Most people would agree that the word “evil” has a pretty negative connotation. However, there are some words which just sound so bad-*ss that they get away with it. I’m talking about names like Cuneyt and Cezaar, Dastan and Delizia. Other words, such as Max and Lola could also fall under this category of cool name meaning evil.

In the world of fantasy, you have a lot of names to choose from depending on what your vision is. If you are thinking about a name that means “good” in Japanese, you might want to consider Hikaru or Midori.

According to the pop culture blog Pop Sugar, there are several cool names in America’s history which have come to mean “bad” or “evil”. With names like Trumbull and Canaan, these influential individuals changed the way Americans thought of themselves by adopting a new name…

Table of contents:
Modern Names That Mean Evil
The Names of the Devil
Ancient Names That Mean Evil
Cool and with a twist Names That Mean Evil   

Modern Names That Mean Evil

According to a list of names meaning “evil” compiled by popular blog Baby Name Wizard, several names on the list could be considered to be modern. If you’re planning on naming your baby, there are a few modern names that have been reported to mean evil according to some sources. If you want to sound unique, you could always choose one of these names:

ConstantineMax (as in Maximilian)LolaEvil
WickedCezaar BakuAblaze
DarmokMossadElon MuskHarriet Tubman 
ZhangWilkes Booth Evil EyeSin
DarknessGrief SadnessDespair 
AbelZion Pleasure Forsaken
Modern Names That Mean Evil

The Names of the Devil

There’s a long list of names that have been reported to mean “evil” or “bad”. In some cases, the meanings have even been traced back to Biblical times. Below are just a few notable names which have been reported to mean “evil” or “bad”. However, before you go picking names off of this list, there are some names that have been reported to be very bad in history. There are even some words and phrases that have been used as a weapon against different types of people.

Baba YagaHecate Proserpine 
Artemis Ceres Ochinchinango 
Persephone OkinaPanacea 
Asherah NergalKeryx
AphroditeKali MaHellebore 
Psyche Zemzem Maleficent 
Pipekakew PropagandaZillah
The Names of the Devil

Ancient Names That Mean Evil

Once upon a time, Ancient names did not have such negative connotations. The word evil did not come into use until the late-1800s, as countries like Britain and Sweden were getting set to fight in WWII. However, these names became associated with terror and destruction during the Soviet and Nazi invasions of Europe. 

Even though these names have left us, they are still viewed as very evil today by those within American culture. They are also thought to be very cool in modern cultures, or at least the names that originated from there.

Mania NaamahEvilinaVesuvius 
Minerva Hephaestus Venus Tigris 
Glory Inanna Poseidon Odin 
Uranius SarapecusSabatius Saturnalian
SarapisSabatios Saturnalia Shelaput 
Sabazios Sabiogenes Satyriasis  Sarapin 
Sabiios  SatyrionSaraphi Saraphis
Sathona   Satan Satantheus Saule     
Sathanas Satanas   Saubale  Jahbulon
Satanail   Saubaba  OmniarchJambres Nisibis
Satanchia   Saulepula  Jambres Joram  
Judas    IblisJethros    Gaius   
JundabbarSatanuel  JibsonBeelzebub  

Cool and with a twist Names That Mean Evil   

The list below contains names that are thought to be cool and a hit with the ladies. However, they also have a more sinister connotation. I feel that these names are all very cool, and it is indeed a shame that popular culture has not picked them up like they did with the Greek, Roman and Egyptian ones. Let’s take a look at these names.     

Kain LaFayette Draco  Maximus  
Blade Eustace    Bruce  Adonis   
AbaddonFulcanelli  LaVey   Torquemada 
Darth Vader   Dragon Hekate   Jules Verne 
Nemo    Prometheus    Hades  Tarzan   
Amelia Delila Deliliah    Delilana 
Earhart  Delilah   Delilaan    Ariel 
DelilDelilatte Delilahna   Arial      
Aerielle  Alias   WendigoMalice


Hopefully, the list of names that mean evil will help you come up with your own unique or cool name choice. You can always look at the list of names which mean evil in a completely different light. We all know that sometimes you can’t pick names from the Bible and stick them with meaning; there are some names that just sound bad and they never fail to transmit a negative message. However, sometimes when you hear a name, you can associate it with a certain type of person or concept. And once people start associating names with certain types of people (or concepts), they will start to define people by their name, rather than by the person themselves.

As we grow up, we begin to learn the art of communication and how speakers communicate by their choice of words – no matter how cool they may sound.

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