In the event that you are a participant of Team Game-Plays in a league with your team, you will have to come up with slogans for your game-plays. Slogans are primarily used to get the attention of players because they usually rely on catchy marketing phrases. Slogans should captivate players and help them play more efficiently. 

Table of contents:
Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions
Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions for Rough and Tough competition
Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions for Happy Times
Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions for Special Moments

Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions

When it comes to coming up with slogans, you have a lot of avenues to choose from. There are many slogans that have gone viral throughout the years and you can base your slogan on one of these phrases. These phrases include “Keep Calm and Carry On” and “Don’t Panic.” You can also formulate a funny slogan that incorporates the name of your game-play or create a slogan that makes people want to play because it’s absolutely brilliant.

Mission Possible If Not You, Who?
Teamwork Saves Lives Let’s Flunk ‘Em!
No Chance in Hell! In Out of Hell!
Just Do It! Sometimes You Get Lucky
A Good Luck Charm Saved by the Bells 
Money Talks, Bullsh!t Walks  Don’t Mess With Texas: A Texas Game-Play
The Power of “Never” and “Always”  Make ‘Em Laugh 
A State of Lesson Learned Surprise! You’re Dead!
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor! Keep Calm and Carry On 
Never Give Up! The Worst Can Win! 
I Ran Out of Hell  You’ve Got the Wrong Guy!
This Is Not A Test  Don’t Fall For It 
Lesson Learned! You’re Dead! I’m The King of the World!   
Dreams for Sale Can’t Catch Me! 
On Your Mark, Get Set, Don’t Fail!   Every Day Is a Giant High-Five Day!  
Surprise, You’re Dead!   Odds Are Meant to be Beaten
You Can’t Fight Fate! A Game-Play With Balls
Heads Up! You’re Dead!   You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling 
Tried and Failed  Heaven Can Wait 
It’s a Numbers Game The Most Interesting Man in the World
I Have a Dream Don’t Believe Everything You Hear
Can You Feel the Love Tonight?   The More You Know, the Less You Win!
Stay Under Your Cover and Never Be Found!  Your Work is Never Done!
Smile, Tomorrow Won’t Last Long!  Don’t Forget: It’s In God We Trust 
Faith Makes All Things Possible  Don’t Miss the Lottery Express

Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions for Rough and Tough competition

When it comes to forming slogans for a rough and tough competition, you want it to be memorable. Slogans that are memorable will often make players want to play the game-play because it’s so good. Slogans should also be catchy and get people pumped up for the game-play.

Take Care of the Diamonds, Don’t Let Them Get Away! Break The Rules and Win!   
You’re Dead! Never Give Up Until You Win
Beat The Odds!      Become Unstoppable, Just Like the Terminator 
Door Number Three: Out Of Hell!   There’s No Time Like The Present
Let the Games Begin      Need To Be Saved?
Rock Solid Victory! There’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Wine!
Take A Chance and Win Big!   Winning Team!
Teams Are Family!    Wizard’s Life: Just Do It!
Go on the Offensive and Win Life’s a Game of Charades  
Trust in The Lord    Dead Weight
Rebel is Born  A State of Lesson 
Doomed to Fail, but Never Quit!   It’s All in the Cards      
Lucky is my Middle Name  Punch Drunk Love 
Power of the Numbers!   Sometimes You Have To Fight Back    

Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions for Happy Times

When it comes to forming slogans for happy times, you want them to be cheery and fun. Slogans that are happy and cheery will definitely help your team play with a smile on their face. Slogans should also be catchy and make people want to play the game-play.

Happy Times
Give Yourself the Gift of a Dream Stay in the Present
All is Well  Let’s Play, There’s No Time Like the Present   
What Are You Caught Up In?  Try Something New Today!   
More of a Smile and Less of a Sigh  Step into the Spotlight . . . now!  
Just One More Chance, Dream Big!    I’ve Got the Power!   
Live The Moment Now! When You Can Live Forever   
Eternal Life is Right Here In Your Hands That’s Something to Smile About!  
You’re Gone? I’m Ready!     It’s Show Time! 
Win or Die Trying!  I’m Ready for My Close-Up!
Go For the Big Catch!   Go All The Way!  
Dream Bigger and go till end   Go for the Gold!  
Don’t Forget to Enjoy yourself Today!    Wherever You Are is Your Stage! 
Take a Chance and Find Your Magic! We’re All Winners in Our Own Way – in Life and Death! 
What Goes Up Must Come Down Where’s the Party? 
It’s Time to Break out of Your Shell!  Talk About Good Luck – It Must Be Your Day!
Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!    Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!  

Raffle-Dice Slogans Suggestions for Special Moments

When it comes to forming slogans for special moments, you want them to be very specific and personal. Slogans that are personal will really make players feel like they’re part of the family. Slogans should also be memorable and get people thinking about their own memories.

Food is bea
It’s Time to Spotlight Ourselves      Get the Love You Want!
Don’t Let The Fear of Losing Stop You  Have A Blast Today!      
Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Chance!    If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, it Isn’t Big Enough.
Make Positive Memories!      Don’t You Forget That The Most Important Thing 
Winning Isn’t Everything, it’s the Only Thing   Here’s Your Opportunity, Grab It!  
It’s All About Friends … and Family!      Closing Time Is Only a Moment Away…
Every Day is a Good Day for Fun!  -Go for It!    Shoot for the Stars


For any slogans that you create, you should always keep in mind what the theme of the competition is and how it plays into your slogan. The slogan should reflect your game-play, game-play elements and even the actual prizes on offer.

If you are creating a slogan that is more fun and happy, upbeat and cheery slogans will probably make people want to play the game-play no matter what they win. 

On the other hand, if you are creating a slogan that has a darker theme then maybe a more serious or sinister slogan will be needed.