When you get into spearfishing, spear names are limited. It’s not like a sword or a spell where there are lots of different styles to pick from. Most of the time, people go with just one word that is easy to spell and pronounce. But don’t let that stop you from creating a flashy name for your own custom spear!

As the name suggests, creating your own custom spear name can help you stand out in a world full of blanks.

Table of contents:
What are spears used for?
Unique and different Spear Names Suggestions
Spear Names Suggestions to indicate a perfect Hunter
Spear Names Suggestions to indicate a perfect Survivalist
Adventurous Spear Names Suggestions
Lets get going with it Spear Names Suggestions
Fantasy and Mythical Spear Names Suggestions

What are spears used for?

1. To hunt prey.

2. To collect food.

3. For ceremonies and/or rituals.

4. To be a guard on the wall or as security against something dangerous in the wild, such as wild animals, other people, etc…

5. As a tool for warfare and fighting against enemies to be able to protect your home or even just get back at them (it’s more common in the past).

6. To execute prisoners who were convicted of severe crimes, such as murder or rape (this is extremely rare nowadays).

Spears hunt

Unique and different Spear Names Suggestions

Spear names must be unique and different from each other. It’s not enough to just stick with what everyone else uses. Upon coming up with your custom spear name, you must be able to tell the difference between it and other names (not just similar ones). For example, if you create a spear called ‘Lance of Death’, then chances are that someone else has created a spear called ‘Spear of Death’ or worse yet, ‘Spear of Revenge’. Now chances are that anything can happen after that point.

Barbed SpearWhisker SpearSpiny Spear
Sharp SpearShingled SpearFang Spear
Spiked SpearSerrated SpearPlamaged Etched Spear
Glaiviated SpearBladed SpearDread-Weald Spear
Fletched SpearSlicing SpearGashering Spear
Harpooning SpearSpitfire SpearVorpal Spike
Edgelord SpearThrusting SpearTwisted Spear
Gouging SpearBuckler SpearForensis Spear
Arcane-LanceBolt-Toothed SpearSlay-Sting
Stabbing SpearPaths of Destruction SpearForest-Flayer Spear

Spear Names Suggestions to indicate a perfect Hunter

You can make your own original spear name by using words as if they were letters in a alphabet but instead of spelling them in style, they represent how they sound when used together. To make a spear name like this you can use three or more words that flow well together.

Zap-SpearCrimson Storm SpearStarfish-Dagger
FangspearRecurve SpearOversized Spear 
Laspistol SpearTremendous SpearAcid-Snout Spear
Lightning-DaggerTwisted Starfish-Dagger Spin Doctor Spear 
Thrash-Blade SpearStrapped SpearKiller Spear
Yuppie SpearRazor-Edge SpearSkidding Dagger  
Dragon-Fang SpearMarksman SpearPoisoned Dagger  
Rage-Ripper Spear  Spiked Sowrd Echelon’s Spear
Banded Earth Spear  Cold-Edge SpearCrusher Spear  
Stone-Spear Dragonfang Spear  Sign Spear

Spear Names Suggestions to indicate a perfect Survivalist

For a survivalist spear name, you can put any words that have connection to the wild in them. For example, if you were a hunter and were found in the woods by non-hunters who thought that you were a wild animal and attacked you, use words such as: ‘kangaroo’, ‘lion’, ‘fox’ or even a word related to the animal names themselves. Any words that describe the outdoors or indicate danger.

SpearologyIntegral SpearSpy-Chop Spear 
Rapid Fire Spear Sleek and Daring Spear Stinger Spear 
Sharp Pointed Spear Sharpnose Spear  Sharp-Pointed Spear  
Sharp-Tipped Spear  Sharp-Tooth Spear  Stabbing and Sabre Spear  
Stabbing Sabre  Spear Stabber Spear Ceremonial Spear  
Carved Starfish-Dagger SpearCleft-Tiped Starfish-Dagger Spear Cleaving Tiped Starfish -Dagger Spike 
Cimeter-Tipped Spear Claw Pointed SpearClaw-Tipped Spear 
Clawed Spike Spiked Dagger Lashing Dagger 
Clutching Claws SabreTiped Starfish Turncoat 
Dagger Spike  Sea Battle Old Nick Blade
Unique 2

Adventurous Spear Names Suggestions

Sometimes you might want to go with a spear name that indicates adventure and curiosity. For example, you might want to go up against a lion or a tiger while hunting wild game in the wilderness. Maybe you want to be adventurous and find the perfect sea creature for your catch of the day. These are the kinds of names that people might pick up from watching a film or reading a book.

Planetary SpearsPlanet-Dagger Planet-Tiped Spear  
Mercury’s Dagger Planetary-Sabre Red Planet’s Dagger 
Black Flame Spear Saturn’s Starfish  Starfish of Mars  
Starstrike Cannon  Spike-Pointed Spear  Spikey Sabre 
Spiky Pointed SpearStarfish Saber Star-Fanged Sabre 
Starry-Flame Spear Spiny Pointed SpearSoaring Starfish Sabre   
Solar Flare Sabre Space Spike Spike Space Sun dagger
Space cutter spear Sun’s Flare Sabre Space Striker 
Amerycan Resurgence Sabre Scorcher Spear  Stiletto Dagger  
Sun Dagger   Stunrodge Saber Starfanged Dagger   
Adventurous Spear

Let’s get going with it Spear Names Suggestions

Spear is a technique that can pass on for generations, for each generation it gets better and more stylish. Spear Names are an indication of your battle and hunting skill. With a good spear name you will be remembered as a great warrior, who is strong and cunning.

Thunder Saber Titan’s Blade   Titan-Cutter Spear ​ 
Titan’s Flame Carronade Spear Charge of the Riflery 
Pion’s Edge Spear  Mill SpearAffordable Spear
Tiped Starfish Scorcher Saber Spiked Starfish-Dagger Spear  Carpenter’s Hammer Spear 
Carpenter’s Needle Spear  Beacon SpearCompass Spear  
Directional Sabre Idealis Wind Saber Idealis ScorcherSabre  
Idealis-Beacon Sabre ​ Lantern Spear  Oblique Saber  
Penetrator Sabre ​ Pointed Spear Polaris Bow ​  
Pole-Shaft SpearProtector spear Rabbits’ Saber 
Proficient Sabre Proving Spear  Rabid Sabre 

Fantasy and Mythical Spear Names Suggestions

Spear is all Fantasy based . Spear Names are an indication you are a master, who knows their way around the spear. A good spear name can inspire others to follow you and bring glory to your name.

Radiant Saber Saber’s Blade Spreader Azure-Hunter
Shooting SpearStinging-CobraWidowmaker
Eagle-EyeBladed HunterMarksman’s Spear
Leaping OctopusDeep Sea HunterRiver Seeker 
Warden of the Seas Hunter’s SpearThrottler
Hunter-KillerTrapper’s SpearTrapping Spear
Hunting SpearStalking SpearPrey-Hopeful Spear
Bearer of Death SpearBionic SpearWarped Spear
Blade-Edge SpearCobra SpikeShatter-Spear 
Headhunter SpearFlury-Pole Vanguard 


A good spear name is a combination of words that indicate you are brave and strong. A great name can inspire people to follow you into battle and bring glory to your spear. If you want to go out and hunt animals, or if you want to stalk and kill a good number of creatures before killing them. If you do not have any ideas for your spear name, you can always start making up your own.

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