Stall Names for Food Items

A stall name that is worth it is just that; one that you can be proud of.

Best Taste YetThick Cracker TasteBig Worthy Fried rice
One-Dish Meals  Hearty food without doubtGrilled Chicken Snack Station 
Gecko Bite Snacks Running Fast Food Stall Delicious soup in a minute!
Sweet and Sizzling Snack StallsChicken Puffs Cart Food Wrap & Skate Wing Stall  
Gecko Bites SnacksBeef Puffs Cart  Stalls Perfection
FoodhutStarsky Dumpling StallVintage Eats Cart 
Food ExpressNoodles Soup Stand Meals and Snacks Stalls   
Strawberry Shortcakes StallTasty Dumplings Stand   Stalling with Zen
FoodologySanctus Street FoodologyStrawberry Shortcake Stall
Street FoodologyBite Street Stand of Perfection     
Cookie Cutters’StealAtom Street Foodology Bite Street Foodology  
Cookie Cutter Stand Strawberry Shortcake and Dumplings Stall  Food Tycoon
Yummy Treats Freezer Station    Fresh Appetizing Ice Cream and Sandwiches Stall
Drinks and Snacks StallsFresh Noodle StandYummy Food for the City 
food stall

Professional Stall Names for Food Items

If you’re planning to set up a new business and your aim is to reach a wider audience then you should consider thinking of a professional naming scheme, especially if the name of your stall will be similar to those in the past. If so, maybe you can update or change it slightly or even use a combination of both ideas.

Gourmet BoothGourmet Foods Fresh Noodle Stand and Stuffed Rice 
Noodle Wagon Soggy Dumplings StandRice Cart    
Food for snacks & mealsHeavily Food CorpRice Bucket 
Rice Bucket and Dumplings StandGourmet Taboo Food Stall Noodles
Gourmet GluttonsRice and Noodle CartCake to the City 
Sweet Sunflower Cream Food shack Piggy Rice and Dumplings Stand  
Gourmet PushersNoodle and Roll Stand  Wagon at the City 
Food Hut and WagonPushers of Food Food Roll Wraps 
One Dish Meal Preparation StationSweet Cakes Stall and Dumplings Stand Sweet Dumpling stand 
Zen of stalls         Dumpling Wagon Imported Food Corporation 
Noodle Wagon and bakery stall Korean and Vietnamese Food Stalls Horsey Horse – Nuch nuch nuch  
Eateries with Hutzpah Imported Foods Co Rice Bucket Stand
Quality Rice BasketNoodles and Dumplings StallDesserts for the Sultry Sista! 
Buns and Riiiiinzadoos! Nuts, Fruits and Yeasties! Feed Air
food stall


Setting up your stall is not an easy task. To have a successful one you need to be careful on every aspect such as the name, layout and everyday maintenance inside and outside of your stall. 

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