A lot of people fail when it comes to picking a suitable nickname for their cousin group name. The Inuit tribe has a naming system that is simple and easy, but it could be difficult to remember all the names and how they are said.

Tips And Tricks for cousin group names

Thankfully, I have come up with helpful tricks and tips that you might find useful in your quest for the perfect name.

Number 1: Be creative! It’s hard to imagine what names will stick when considering that English is not their first language.

Number 2: Start with your first name (or two) and last name. If you have multiple middle names, you may want to look into letters, such as “A”, “K”, “L” etc. that might work well together.

Number 3: Try combining what your friends call you with another nickname derived from your last and middle names that sound similar or the same but different.

Number 4: Choose from the list of names that look similar to your last and middle names. This is a good method because it eliminates the need for remembering how to say all the possible combinations.

Number 5: Be unique! Use a nickname or something else along with your first name or last name and try naming the group with both. For example, if your friend’s group is called “The Aggies”, you could call them “The Aggie Aardvarks”.

Here we would Describe All kinds of cousin names

Cousin names are an interesting part of our everyday life and many of us have a cousin with a name that’s just not “normal”.If you want to know what some funny and crazy cousin names are, scroll down to read on.

Pranking Cousins Group Name

The next big thing is something that you should think of doing with your friends and on Whatsapp. Some people just like playing pranks on others, but if you happen to be one of them who likes such pranks, then you definitely need the best prank ideas for WhatsApp. 

Pranks should be thought of as something that is meant to show friends how cool you are. Another reason is to make them laugh and feel happy about being with you. However, this should be done in a way that it will not appear as the user’s annoying action and the rest of the group’s.

The SmangersGroup SmasherThe” Surname” Gang
Girls GroupGang of GangsterThe Future CEOs of America Club”
Kickballs GroupThe Spicy PeppersWe Dog of Hitler
Hall MentorsThe Singing BoysForest Flowers
GO to JungleSugar SonsA Group of Pals
Daddy Sugar GroupMy Babysitter’s FriendsGang of Brown Munde
Helmer GroupNew BrotherThe Witty Wisecrackers
The Mischievous CousinsThe Joker SquadThe Pranksters United
11 PlayersThe Sweet GroupBouncer Gang
Your Black Guy FriendsHit it n bounceThe Exclusivos
Out of BLOODSexy CuddlersKuddi Panjab ki
Queens of KingWe’re All Already Too CloseChikni Chameli
The KamaliKids With BenefitsHighways
The Lively LaughsThe Hilarious HuddleThe Jovial Jugglers
The Laughing LadsThe Giggling GroupThe Prankish Pack
The Chuckling CousinsThe Jolly JokersThe Cheeky Crew
The Playful PosseThe Comical ClanThe Hilarious Horde
The Funny FlockThe Rascal RegimentThe Jester Junta
The Mirthful MavericksThe Humorous HordeThe Trickster Tribe
The Lighthearted GangThe Sneaky SiblingsThe Sassy Sibs
The Droll DudesThe Prankish PosseThe Grinning Gang
The Fun-loving ForceThe Mischievous MobThe Joyous Jesters
The Whimsical WhirlwindsThe Playful PartnersThe Hilarity Horde
The Prankful PosseThe Lighthearted LadsThe Jovial Jambalaya
The Merrymaking MatesThe Laughing LegendsThe Happy-go-lucky Huddle
The Jesting JugglersThe Hilarious HeroesThe Chuckle Chums
The Lively LaughtersThe Jocular JamboreeThe Goofy Gang
The Smiling SquadThe Playful PrankstersThe Droll Daredevils
The Ridiculous RoguesThe Zany ZealotsThe Hysterical Hooligans
The Waggish WondersThe Guffaw GangThe Amusing Alliance
The Fun-loving FellowsThe Silly SquadThe Merry Makers
The Joyful JamboreeThe Whimsical WarriorsThe Jovial Jesters
The JapestersThe Mischief MakersThe Jocular Jaunters
The Jolly Jive

Awesome and Cool Group Name 

 A cool group of people who spend most of their time together talking about things that matter to you

A group of people who are close in terms of kinship and are all friends with each other is a cousin group; this name gives the sense that these people care rather deeply for one another.

The Successful CrowdMystery GroupKal ki Answer
Organization 13Victory in Da FeetGirls Group
Cute FamilyThe Intellectual groupHoney Roast Chat
Team Of ChampionsCandy Crush The Ambitious Group
Crazy FamilyThe Literary BoysMen with Muscular
The UnbeatablesNon-Sense GroupThe Spiders
Partners In Crime The is WellThe Literates
Tiger WorldAfter CousinEast or West
The OutstandingWest & NorthCrime Petrol
New DirectionsBallz DeepWhite Birds
The Brain WavesThe Mighty HeroesThe Alpha Alliance
The Ace SquadThe InsidersThe Conquerors
The PowerhouseThe Cool Kids ClubThe Elite Squad
The Game ChangersThe VisionariesThe Warriors
The ChampionsThe Dream TeamThe Innovators
The RenegadesThe TitansThe Trailblazers
The MavericksThe Unbeatable TeamThe Brainy Bunch
The Winning TeamThe Phoenix SquadThe Intellectuals
The OverachieversThe Phoenix EliteThe Victorious Ones
The Phoenix RevolutionThe BrainiacsThe Phoenix Risers
The Mind MeldersThe Phoenix WarriorsThe Ambitious Ones
The Force of NatureThe Alpha PackThe Phoenix Flames
The Powerhouses UnleashedThe Smart CookiesThe High Achievers
The Top ShelfThe Fearless FightersThe Supreme Team
The Genius ClubThe Ultimate TeamThe Invincible Crew
The Phoenix UnitedThe Brain Trust BrigadeThe Phoenix Rising Stars
The Smart SetThe Brainy BrigadeThe Phoenix Kings
The Dream TeamersThe Phoenix AmbassadorsThe Winning Wonders
The Fearless FlockThe Smart SquadThe High Flyers
The Prime Time PlayersThe Mighty MavensThe Phoenix Dynasty
The Brain Brigade EliteThe High Voltage SquadThe Brain Booster Club
The Dream MakersThe Powerhouses UnitedThe Winning Wizards
The Brain Wave SquadThe Phoenix StarsThe Brainstorming Band
The Phoenix Thunder

Group name for close cousins

Just when things are going really well and everyone is feeling really close, the person who runs the group loses interest or leaves for some reason.

Grandmother ladleOverpils groupFloor Top
The AwesomenessFastest finger firstThe Incredible group
Final WinnerGreat groupHopeless junkies
PopcornsTeam AwesomeCreative Minds
Weekend LoversTrendsettersCHatter Snap
Dream TeamSnap Or SpankWe will meet again
The Clan ConnectionNext-Gen NetworkKinfolk Crew
Mind Blowing CousinsCookies GroupThe Unstoppable
Naughty LodgeDogs LoverStrangers With Candy
Theater MovieCarpet PissersSuper Heroes
Choco candyThe GeniusesWeak Group
Family FortressThe Kinfolk KrewThe Genealogy Group
Family FlockBonded By BloodThe Cousins Coven
Close-Knit CousinsThe Next Generation TribeFamily Fellowship
Kinship CircleCousins CohortFAMtastic Four
Sibling SquadThe Relative CollectiveCuz Connection
The Kin KrewThe Fam UnionCohesive Cousins
Relative RebelsThe Bloodline BrotherhoodCousin Conglomerate
Family Fusion CollectiveCousin CompanyBlood Brothers and Sisters
The Cousin CoalitionKinship KrewThe Sibling Squadron
The Fam FellowshipThe Relative RegimentThe Kinfolk Kollective
Family Fusion ForceThe Genealogy GangThe Fam Force
The Relative RosterThe Kinship CollectiveFamily Faction
Cousin CollaborationThe Next-Gen SquadThe Kin Clan
Connected KinfolkFAMazing CousinsThe Sibling Syndicate
Family FraternityCousin Crew CollectiveThe Genealogy Guild
The Kin KlubFamily Fraternity ForceThe Relatives Roundtable
The Sibling SocietyThe Next-Gen NucleusThe Family Fortress Force
Cousin Collective ConnectionThe Kin KompanyThe Relatives Rundown
Family Flock ForceThe Kinship KinfolkThe Next-Gen Networkers
The Bloodline BrigadeThe Genealogy GurusThe Cousins Connection
The Next-Gen NexusThe Kinship KingdomThe Sibling Squadrons
The Genealogy GroupiesThe Cousins CollaboratorsFamily Fusion Fellowship
The Relative Rascals

Creative and Cool name for Cousins

You and your cousins are as close as they come. They’re guaranteed to follow you on every adventure, well most of the time anyway. This is a name that only your cousins will understand, and you’ll always be sure to feel connected with them.

FourplayPhenomenal TeamConfident Group
Anonymous GroupYoung TerroristsThe Proud Family
Lucky StarsCool GroupDimag se Paidal
Everyone But YouSuperb TeensBeach Buddies
Dirty SlutsTeam ExtremeWorld’s tallest midgets
The Power GirlsSpank me, ElmoLiterates group
Royal GROUPJelly fingerThe Intellectual Family
AlcoholicsCreative CousinsFool Cousins
Slap my monkeyThe Badass CousinsNut Busters
The RadianceHippo GroupThe Outrageous
Whack JobThe Kinship CollectiveThe Cousin Clique
The Family Fusion FactionThe Kinfolk KomradesThe Kinfolk Komrades
The Cousin CrewThe Kinship CommunityThe Family Force
The Next-Gen TrailblazersThe Kinfolk KomradesThe Family Fellowship
The Kinfolk KonnectionThe Family Fusion ForceThe Next-Gen Leaders
The Cousin CoalitionThe Kinship ConnectionThe Family Fortress
The Next-Gen TitansThe Kinfolk CompanionsThe Family Freedom Fighters
The Next-Gen InnovatorsThe Kinfolk KollectiveThe Family Fusion Firm
The Next-Gen DynastyThe Family Freedom FightersThe Next-Gen Titans
The Kinship CommunityThe Cousin CrewThe Next-Gen Entrepreneurs
The Family ForceThe Next-Gen TrailblazersThe Kinfolk Kindred
The Family Freedom FightersThe Next-Gen InnovatorsThe Kinfolk Kinfolk
The Family Fusion FortitudeThe Next-Gen MavericksThe Cousin Connection
The Kinfolk KrewThe Next-Gen LeadersThe Family Fusion Fellowship
The Next-Gen InnovatorsThe Family Fusion FoundersThe Cousin Collective
The Family FortressThe Kinship KomradesThe Family Freedom Force
The Next-Gen MavericksThe Family Freedom ForceThe Next-Gen Innovators
The Kinfolk KonnectionThe Family Fusion FirmThe Cousin Clubhouse
The Next-Gen VisionariesThe Kinship ClanThe Family Fortress
The Family Freedom FrontlineThe Cousin KinfolkThe Family Fusion Fellowship
The Family Fusion FrontierThe Next-Gen VisionariesThe Cousin Coalition
The Kinship ClanThe Family FortressThe Kinfolk Kinship
The Family Freedom FightersThe Next-Gen InnovatorsThe Kinfolk Kommunity
The Family Foundation

Attitude and Powerful Group Name for Cousins

The next big thing has to be a powerful name for your school or college’s WhatsApp group. It is absolutely necessary to name the group in a way that shows how dashing your gang members really are.

Bluff mastersThe OutstandingDirty Secrets
The Monkey SquadBright mulesGossip Grill
Stars and MoonPointless militaryThe Anticipation
The UndercoverTeam of the StarsLife is poop
Restless GroupComedy GroupThe Young Group
Crap ProducersPartners In CrimeThe Geniuses
The UnbreakablesThe Savage SquadThe Powerhouse Pack
HardWorkerSingle GirlsMidnight moans
Silver MoonBombshellsThe Silver Spoon Club
Party StartersThe Starry NightHome Of Comedy
Creative MindsThe Dynamic DozenThe Elite Entourage
The Invincible In-LawsThe Supreme SiblingsThe Bold Bloodline
The Ironclad InsidersThe Dynamic DynastyThe Alpha Alliance
The Game ChangersThe Phenomenal FamilyThe Radiant Relatives
The Unstoppable UnitThe Vigorous VixensThe Indomitable Insiders
The Courageous ClanThe Mighty MobThe Untouchable Union
The Dominant DynastyThe Resilient RelativesThe Fierce Family
The Maverick MovementThe Bold BrigadeThe Tenacious Tribe
The Supreme SquadThe Fearless FamilyThe Ruthless Relatives
The Rebel AllianceThe Mighty MavericksThe Fearless Family
The Supreme SiblingsThe Bold BloodlineThe Mighty Mavericks
The Invincible In-LawsThe Ironclad InsidersThe Dynamic Dynasty
The Alpha AllianceThe Radiant RelativesThe Supreme Squad
The Mighty MovementThe Dominant DescendantsThe Untouchable Union
The Courageous CrewThe Powerful PackThe Invincible Insiders
The Resilient RascalsThe Rebel RelativesThe Tenacious Team
The Unbreakable UnitThe Fierce FactionThe Bold Bloodline
The Visionary VixensThe Powerhouse PosseThe Dynamic Descendants
The Unbeatable UnionThe Fearless FamilyThe Unbeatable Union
The Powerful PackThe Invincible InsidersThe Resilient Rascals
The Rebel RelativesThe Tenacious TeamThe Unbreakable Unit
The Fierce FactionThe Bold BloodlineThe Visionary Vixens
The Powerhouse PosseThe Dynamic DescendantsThe Courageous Crew
The Powerful Pack


These names can be used for any of your private groups with your online social media friends, childhood friends, colleagues or other mates. Choose wisely according to your group and make sure that you add some naughty meaning behind your name because being naughty is fun.

So, enjoy these unsuitable group names, do not get it wrong after reading these awkward names, and always be cool. 

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