Naming your kids or anything you desire is important. It helps them feel connected to their family and culture, and it reflects the parents’ values. But what about picking a name for the environment? Nature names for girls, nature names for boys – these are words that express respect and admiration of the natural world. The rich biodiversity of our planet inspires these suggestions, some from classic mythologies like Norse and Native American cultures, others from modern sensibilities.

Table of contents:
How can you stay close to Nature?
Boys Names Meaning Nature Spirit
Girls Names Meaning Nature Spirit
Company Names Meaning Nature Spirit

How can you stay close to Nature?

1. Walk

Go for a walk in your local woods or park, or take a hike in the mountains. You will notice more Nature Spirit living there; they like to be around people who appreciate and love them.

2. Camping 

Get out of the city, enjoy Mother Earth and all her creatures, and stop polluting her with your chemicals.

3. Hiking

It will probably be hard to say goodbye to dear Nature when you have that “I love you” feeling in your heart after a walk or hike (or maybe it is just me). Just explore the world around you, take in the fresh air and listen to Mother Nature with delight!

4. Gardening

Plant a garden, or start one. Even if you don’t have the time to cultivate it, you can still enjoy it. This is also a great way to keep your body and mind healthy.

5. Orchards

An orchard is a treelike structure that grows fruit bearing trees in an enclosed area such as an orchard, but they are also found in parks and gardens around the world. Trees grow well in gardens because the soil retains moisture, which helps the plants grow strong. Why not give your girls nature gallery names with orchards? The best part of orchards is that you get to harvest your own fruits!

stay close to Nature

Boys Names Meaning Nature Spirit

Boys’ names meaning nature spirit can be inspired by our mother earth and its elements. 

Having a baby and are not sure what to name it? See the list of boys’ names meaning nature spirit below. These have been taken from the different cultures, languages, civilizations and religions like Hindu, Arabic, Indian etc. The listing is in alphabetical order for easy pickings.

Alder Apple BellBluebird Nailed
RicoRoccoRudyRudolfo Roderick
RockRock’n’RollRocky RocketRobe 
Rockstar RainesRainier RobertoRobertoAldo
RumiRuth RubyRyanatorossi  BiancaRusso 
Ruzo Taqiyyah Travin TazeemTeddie
Tyler Bonaventure  TylerCasdenTylerCavalier Vincelloro 
Virgilio  Waldo Yawusi YawarDruhyu

Girls Names Meaning Nature Spirit

For girls, it is necessary to pick a name which reflects respect for nature, the environment and the stage of life – from birth to older years. Girls are so sensitive that it must always mean nature with a soulful spirit. These names are inspired by nature and its elements.  The following is a list of nature names meaning spirit with their meanings and origin.

AahkiAyana Ayce Aycee Baily 
Bane Bethany Becca Brynn  Cecilia
Camilla  Casey  Celeste CortneyMarie
ColetteDana Darlene Deanna Denise 
Diana Diangelo AzuraBoukhara Caressa  
Caspara AndromedaAspen Ashlin Ashlynn 
Astrid  AustineBeeze  Beaume Bezele  
Berberis Birdie Blackbird Blondie Blondeau 
Bluebelle Branwen Crosby Cúchulainn Deirdre  
Dryad  Edith Elanor Elizabeth Evangeline 
Elouise EllenElspethSymphorosaNori
Eleanor Ellyphantine Elsa NoraRain
stay close to Nature

Company Names Meaning Nature Spirit

Company names meaning nature spirit would be ideal to choose a name that describes the culture of your company. To name the environment, there are so many options in the world today, so take your time, consider each meaning and avoid too many choices reducing your options. These names might not be suitable for giving your child, but for naming a business or organization. This list contains company names nature meaning spirit with their meanings and origin.

Dawn Edge  Wavelength
EmeraldBluecat  Blueblood 
Boudica Bluejay  Bleuette 
Bouquet  Blueberry Bluesky   
Breathtaking   Beachside  Breeze 
Brisk   BrighteyesCobalt
Coolwater Coralbeach Cascadia
Crystalbeach Curlytop Cypress
Dewdrop    EidolonFawn 
Flutterby  Gemstone Lapis Lazuli 
LavenderMagnolia Mapleleaf  
MeadowbrookMistymorning Moonbeam  
MothwingNighthawk Osprey
Periwinkle Pertunia  Silverrain
SparrowhawkSunbeam  Cyanide
Ebony  Endearment Exotic  
Fountain  Graceful  Goddess
Glory IrisJade
Juniper OrangeadePassionfruit  
Pearls of Wisdom PearlwoodPetal   
Petite   Sweetheart Tisiphone  
Whispers in the Night CopperCoppertone 
SaffronSerenity  Sunlight
DaybreakA beautiful nightZaria
SunriseWild Patterns Zara 


Soul and Nature names meaning spirit is a very important part of naming your baby. We suggest you give a soulful name instead of a vague or conventional one. This should be the idea behind every person’s name. You should have the spirit and meaning that your idealized personality embodies in you reflected in the name.

The following names have been taken from the different cultures, languages, civilizations and religions like Hindi , Arabic, Indian etc. The listing is in alphabetical order for easy pickings. 

If someone tells you that they are looking for a soulful name associated with nature, this list would be the best place to start your quest for that perfect baby name . These names mean nature and spirituality which are really beautiful.

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