Do you have a spy name that you always use for undercover work? If so, this article is for you. What are your own ideas for spy names? 

If you want to get into covert activities or secret missions, go ahead and look through these suggestions. These names might be good ones a fellow secret agent thinking of getting into any type of espionage activity might pick as well.

Whether it’s creating an alias or just being discreet online, these aliases will have your friends scratching their heads wondering what the heck has happened to your identity!

Table of contents:
Secretive Spy Name Suggestions
Spy Name Suggestions for Secret Characters and Use as Passwords
Spy Name Suggestions for your Cartoon Characters
Spy Name Suggestions for Cool Action-type Personality
Miscellaneous Spy Name Suggestions

Secretive Spy Name Suggestions

Secrecy, discretion and anonymity are the hallmarks of a spy’s trade. Creating a truly secret identity for a secret mission is the key to success. Keeping your real name, or one that can be linked to your real identity, is the first step.

The following list has some of the best cool aliases for secret agents. These are all names that will give you a cloak of invisibility. Here are a few names to consider. They aren’t the most common, but they are still good.

When you need a new name, consider these:

Xander UnbreakableThe Enigmatic EnforcerSpy One
Steve “The Brain”The Intriguing IntruderSydney “Stoner”
The Daring DusterThe Vigorous ViperHarry “Hawkeye”
The Innovative InterloperThe Indisputable InvaderLily, the Identifiable Intruder 
Simon “Silent Snake”Jack “Jackal” SwiftDanny David; The Irref
Sampson; the Keen KneecapperThe Undeniable Undoer of UndesirablesJoe Jenkins; The Inexplicable Intranger
Stanley Jump; The Incredible Intruder Boy David; The Unknown IntrangerHerbert, the Incomparable Intruder 
John “Joker”The Invisible Intranger Spy Squirrel
Ding DongThe Dashing DusterSandy the Destroyer
Dickie, the Disturbing Intruder The Dark Destroyer   Dick Dark and Daring Duster

Spy Name Suggestions for Secret Characters and Use as Passwords

Activities that are clandestine often require a unique code or password. The best way to pass such information is to use a name that means something special to you and that no one else will likely guess or accidentally use.

Secret characters or passwords should be just that – secret. These secret spy names are good for secret characters and use as passwords, so keep them safe.

Steve “The Brain” alias is a good choice, whether you’re into espionage or not. When you need a new password, consider these:

Spy Keyhole  Secret Agent Scot The Secret Spyboy
The MysteriousMiraculous LuckmakerThe Unrelenting
Benevolent BenefactorLucky StrikeStrike and SMASH  
Smokey Strike and STRIKE  Undercover Operative
Magnificent Mastermind  Corporate Raider Corporate Killer  
The Boss BaneButch “Ice” BergmanCold-Hearted Criminal 
Robotic Robot Robot Robber  Secret Agent Robin
Secret Agent RockstarSecret Agent Rockerboi The Rockstar Operative
Sandy StoneDr. EvilThe Intoxicating Intranger
The Elegant Intruder The Impressive IntruderMax “Maximus”

Spy Name Suggestions for your Cartoon Characters

What’s your cartoon character’s name? If you’ve got a cartoon character that you want to create, it needs a name. Cartoon characters are often used as secret agents in fiction. Cartoons and comics have always had some colorful personalities.  These secret spy names are perfect for the cartoon characters you create:

Secret Agent ManProwess  Push Spy
The Delightful Destroyer Primary SpyInstant Spy
Silent SpyThe Prowessful Intranger Biker Spy
Spy Boy Response SpySpyoryx
The Undercover IntruderThe Intriguing IntrangerThe Inexplicable Destroyer
The Indisputable DestroyerSpyro and SpyrillaKing Spy 
Spy Girl Agent Girl Spy Master
Super SpySammy the Seeker The Incredible Investigator  
Super Spymaster The Eagle Eye Detective  Amazing Agent Man
The Smart SpyboyAstounding Secret Agent Amazing Secret Agent Boy

Spy Name Suggestions for Cool Action-type Personality

If you’re into the action, these names might be right for you. There are many cool ways to use these names as action-type people’s names. If you’re looking for a new online name, or a gaming name, choose one that’s cool and exciting – like this one:

Adrenaline-Filled AssassinAction-packed Agent ManExciting Secret Agent Boy
Action-filled Agent ManAgent BoyDouble O Seven  
Exciting Agent ManDouble O Three The Action King   
The Famous IntrangerThe Infamous Intranger Pedro Danger 
Jim Buzzard  Flying Spy  Bold Buzzard 
Unbreakable BuzzardSpy Buzzard Buzzing BUZZARD!
Ace of SpiesThe Fastest Intranger Spy Ace 
Adrenaline Rush Secret AgentWinston Churchills Spy Boy Conrad Hyams Spy Boy   
The IntrangerSpy-Boy The Elegant Intranger
The Impressive Intranger The Intruding IntrangerSecret Agent Spyder 

Miscellaneous Spy Name Suggestions

The following list has some creative suggestions that can be used for any name you create. The names themselves might not be directly spy-related, but they have a spyish feel to them. Examples of spy name suggestions that are not based on a specific spy name:

  • Spyglass   
  • Briefcase   
  • The Most Mysterious Intranger    
  • The Shocking Intranger         
  • The Unrelenting Intranger          
  • Wrecking Machine             
  • The Difficult Tremorizer                     
  • The Incredible Destroyer                    
  • The Magnificent Destroyer            
  • The Vicious Viper    
  • The Intrepid Intranger 


Spy names are fun to create. They can be used as a creative way to address people, as an account name for a blog, or as a means of communicating with friends and family. Consider these suggestions in creating your new name.

Spy names don’t have to come from a spy novel. And they don’t have to be hard to pronounce. The name suggestions above are just some of the many ways that you can use spy names as a unique way of uniquely naming yourself.