As a furniture store, you will know the importance of branding. In order to attract customers, it’s vital that they recognise your store as one of the best with high quality products. You need to make sure that you stand out from your competition by having a memorable name or slogan. There are many ways you can do this and these tips should help you think about what would work for your company.

If you want to really get creative and push the boat out, then we suggest coming up with an unusual brand name like ‘Grandma’s Attic’ or ‘Brown Bear Beds’.

Table of contents:
Clever Names for Furniture Shops
Names for Furniture Shops which can go trendy
Authentic Names for Furniture Shops
What is needed to start a furniture shop?

Clever Names for Furniture Shops

Furniture stores have to be memorable in order to appeal to their target market. A catchy name will ensure that your business stands out from its competition.

names pf furniture shop
Furniture Outlet Woodstock outlet Salisbury Furniture Outlet
Woodstock Salisbury Oak Furniture Outlet
Davie Furniture Outlet Comfort Place   Electro (Electrical)
Comfort Place Store Adaptive Furniture Aisle 1 Furniture Outlet
Kunming Furniture Outline  Victory (For a Victory in battle) Home Furnishings Source
Hyperwood  Furniture of the World American Furniture Shopping
The Woodman’s Shop  Arts & Crafts Furniture Outlet Bedroom Express
Beds and Bedding Superstore Bedworld Bedroom Express Furniture Utopia 
Bedding Plaza Furnish Me Now  Ideal Home Shop 
Furniture Dreamland Bed Max Quick Bed Outlet
Compact Mattress Outlet Shangri-la  The Bedding Company
Nursery Bliss The Bed Company Pinecreek Furniture Outlet 
Lone Star Trading Post Furniture Express Store Fronts Wooden Salvage House of Style 
The Bazaar Shop  The Floor Shop  The Furniture Store
  1. Relevant Furniture Store 
  2. Bed World 
  3. The Woodcrafters 
  4. Vintage Dressing Room
  5. Bed TV and More 
  6. Big Furniture Land  
  7. Bridgeport Bedding & Furniture Outlet  
  8. Crossroads Furniture & Bedding Store  
  9. Budget Bed World  

Names for Furniture Shops which can go trendy

Once in a while we tend to come across names that have been around for a very long time and yet still manage to captivate people. We thought it would be great if we came up with some popular new names that can be used as a catchy slogan in your advertising.

Furniture is a very important thing in life, so you need to make sure that the name of your shop is one that people will remember for years to come. The following list contains some names which you can use on your marketing campaigns.

Golf Cart Chicks Chipmunk Chicks The Chipmunk Store 
Chipmunk Stuff Plus Beedie’s furniture outfit The Bed Company 
Comfort Place  Amish Furniture Shops American Furniture
Arts & Crafts Furniture Bigger Beds Store Bed World 
Bedroom Crossroads Bedtime Bedrooms Bedzilla
Blissful Beds  Biggest Beds Outlet  City Comfort Bed Outlet
Bunk Bed City Comfort Bedroom Center Couch Shop Mall
Dress Shoppe Mall The Furniture Shop of the Future Dining Room Darling 
The Furry Furniture Company  Dresser World  Dining Room Depot 
Furniture Avenue Express  Fully Furnished The Future Shops 
Furniture Avenue Fully Furnished Outlet  The Furry Store
The Grandma’s Attic Shop  It’s a Bed Company Outlet KitchenSmithy of Destiny
Inch By Inch Furniture Outlet   Kitchen World Shop Mall  Modern Bedroom Center
  1. Modern Comfort Bed Outlet  
  2. Pierre’s Room Shop Mall et al.
  3. Plush and Cuddle 
  4. Prince’s Room Shop Mall  
  5. Primitive Furniture
  6. Relevant Furniture U.S.A. Outlet
  7. The Room Store Outlet  
  8. Roomy Shop Mall  
  9. Space Bed Outlet  
  10. Space Shack Shop Mall et al.
  11. Stratus Upholstery Store

Authentic Names for Furniture Shops

The following names have been tested and they work! The owners of these businesses are still running their companies. If you want to open a furniture shop, you can use these catchy names in your marketing campaigns.

Kitchen & mattress outlet Beds and Bedding Superstore Bed Max  
Sherwood Furniture Outlet  Bedworld  Big Mattress Warehouse 
Comfort Place Bed TV and More  Bed Outlet USA 
Bedroom Express  Bedz Outlet USA et al. The Bed Company et al. Bed Depot Furniture Bazaar Shoppe
The Bed Shop et al. The Lumber Yard  Furniture Consignment Center
Discount Furniture Store Furniture Design Express  Bedroom Centre
Furniture Design Center Furniture Utopia  Bedroom Source
Airon Style Furniture Breo Jade Furniture White Smith
Fusion Dot Furniture Furnoz Furniture Appliance House
Beds Magazine  Bedroom Excellence Storefronts furno
The Bed Company Bedazzled Bases for Beds  Bedz Outlet USA et al.
Bedzilla  BedBiz USA et al. Dining Room Darling
The Dressing Room  Electro Home Studio et al. Furniture Highway Outlet 
Electro Bed + Mattress Shop Ideal Home Shop et al. Furniture Heaven Outlet
Electro House of Style The Furry Furniture Company Home Furnishings Source 
  1. Furniture point
  2. Furniture Works Shop Mall
  3. Dining Room Depot
  4. Dining Room Darling
  5. Decor Dollar et al.
  6. Dress Shoppe Mall
  7. Elegant Bedroom Centre  
  8. Elegant Beds & Bedding  
  9. The Furry Store  
  10. Furniture Outlet  
  11. Furniture Warehouse 
  12. Furniture Avenue Express 
  13. The Grandma’s Attic Shop et al.

What is needed to start a furniture shop?

If you are thinking of opening a furniture shop, here are some helpful tips to help you out.

1. Set up a budget for yourself. 

A budget will help you to determine how much money you must spend on your project. 

2. Consider where the furniture will be made or bought. 

You can spend some money and use our furniture showcase site to find out exactly where furniture is being made and what is its price range in different parts of the world. 

3. Establish a sales strategy. 

Once you have determined what kind of furniture and in what area you will sell, decide how you will plan your sales and marketing campaigns.

4. Choose a name for your furniture shop. 

It is important to choose a name that stands out because it can be seen by customers when they go online to find information about the furniture they want to purchase or rent.

5. Decide on the type of advertising and marketing you need to do.

You can either use a direct mailing or social media (such as Facebook) to promote your business.

6. Start by promoting the furniture store on your own website. 

Even if people don’t know about you yet, you can start a free advertising campaign so that potential clients will find out about you. 

7. Begin your advertising campaign 

8. Get a designer 

Create an online store design and use images of furniture from their portfolios as part of their branding campaigns . 

9. Open a store 

Now all you need is to open a store.