Chemical companies can be a hard industry to break into, but it could also be the perfect place for you. If you are interested in science, chemistry and/or engineering, then a chemical company could provide an ideal workplace for you. The profits from chemicals can range from $500 million to $5 billion annually and it is predicted that this number will continue to rise. You might want to choose a company with many chemicals available or one with only the most popular products on the market if you think that is your niche.

Table of contents:
Creative Name for Chemical Company
Experimental Name for Chemical Company
Chemical Company Names for New Ventures
Chemical Company Names for the Green Industry
Professional Name for Chemical Company

Creative Name for Chemical Company

You’ve come up with your new name for your chemical company, now how do you market yourself and how do you get customers to buy from your company?

Billabox ChemicalXO ChemistryIoT Chemistry
Formozz ChemicalIndyChemicalsAeroChemical
AnnexChemicalChem-Nano ChemicalAce Chemicals
AgchemAseptic Biotechnology Astro America
Astavac ChemicalsAstra Industries Astrochemistry
Astra BioScienceAsta International Astrochemicals
Bio-Chem ScienceBio-Chemistry International Bio-Chromic Enterprises
BiocelluloseBio Chemical Industries Bio Chem Ideas
Bio-Chembio International Bio Chem SolutionsBioChemical Industries 
Biochemical Innovations Institute (BII)Biochemical Intervention Biocore 
Moltech Biochemistry Bioengineering Solutions Biological Chemistry Resources 
Bioengineering ParadigmBioEngineering Tech Lab Biolab Pharmaceuticals 
Bioline International Biological Chemical CompanyBiological Innovations
Chemical Company

Experimental Name for Chemical Company

Names of a chemical company are no different than the names of any other type of business. You need to make sure that you choose a name that not only resonates with your customers but something that will stick in their memory. If you want to keep it simple, then stay away from complicated words and complicated sentences. Stick with something simple, no more than three words if possible. 

ChemGenieBioChemical CompanyElite BioTec
ChemistaireHexalabs LLC Biolitec Ltd
QuantumScape Inc.iBioTech ChemGroup
QuantumScapeHexa Life Sciences Inc. Bioline Life Sciences 
Biological ProductsAldren Pharmaceuticals LLC. ADC Biologics Inc. 
SynBio Technologies LLC.Enerchem Incorporated Sangamo Therapeutics 
Sangamo Biosciences AURA Pharmaceuticals Aurorna Pharma 
Aurilogic Therapeutics AMAG Pharmaceuticals Amicus Therapeutics 
Adynxx Inc. TherapeuticsMD Axsome Therapeutics Inc.
Adept Pharma Receptos Inc.Pfizer Inc. 
Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. The Centrex Corporation 
OriGene TechnologiesGlobal Blood TherapeuticsEnanta Pharmaceuticals
Chemical Company

Chemical Company Names for New Ventures

If you are thinking about starting a new chemical company, you need to think about everything that has gone into the success of your current company. You need to think about the industry that you are in, your strengths, weaknesses and what kind of products are most popular. Consider all of these factors when thinking about a name for your new venture. When deciding on a name for your new venture, give some thought to a name that will be good at selling your products and that will establish credibility quickly.

BrightStar Chemical companyQ-Biologicals American BioChemical 
Eltana ChemicalFocus Chemical CompanyAltoona Chemicals
SemichemViscom PharmaceuticalsRECPO 
FiberCatalystLidex Inc.Global NanoLab
i3Bioscience Fundamenta BiopharmaceuticalsOptimixx Biotechnologies
BioSyntics Institute Bio-Lab SolutionsCurex
PurificsChemOfficeTranseuros Corp.
Albion TechnologiesElectronicLabGlobal Biomedical Corp.
ChemAxonElectronLibBio-Chembio International
Bio-Lab SolutionsVanguard SciencesFitropsus Pharmaceuticals
Bio-TechneBiotechnology Ventures BioPathways, Inc.
Fiberatech LaboratoriesBioPredictTech, LLCBio-Rad Inc. 

Chemical Company Names for the Green Industry

With so many chemicals and products being used in the green industry, a name that includes the word green is essential to success. Some chemical companies are environmentally aware and they do not use harmful chemicals or products in their manufacturing processes. When coming up with a name for a chemical company, think about what words can make up your new company name.

Greenlife Inc.BioWisdom Technologies Inc. Heximer Technologies Inc. 
Greenworld Advanced TechnologiesGrowers Choice Bio-Based Products
Bio-Solv Products Inc. Crop TechnologyHydrogel Corp. 
Curosol Industries Glasstec Corp. Genopharmaceuticals
Global Biomedical Corp. Solutions, Inc. Crop Protection Solutions 
Greenworld Business Green Science SolutionsGreen Science Solutions  
Biotechnology Ventures Genotech EnvironmentalBio-Synergy 
Bio-Chemical  Green Chemicals and MaterialsGreen Life Technology, Inc.
Unique TechnologiesGreen Technologies Unique Chemicals & Materials

Professional Name for Chemical Company

Bio-Chemical Consulting BioSciences Valuation, Inc. BioAnalytics Solutions Inc. 
Biotechnology Interventions Angela Consulting GroupTranseuros Corp.  
IbioSciences, Inc.Bio-Lab Solutions, Inc.Unique Biomaterials Corp.
Global BioMedical CorpBiotech VenturesHexa Life Sciences, Inc
Primos Technologies Inc. GTS Services InternationalLimelight Chemicals
Green World Business SolutionsTranseuros CorpChemics Chemical company
Chemistry Development GroupBio-Techne, Inc. Bio-Synergy
Bio-Chemical Bio-Science Laboratories Amicus Therapeutics 
Daiichi Sankyo The Centrex CorporationRenaissance Technologies
Biotechnologies International (BIO)Terapix Biosciences Corp.Socio-Chemical Company


Chemical company names are important because they must be distinctive and they need to be able to convey the product that is manufactured. The process of choosing a name for your chemical company can seem simple on the surface but it is more complicated than you think. When you are creating a unique name for your chemical company, you should think about the industry that you are in, what type of products will make it successful, and how your name will relate to other names in the industry. A professional name for your chemical company will help with branding, communication and sales. You need to find a professional name for your chemical company that resonates with other professionals in the industry.

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