The night has come. You walk into the house, knowing that you must face the inevitable terror. Your heart is racing, and your stomach is turning as you realize what awaits you in the darkness. The ghouls are coming for you tonight—and they’re scarier than ever! Ever been to a haunted house? We thought not! But if those spirits aren’t enough to send shivers down your spine, we have just the thing: scary Haunted House Name Suggestions for an Event! 

Table of contents:
Spooky Haunted House Name Suggestions
Witty Haunted House Name Suggestions
Can make you cry Haunted House Name Suggestions
Scream and Sweat Haunted House Name Suggestions

Spooky Haunted House Name Suggestions

This board really needed more, and we are happy to present you, even more, Haunted House Name Suggestions with a few extra surprises! All of these names are inspired by old horror movies, the oldest being 1932’s The Mummy. You’re ready to experience the terror that is the haunted house—but there are still some names left to choose from. 

Blood FeastThe Cursed CountessHaunted Panic
Death HouseThe Brain Benders The Blood Bath
The Crypt of HorrorTerror Castle in the DarkTerror Mansion
Terror CastleTerror Manor Grave Finders
The Dead HouseFright NightThe Ghouls’ Inn
The Scream ShackRevenge of the MummiesBlood House 
Beware The Walking DeadFear Fest Spooky Fun in the Dark 
Halloween HorrorHaunted HalloweenCarnival of Terror
Mistress Midnite’s Haunted Halloween Ancient Evils-Mummies & PharaohsTerror Castle: The Witch’s Castle
Witch’s House of Terror Halloweentown Whimper House
Mummyology The Haunted FableThe Freak House
Shadows of DreadPhantom’s LairWraith Haven
Apparition AcresBanshee’s KeepSpine-Chilling Estate
Phantasmal FortressChilling ChambersSinister Shadows
Ghoul’s GraspTwilight TerrorCreepshow Castle
Nightmare ManorHaunting HavocSinister Abode
Dreadlock ManorSpectral SanctumEerie Enclave
Nightshade HollowMacabre MansionCursed Catacombs
Haunted HollowsWicked WhispersForsaken Manor
Wailing WoodsMalevolent ManorTwilight Terrors Tower
Vortex of VengeanceMysterious MansionSpectral Spires
Haunted DescentShadowed SanctumSinister Spirits Sanctum
Tormented TowersDreadful DominionGhostly Grove
Phantasmagoria PalaceCryptic ChateauEternity’s Embrace
The Haunting HallsThe Sinister AsylumMidnight Shadows Mansion
Scream HavenThe Haunting Hour HouseCursed Crypt Keep
Terror TowerThe Haunted LabyrinthEerie Echoes Estate
Phantasmal Pharaoh’s PalaceMorbid ManorNightmare Nexus
Chamber of ChillsDesolate DreadhouseThe Phantom’s Folly
The Enigma EstateCreaking CorridorsHaunted Whispers Manor
Haunting Shadows SanctumHouse of HorrorsShadowy Specter Sanctuary
The Haunted HideawayChills and Thrills VillaThe Sinister Séance
Terror Trail TerraceMidnight Macabre MansionThe Wraith’s Wickedness
Desolate Dreamhouse

Witty Haunted House Name Suggestions

What’s scarier than a haunted house? A haunted library! If you’re hosting a Haunted Library event, we’ve got the perfect Haunted House Names for you. All of these titles were inspired by scary movies, the oldest one being 1933’s The Invisible Man—just type in your event title and select a theme (Halloween, Spring Fling, and so on) to see some names that are just right for your spooky novelty.

Tower of TerrorMadam Eva’s MansionHaunted Library
Wicked LibraryThe Sinister LibraryThe Nightmare Library
Madam Eva’s Haunted MansionSpooky Summer Reading ProgramThe Haunting of Winchester House
Mysterious Prison of the MindScream and Scream AgainThe Phantom of the Library
Nightmare in WaxThe Library of HorrorsThe Mad Librarian 
Madam Eva’s Scary LibraryLibrary of the Mad HouseScreaming House
Madam Eva’s Library of HorrorThe Six Graves of Madam EvaMassacre at the Wax Museum 
Wax HouseWaxwork Mansion Mad Wax Works 
The Old Waxhouse ManorGhosts—real or imagined?Ben’s Mind Palace
The Haunted Mind LibraryFear of the UnknownShenandoah Mansion
Zombie Apocalypse: Escape from the MuseumHalloween Terror at the Wax Museum Scream Haunted House Dinner Party 
Mummies and Pharaohs: With a twistScary Go RoundMayhem Mansion
Puns and PossessionsHumorous Haunting HavenSnarky Spirits
The Humorous HauntingThe Snarky Spellcaster’s SanctuaryLaughing Labyrinth
Witty Wisecracks and WhispersThe Quip-Quake QuartersWicked Whispers and Wit
Puns and Perils PalaceThe Hilarious HauntPlayful Poltergeists
Witty WitchcraftThe Jocular HauntChuckles and Chains
Wicked Wit ManorHaunted Hilarity HouseCackles and Curiosities
Quirky Quiver ManorSpectral SmirksQuirky Quips Manor
Witty Wraith’s HideoutHilarious HallowsJokes and Jolts Junction
Comical Chills CottageThe Witful Wraith’s ResidenceHilarity’s Haunted Hideaway
Quirky and Quipped QuartersWicked Wit WondersThe Punny Poltergeist Parlor
Snarky Spirits’ SanctuaryThe Jester’s JeopardyChuckles and Charms Chateau
Witty Wordplay RetreatHumorous Haze HavenThe Cleverly Cursed Cabin
Punny Poltergeist PalaceLaughing Shadows LairThe Wickedly Witty House
Snappy Spirits AbodeWitty Whisperings ManorJocular Jokes Junction
Snappy Shenanigans ShackWicked Wit and WondersWicked Wordplay Workshop
The Jovial Jester’s DomainQuirky Quibbles QuartersPuns and Pranks Palace
Laughing Lamentations LodgeThe Punster’s PerilSnarky Specter’s Spot
The Witty Witch’s RetreatThe Witty Whispering WingThe Chuckling Chambers
Quips and Quirks QuartersJokes and Jest ManorWitty Whispers’ Wonder
Hilarious Haunting HideoutPunny Poltergeist’s PerchThe Wit’s End
Jovial Jinx JunctionThe Witty Whimsy HouseSnicker and Spook Sanctuary
Comedic Crypt

Can make you cry Haunted House Name Suggestions

For the most frightening Haunted House event, use our scary Haunted House Name Suggestions. These names were inspired by scary movies, the oldest being 1933’s The Invisible Man. All of these titles were perfect for your haunted house event. Select a theme (Halloween, Spring Fling, and so on) from the drop-down menu and type in your event title to see some scary names just for you.

Demon’s LairDemon’s DungeonBlood Manor
Blood MansionThe Creature’s LairTomb of Horrors 
Demon’s Cave of HorrorsThe Vampire’s CastleVampire House
The Vampire’s DungeonBlood CastleTomb of Death
Beware of the Demon HouseGhostly GraveyardHaunted Graveyard
Candy Corn Haven Candy Corn ManorGraveyard of Ghouls
Horror HauntMansion of MadnessHaunted House of Mayhem
Halloween Horror Manor Guillotine Horror Mansion Torture Mansion with a Twist
The Haunted CryptMummy’s Tomb House of Skulls 
The Witches LairThe Murder RoomThe Horror Hotel
Madam Eva’s Haunted House Guarded by a MummyCreepshow: A Dark and Creepy Halloween ExperienceThe Dreadful Dame of Abaddon Street
The Creepy Graves of the Dead A Murder Mystery Dinner PartyHell House or Gallery: Terror Gallery
The Terror HotelThe Black Madam The House of Screams
The Dungeon of HorrorsThe Evil Lair of Madame Eva Wicked Manor of Terror 
Exotic Chamber of HorrorsHaunted Sanctuary Haunted Cinema
Uninvited Terror in the Attic The Spooky Asylum The Ghoul’s Getaway 
House of HorrorsWicked Cinema Phantom Hotel
Tears of TormentThe Weeping WraithHaunting Melancholy
The Sobbing CitadelForsaken MourningSoul’s Agony
The Lonely TombMisery MansionCrying Shadows
The Sullen SanctuaryAnguish HallowsThe Wailing Keep
Eternity’s SorrowDespair DomainThe Cursed Crypt
Phantom’s LamentGrief’s EmbraceThe Desolate Abyss
Mourning ManorSorrowful SanctumWhispering Woes
The Wretched ChamberThe Cursed ChateauTears of Darkness
The Mourning MistThe Morose MansionSobs and Shadows
The Weeping Willow HouseThe Melancholic MausoleumThe Tragic Terrors
The Sighing SpiresThe Mournful MireThe Haunting of Tears
The Haunted HeartbreakWoe-filled ManorThe Grieving Grotto
The Eerie DirgeLamentation LairThe Sorrowful Haunt
The Cursed CascadeThe Mournful MirageThe Haunting Despair
The Lamenting LabyrinthThe Eternity of TearsThe Melancholy Moans
The Cries of DesolationThe Weeping Willow’s WraithThe Despairing Domain
The Sorrowful Specter

Scream and Sweat Haunted House Name Suggestions

For haunted parties, use our Scream and Sweat Haunted House Name Suggestions to mix ghosts with your nightmare. All of these names were inspired by scary movies, including 1963’s The Haunting. All of these titles were perfect for your haunted house event.

Octagon AbyssLiving Dead Letting HouseSpooky House of Terror
Houses of HorrorHeavenly Hotel Necropolis Estate 
Hillbilly Hell House The Mummy’s Hand The Mummy’s Tomb 
Haunted Mansion: An Evil Affair Horror Maze-House of Horrors  The Phantom of the Mummy’s Tomb
The Mummy’s Curse The Mummy’s Ghost Bride of the Mummy
The Curse of the PharaohsThe Mummy’s Revenge Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
The Crypt of the Mummy’s Curse Massacre at the Waxwork Mansion Carrie’s Place: The House of Horrors
The Last Man on EarthDeath of Dracula Vampire Mansion 
Hall of HorrorThe Haunted ManorThe Vampire’s Crypt
Spooked House of Horror The GhouleryAbracadabra Haunt
Hotel Dracula : Palace of the VampiresBlood Bath and the 21 Dying GirlsHorror Scream-House of Horror in Wax 
Shriekville ManorFear FactoryQuivering Quarters
The Terror TombThe Torture ChamberScream Central
Panic PointThe Bone-Chilling ManorSweat and Shivers Shack
Terror TownNightmare’s NestThe Screamatorium
The House of HorrorsHeart-Pounding HavenThe Haunted Slaughterhouse
Scream StreetTorture TerraceTerror Tower
The Sweat LodgePanic PalaceThe Screaming Sanctum
Shiver, Shanty,ScreamvilleThe Panic Portal
Frightful FunhouseThe Quivering QuartersThe Panic Parlor
Sweat and Scream SaloonThe Fear FoyerThe Shaking Shelter
Scream SymphonyThe Terror TrailPanic Pathway
Horror HeightsScream and Sweat StationThe Sinister Sweatbox
Panic PitThe Haunted MazeShiver Shanty
The Fright FactoryScream OasisSweat and Shiver Hideaway
The Fear FortressTerror TempleScreamers’ Sanctuary
The Haunted HavocQuaking QuartersPanic Pitstop
The Scream FactoryShivering Spooks ShelterSweatville Manor
Terror TrovePanic PassageScream Spectacle
The Quiver QuartersPanic ParkThe Horrific Hideout
Fright FrenzyThe Shudder ShackSweat and Shriek Shelter
The Tremor TowerPanic PromenadeThe Horrifying Haven
Frightening FiascoPanic PavilionTerror Twist
The Shudder Suite


A haunted house is a place that has been feared for centuries. People have always been fascinated with what it would be like in the old days, imagining ghosts and ghouls haunting the halls of an old haunted house. 

The haunted house has had many stories from full-length feature films to books and TV shows. Many have written about them and many others have put their creative minds together to try to create the most frightening houses possible, just as they do with haunted attractions at Halloween haunts nationwide. 

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