One of the things that are most celebrated and recognized about being an island nation, is by utilizing traditional names that have been passed down through generations. The concept of naming a child after a given ancestor is also very much upheld in Samoa. They say it’s a way to honor their family. But unfortunately many Samoan Warrior Names Still Remain in Modernization for the current generation by parents who want them to be more modern and trendy. These trends may include some different accents, or even shorten the name like “Joe”. 

Table of contents:
Who are Samoan Warriors?
Samoan Warrior Names for Boys
Samoan Warrior Names for Girls
Samoan Warrior Names which represents the culture
Samoan Warrior Names originated from the Western Culture

Who are Samoan Warriors?

1. Many people look upon the Samoan Warrior like a savage. They are deceitful because they are known to be cunning and treacherous. 

2. That’s why they live in the forest where the eyes of their enemies cannot see them. 

3. They take their revenge upon their enemies by taking their women, children, and food. They don’t show any mercy to the enemy simply because they believe if someone attacks them, then attack back with full force.

4. They are brave, loyal and respected by other Samoan people. They have a very good sense of justice which they always keep. They know well how to take revenge on their enemies. 

5. They are strong and muscular, but only because they spend a lot of time fighting. 

6. They aren’t afraid to show off their courage if there is an enemy in front of them. 

7. They are very strategic as well, thinking about their plans before executing them.

Samoan Warriors

Samoan Warrior Names for Boys

The most common name that is still used in modern times is still the most popular one, “Valu”. However many parents are now using “Joe” as an alternative name. “Valu Joe” is gradually becoming the new trend, because it has more syllables and more positivity to it. Another name that is now being used frequently is “Levi”, which could also be shortened to “Levi-Tino”. 

PuleleiiteAperamo Manaia‘Olofatu Lupe’ifafa’amua 
RangiLeo Raihaole
ValuTasi Ralulau
Rurupena Taumatao Lauatitiifa 
Tumua’iga Taufa’amua Lefaaluga 
Taliga Faalelei Lefagio 
Leualiaga i tagata o le AtuaPaulagi’saavetauIesu Papaitanui ‘usiaipulevai 
Letaronu Lelavulosi Moliitisi
To’ulafalei Levea Tautala 
Tuipulotu SioneTalavou 
TamafaigaSione Feilimoana Tuai’ioloa 
Taofiofio Uiaga Ropati 
Salevea Tulafonoaga ‘uata’aualepau Savaia 

Samoan Warrior Names for Girls

As for girls, the most popular name that has been passed down for generations is still the very first name on the list, which goes by the name “Sofia”. The new trend of names from more modern origins goes like this: “Amelia” and “Alena” are some of the more popular names that are starting to be used.

FakafaniVeimatagi Levea Vaiadua 
Moliitisi ‘uata’alepau SaniaSian
Lefaleiti Maumau ‘uata’alepauSupperman Musumalu 
SlamasinaMakani ‘Olena
‘Olevona Sione‘Olafetu 
‘Oliva Namolio Loviatu 
Tuiofaga Suafaoana’aua Saripaki 
Sofia ‘omelia’amao’oSofia ‘olena’inata ‘aiapoamsi’iiloSofia ‘olimata’ao’o 
Sofia Pelefoana o Sosoino o TamatoaSavaikeaTu’iva 
Tupuna Aufaga Faoaivaoi’i 
Falelei Feilimotuafalei Menti
Yesupuia o Mataikiaga o le Atua Vinialaialuga i tagata o le Atua Tuimalealiifano o Sosoino o Tamatoa 
Faaleleiileoai’ia o le Atua ‘OmosoamaiVoce 
Mai Vai’alepa Villafana
Vai’elei Vai’alava Tuialofaaga o le Atua 

Samoan Warrior Names which represents the culture

Another name which has been used for many generations is the traditional name “Leilua”, which comes from the word “Na Lailai”. This name refers to a traditional Samoan tribe that lived on the western coast of Upolu island. The people were known to be fierce warriors and very spiritual in nature. They are often known by the title, “Sulupalauli” because of their expert marksmanship and warrior skills. Most notably, when visiting Samoa and Upolu island, visitors can see a building called “Tupuna Leilau” which means ‘Tupuna Monument’. The same word is often associated with the names given to warriors who have fought in battle.

PanaSisifoSuluama Savea
Lele PaeaPitoluaSivaafi
Fai SamoaSialeiva Vai’alepa 
SulupalauliSialama Vaituiga
Aivaloa SiaosiSulufononoafoapu 
Faatileoa Fa’afetai Sulufoumea 
Fonoti’agaTaualavu Fesumaiu 
Vaiovaoaga i
tagata o le Atua 
Fa’atau Sulufoaonuailetoa
i tagata o le Atua 

Samoan Warrior Names originated from the Western Culture

The most famous and recognized name which came from the Western culture is “Lolo”, which is said to have originated from the French word for “uncle”. This was brought by European traders on their voyages. The name has a history of many decades in Samoa and has been used by many other people. The word “Sulupalauli” also originates from France, thus explaining a little about how the two names might be connected.

FatafeleiOlofua PaeaTasausaga 
Ja’amaiasoFa’amoemoei’a Toaliami 
TalaulaLolo Tamaisuai Efateleiiau 
Rosita Fofanaiva Peletai Maru’afoaga ‘usiaipulevai Ta’amu’aofaiga o le Atua 
Moli ‘usiaipulevai ‘Upuiaiga Vasili 
Tamaisuai Fa’atupu’ailetoa Soonafai


The conclusion is that, even though the traditional names which have been passed down over generations may not be as popular now, they should be celebrated and recognized as they deserve. No matter what the modern view of them may be, these names have a history to honor and it is important that they never change. However, some of the names are still used in modern times but simply shortened. This is a common habit in many cultures and families around the world.

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