Your hair is one of your most important assets. It can be whatever you want it to be and it’s a reflection of who you are. There are many things that can go wrong with your hair, but there are also plenty of ways for you to improve its quality and quantity. In this post, we discuss the best shampoo names for better hair quality and quantity.

Table of contents:
Tips to Name your Shampoo
Organic Shampoo Names Suggestions
Lifting Shampoo Names Suggestions
Hair Color Protection Shampoos
Softening Shampoo Names Suggestions
Repairing & Strengthening Shampoo Names Suggestions

Tips to Name your Shampoo

1. Find out what it is that you want from your shampoo. For example, if you tend to get dandruff often, then you want an antibacterial shampoo. In that case, you could call it Antibacterial Dandruff Shampoo or Dandruff Shampoo for Healthy Scalp.

2. Find out the purpose of your product and then focus on the main message. For example, if the main goal of your shampoo is to provide volume and bounce to your hair, call it Volumizing Hair Shampoo or Stimulates Volume in only 1 Wash!

3. Consider the benefits of using your product over other products in the same category as yours.

4. Give a different name to your shampoo if it’s made differently from the usual kind. For example, if it works quickly in hair, you can call it Fast Action Shampoo or That Shampoo which Mixes Quickly!

5. Make use of words that are applicable to your product. For example, you can call the shampoo that restores damaged hair strength and health Restore Strength Shampoo or Hair Grower.

6. Consider the benefits of using your product over other products in the same category as yours.

7. Give a different name to your shampoo if it’s made differently from the usual kind.


Organic Shampoo Names Suggestions

Organic shampoo names are ideal for anyone who uses products that are organic. Usually, these products are made out of natural ingredients and free from chemicals. Organic shampoos should be rich in essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins. In this post, we discuss the best organic shampoo names:

Energizing ShampoosRevitalizing ShampoosNutritious ShampoosMoisturizing Shampoos
Smoothing ShampoosHair DelightStimulating ShampooToning Shampoo
Preventive Hair Loss ShampooMaintaining Hair Growth ShampooPlump Up Your Hair Volume Shampoo
Texturizing ShampooRestoring ShampooAnti Hair Loss ShampooBalancing Shampoo
Rejuvenating ShampooHydrating ShampooHair TimeGlossy
Thickening ShampooStrengthening ShampooConditioning ShampooRepairing Shampoo
Hair RejuvenatorShine EnhancerHair HealthierFragrance Enhancer
Natural Shampoos Color Safe ShampoosBlackle ShineRestorative Shampoo
Wholesome ShampoosRefreshing ShampoosFor Shiny HairBouncy Hair
Frizz Control ShampoosEnzyme Cleaning Foam BoosterAntioxidants Refreshing Stimulating Stimulus
Volumizing Olive OilMinty Herbal Hair Cleanser Extra Volume Adding Thickness to Your Hair 
Deep Cleansing Moisture Infusion Softening Deep Conditioning Fortify Shine 
Exfoliation Demineralization Removing BuildupComb Tame Frizz Curly Routine 

Lifting Shampoo Names Suggestions

If you are looking for shampoo names for your lifting shampoos, you can use the following:

Hair Lifting Shampoo Powerful Hair Lifting Shampoo Hair Volume Lifting Shampoo
Volumizing Lifting ShampooShampooiumMarvel Shampoo
Feel Fine Glossy AgainArtistic Hair 
Lifts TressesHeads Up Prime Treatment
Hair Loves You You’re The One! Red Hot Love Shampoo
Shave & A HaircutFor Thick Soft HairTrade Secret Shampoo
Super Shiny Shampoo Maxximum Shine Dramatic Volume 
Softness Retention Shining Hair Fullness 
Brilliant ShineHair Texture Tamer Refreshing Fragrance 
Strength Obtainer ShampooStrength Retainer ShampooStronger Hair 
Volumizing Shampoo Body & Bounce Instant Volume Boosting
Shiny CurlsBlow Dry & Go! Bouncier Hair

Hair Color Protection Shampoos

For hair color protection shampoos, they usually use color protecting ingredients so that they can help the hair dye last longer.

Hair Hush-Hush SinglesHairspa Volumizing ShampooVolume Maximizer
Volumizer-Dual-Action Formula Foamy Hair Reduce and Prevent Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Pro-Mend Scalp Conditioner Minoxidil FoamColor-Safe Shampoo
Color Safe FormulaBonds With Your HairFelix With Color
The Cure for Color Fade Hair Repair with ColorColor Perfection Formula 
Color Lasting Shampoo Shampoo For Color Protection Color Free Hair
Protects ColorationColorful HairColor Hunter Shampoo 
Awesome Color Pro-Mend ShampooShine On 
Blonde Brilliance Plus Shampoo/Conditioner Harsh Free Formula No Yellow Shampoo
Color Guard Shampoo Tint Touch-Up Formula Natural Color Formula
Hair Combing Lotion Healthy Hair & Scalp Lotion Faster Drying Formula

Softening Shampoo Names Suggestions

For softening hair shampoo names, you can use the following:

Shampoo Softener Natural Conditioner Extra Smooth Shampoo
Keratin Restorative Shampoo Restructurizing Shampoo Weightless Softness Shampoo 
Conditioning Shampoo for Dry Hair Beauty Spa Deep Conditioning TreatmentShiny Hair Shampoo
Cleansing Conditioner Conditioner with Extra Conditioning Power Special Softening Formula
Dry Hair Conditioner Silkening Conditioner  Restorative Shampoo for Damaged Hair  
Conditioning Protection Treatment Soothing Shampoo for Sensitive Skin Wavy Hair Smoother formula   
Hair Healer Conditioner   Daily Conditioning Treatment  Hair Drink Intensive Deep Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair 

Repairing & Strengthening Shampoo Names Suggestions

For repairing and strengthening shampoo names, you can use the following:

Skin-Saving Conditioning ShampooStrengthening Repair Shampoo 
Fuels Repair Hair TreatmentReinforcing Conditioning Shampoo for Damaged Hair  
Rejuvenating Repair Serum: Restoring and SofteningRestoring Serum for Damaged Hair   
Resurfacing Mask for Dull and Dry Hair   Rejuvenator Intensive Nourishing Treatment 
Hope Formula 39 Deep Penetrating Formula for Dry Damaged Hair Strength Enhancer Shampoo   
“Let It Grow” Deep Penetrating Texture-Protecting
Ageless RestoreRepairing Shampoo for Damaging Hair 
Nourishing Plus Boosting ShampooRestoring Healing Moisturizer 
Restoring Hair Foam Formula   Restoring Moisturizing Treatment with Build-up Eliminator


As you can see, there are many shampoo names for healthy hair. You may also find shampoo names for dry hair, flat hair, etc. The names above are suitable for either thick or thin hair types. There are also other shampoo names which can be used depending on the type of hair you have. 

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