What is the importance of a study group name? A study group name is not just a random word to represent your group – it’s a declaration, an identity badge. It says “I am smart, I am competitive and I will succeed” or “I am collaborative and will contribute to our success”.

Who has time to come up with creative names? There are so many creative ways to come up with names! 

Table of contents:
Study group names for diligent members
Study groups for competitive members
Study group names for social butterflies
Cool and worth it study group names
Few innovative names

Study group names for diligent members

It is so easy to be creative when you are diligent. How about “Sleeping beauties study club” or “Those who can’t sleep study together”? Study group name ideas for lazy members

I do not think I have to talk much about the importance of not being a lazy member in a study group! How about “Study group for lazy people” or “Lazy people’s study club”?

Group study

Few of the name suggestions are:

Study Buddies Brainstormers
Geology Rocks Study Buddies
To Sum It Up Energy-Savers
You’re So Humerus Time Eaters
Practically Smart People Study Together! Inner Beauty Group
Keep It Short Study Club
The On-Time-ers Brainiacs With A Caffeine Kick
The Lazy People’s Study Club The Practical Thinkers
The Incomplete Club Monsters of Energy!
Study Nappers The Come-Early-Get-It-Right Group
The On Time Group The Book Worms Club!
QuizzicalQuesters How’d I Do That? Group!
The Study Group The Paper Writers’ Club
The Sticklers Group The Brainiacs
So Long, My Lazy Friend! The Newbies Board
The People Who Don’t Sleep The Early Birds
The Early Birds Walk the Walk! The Studiers Of Demise!
Lightweights With Colossal Power! Smart Cookies
Studiation The Early Birds
I Love You Guys BrainTalkers
The Early Bird Brainiacs Study Collection
The Latecomers The Lazy But Brilliant Group
The Small-Time Studiers The Relentless Study Group!
Who’s Clever? We Are! The Studiers
The Night Owl Study Group The Studiers Who Don’t Sleep
The Late Birds The Lightweights
The Study Slackers Confident, So Why Are We Lazy?
Queen of the Early Birds! We Don’t Fear Short Thinks!

Study groups for competitive members

Sometimes being competitive is good and can help you, but at the same time being aggressive or “over the top” can lead to some problems and even ruin your study group. But if you keep your competition in check, it can be a great asset that benefits all of you. How about “Competitive members get together” or “High-scoring team”.

Some of the suggestions are:

Try Your Best Do Not Disturb
Get To The Point Fast Learners
Bring It On! We’ll Do It! 
One Way Or Another!  The Scorekeepers
The Day Glo Group The Logic Driven People’s Study Group! 
We Do What We Do Bring It On
The Blitzkrieg Group! The Fall Guys
The Brainiacs Study Geeks Club! 
Competition Ready Group!  Secrets Xploded Group! 
Try Your Best!  Attack Of The Killer Studiers! 
One Way Or Another!  When You Think You’ve Thought It All!
The Overachievers The Killer Studiers!
No Stereotypes Here Group!  The Brainiacs With A Caffeine Kick! 
Meet Your Maker Group  Study Smart, Not Hard! 
We’re Annoying Beyond All Reason  Try Your Best or Try Again Next Time! 
Keep Calm, We’ll Do It Anyway!!  Study Geeks Club!
The Best-Laid Plans Group!  Time to Learn Group! 
One Way or Another! Advanced Studiers’ Club! 
The Best of the Best Group!  The Dead-Game Group! 
We’re Annoying Beyond All Reason  Take That, You Crazy Brainiacs!! 
You’re Not So Smart Now Are You?!!  One Way or Another 
All Set to Score High Take It Or Leave It!!

Study group names for social butterflies

If you have trouble paying attention in class, it’s time to create a catchy name that helps you get your work done. Are you a social butterfly? No, but you are a member of the study group and should be able to think in groups.

Few name suggestions are:

Bring It On, Brainiacs!!!   I’m Awake, Are You?!!!!! 
Real And Lasting Study Buddies!  Do Not Disturb! 
The Sharks Meeting in a Fish Tank!  The Lazy But Brilliant Group 
The Sleepers Club!  Study Buddies 
Let the Sleeping Dogs Sleep  We Don’t Fear Short Thinks!!!!!!     
We’re Not Lazy, We Suck at Studying!!!!    The Newbies Board  Studiers League!  
Survivors Those Who Want To Sleep
Gettin’ Things Done Before 7 A.M.!    The On-Time-ers  Study Group!    
Quick and Slow Learners!!!!   Wake Up or You’ll Be Late for School!!!!  
Study Buddies  Make It and We’ll Make You A Studier! 
The Early Birds Who Don’t Sleep  Students Who Can’t Sleep Either! 
The Sleeping Beauties!  The Late Sleepers! 
Studiation Board!  The Latebirds Club!   
The Early Birds  The Night Owls Club! 
We are Zzzz Eaters!  Awake but Not Awake 
The Tri-Emotions Study Group Forgive and Forget
Who Cares?  The Newbies Board 
Six Spoons Foodies
Serial Winners Life Is a Highway

Cool and worth it study group names

As long as you can think of a good name, there are ways to make it even cooler. Keep in mind that some study group names are better suited for a school, while others are good for business or creative uses. Some people might not like their creative name ideas so they want to change it somehow, but the point is that you should love the name because it will be easy for us to remember and easy for you to remember.

Few name suggestions are:

  • Hike & Bike
  • Royal Benchers
  • Dream Team
  • Low and Slow
  • Zzzz Eaters
  • Air Force Fat-Lovers
  • Energy-Savers
  • “Take a nap!” (sleep, bird) 
  • Dream Team (awake, bird)
  • Big Man on Campus
  • Ace Studiers Club.
  • Birds of a Feather…
  • Low-Intensity-Studiers  
  • The Quiet Ones

Few innovative names 

The Brains Behind Club The Brainiacs With a Caffeine
Study Studiers Group    The Hot-Shot 
H.E.A.D.  The Thinking Team
Brainiacs! Fly High!  Brainiacs! Low & Slow
Maniac Messengers The Cops
The Food Lovers The Brainiacs, Jr. 
Imperfectly perfect H.E.A.D. 
The Thinking Team  Starving but Determined! 
The Brains Behind Club  The Good Student’s Club 
School Paper Club    The Fruit Lovers! 
The Busch League The Good Student’s Club
The School Paper Club   D.I.R.T.
Starving but Determined to Succeed!   The Fruit Lovers! 
The Brainiacs, Jr. Brainiacs Group
The Cops The Food Lovers
We Bond Maniac Messengers
Shade Throwers The Triple Hits


Creating a study group can be very easy and fun. Just think of a good name or the name of the group and you can go from there. Also, it’s not necessary to have all of these groups in every school. Some groups are only for specific schools or teachers, but most are for people of all ages and abilities. Now you know how to set up a study group and where to go for more information.