We’re looking for a name for an academic science exhibition. The exhibition is about intelligence and fun, spanning the fields of physical and social sciences. Some suggestions we’ve come up with are: “Smarty Paws and Science” “The Secret Life of Scientists” “Science Bites”.

The exhibition is all about how the behavior of animals, people and machines in the context of science can teach us things about the mind and how we humans interact with nature.

We’re looking for an interactive name that plays with some of these ideas; something that plays on words (e.g. “smarty”, “funny” and “intellect”) in a way that makes it catchy; and that feels like it’s appropriate for an academic science exhibition. Something memorable, catchy, creative, but also educational and interesting enough to get people interested in the exhibit.

Table of contents:
Witty and Intellectual Names for Science Exhibition
Funny and Laughable Names for Science Exhibition
Crazy and Extreme Names for Science Exhibition
Games Names for Science Exhibition

Witty and Intellectual Names for Science Exhibition

Naming a science exhibit to give it a name that opens up the subject matter in an interesting way (intellect, mind)

Naming a science exhibit with a witty or humorous element to draw interest from visitors to pull their attention towards the “funny” aspect whilst providing them with an overall education about the topic (intellect)

Science Exhibition
Hubble Space Blasters Angels of Venus Inner Space People
Hippo-Naut The Secret Life of Scientists Smarty Paws and Science
Science Bites Think Like Pooh The Dinosaur Who Wanted to Fly
The Butterfly Experiment Flying Feathered Friends Bugs’n’Science
Naked Mole Rats We’ve Got Chemistry Butterflies and More
Smarty Paws What Flies Through Space? Mad Birds & Mammals
Soaring Skybirds Our Flying Friends Mind and Have a Look Around
To Know How Humans Work in Space What Does Space Look Like to You? Heroes and Zeros
Knowledge Bites Me and Chemistry Deep Space Nines
When we Fly We Fly Together! The Life of an Octopus at SeaLife Park  Birds and Beasts

Funny and Laughable Names for Science Exhibition

Naming an exhibition which has a funny element to it, but will not necessarily be seen as just fun. This would be a name that can be used to reinforce the fun element of the exhibit, and is also educational, but which may not necessarily receive as much attention or publicity as the purely funny names, so should still stick with the “funny” theme.

Science Exhibition
Laugh Out Loud Science We’re On a Moth to Find You ExperiMental
Science on the Floor Chemistry, Isn’t that Funny? Ecology of a Thinker
Science Lesson in a Box Reality Bites The Genius of Chemistry
Smarty Science Ribbit Science Chirping and Laughing Birds 
Funny Faces   Science, Don’t Give Up…Now! Nature’s Funny Bone 
Laughter Really is the Best Medicine  The Best Medicine Is Laughter  Nature Has A Sense of Humor
I’m Talking Real Science Here Science is Fun  What Does the World Look Like to You? 
Laughing at Science Thinking about the Mind Science and Laughter 
Inner Space People!  Looks Like Science to Me! What Makes A Scientist Tick? 
Mind Over Matter Invisible Science Our Flying Friends

Crazy and Extreme Names for Science Exhibition

Naming a show that has an element of the unusual, extreme or out of the ordinary in it.

Science Exhibition
Touched by the Extremes Extreme Science: The Most Intense Stuff in Science 
Out There Global Weirding
Wacky World of Chemistry The Unusual World of Wildlife Medicine and Therapy
In the Wacky World of Biology Some Things Never Change!  In Spite Of It All, We’re Still Here! 
Science Goes Wild Wild in the Lab
Wild About You!    Animal-Kingdom(s) of the Bizarre and Extraordinary
Tales From the Wild: Who Knew? Curious Minds 
The Most Creative People in the World Out of This World
Dating From the Deep End  The Weirdness Science Has to Offer 
Beaches of Science Deep-Sea Science
A Womb with a View   The Animal Kingdom Come… to Play!   
Swordfish – The Science of Swordfishing  Watery Wonders
Jawesome! Microscopic Fish and their Amazing Appearance 
Growing Mind Action Potentials
Wanna Play a Game?  On The Ropes
Robots and Other Science Toys  The Science of Saving the Planet and Making It Sustainable 
Brains Apart!  Take Me For A Swim
Bugs and Robots It’s A Bug’s Life! ​ 
Quirky Creatures, Quirky Quiz Show The Wackier the Better!
Curious Creatures and What They Do I’m Talking Real Science Here
Nature Has A Sense of Humor Creepy Crawlers

Games Names for Science Exhibition

Naming a science exhibition that works perfectly for an interactive game.

Minute Physics Universe Of Science
Structures of Science Haywire Science Spielbank
Stranger Than Fiction? The Experimenters and their Wizardry
The Physics of Survival: The World’s Strangest Ways to Stay Alive  Go with the Flow! ​ 
Let’s Play Ball!  Resilient Life: A Survival Guide to Your Body, Planet and Mind  
Wacky World of Chemistry! Dinosaur Shopping Mall  
Out There In The Black   The Human Zoo 
Bestiary: Animals and Creatures Known And Unknown Mammals and Magic 
Think Like Pooh Dame Judi Dench and the World of Fungi
Fungal Palooza Wacky Wobblies! 
Fungus on the Mind: The Most Bizarre Creatures That Infect Humans And Make You Crazy  Mind Over Matter
We’re All Going to Die!  The Secret Life of Scientists
Let’s Play!  In a Pickle
Transcendental Traveller Fun Games with Science Values ​  
The Science of Games Wild Animals in the Wild: How do they do it?! 
Let’s Play! The Animal-Human Zoo: Let’s Find You Your Match!


The target audience of the natural history museums is generally adults, with children visiting more often than teenagers.

There is a large range of names that can be used for science exhibitions and museum exhibits, but it requires a really creative mind to come up with something that is both catchy and memorable, as well as reflecting the key aspect of the exhibit, without being too long or complicated. While “Witty and Intellectual Names for Science Exhibition” has potential for something witty or funny which can be used to educate people about the exhibit, this does not really have that catchy element to it. On the other hand “Funny and Laughable names for science exhibition” has potential for this education element, but lacks the humour or wit in it.