A name that is memorable and easy to remember. It should be a name that will be catchy for the customers as they see it around town. It’s not necessary, but it would improve how your store is perceived by customers if you have a location or landmark nearby that could help represent the name of your spex shop in some way. 

Your store’s market area might dictate what kind of naming convention you decide to go with. For example, if you are located in a densely populated city with well-known landmarks then using one of those may be appropriate and maybe even expected.

Best spex shop near me names

We’ve probably all seen the great optical stores that have names that make you smile. These companies are often part of large chains, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is the name.

A lot of people will agree with the fact that names need to be memorable, memorable, and memorable again. You don’t want your customers to easily forget or miscorrect their next pair of glasses so your name has to stick in their minds for some time period after they’ve left your store.

Some of the name ideas are:

CaringInsightVisionsVision Quest 
Vision care readerVision SolutionsLens square
Future FocusEye mateSeeing Centric
CapreeFocus OptometristsFocus Vision Center 
Optometrist Vision ClinicVision Center
Visionary VisionVision CarePerception Plus
Nature’s VisionVisionariesVision Center
Insight Eye Care CenterEyeworksTiffany’s
Modern EyewearOnline Vision Quest Lenses Quest
Eye Care CenterOptical CityOptical Centre
Insight OptometryCoastal Eye CareInsight Optometry center
Vision Care SolutionsVision Centered OpticalsEnjoy Your Eyes
Insight SpecialistsAdvanced Vision Care ClinicSpecialists Choice 
Insight OptometryKindPeersEyecare Factory 
Vision CenterVision QuestEyecare Expressions 
Investment Vision Optical City Perception Plus
Ventana Optometry Centro Luxury Eyewear Insight Eye Clinic
Insight Vision CenterEyes On You Smart Choice 
Monterey Bay OptometryMonterey Bay Optometry 
Eye Care Factory Opti mysticLush
Blink Vision CareCrystal Clear OpticsVision Source
Spectacle HavenSpec-SaversEye Spy Optical
Focus EyewearEye Deal OpticalThe Spectacle Spot
Optical IllusionsSpectacular SpecsEye Care Vision Center
See Better OpticalLens CraftersThe Glasses Emporium
Visionary Eye CareThe Frame RoomEyeQ Optometry
Vision WorksThe Eye BarSpectacle Loft
Eyewear ExpressionsThe Optic ZonePrecision Eye Care
Eye Style OpticsEye-Q OpticalClear Sight Optometry
Optical ObsessionPerfect Vision OpticalThe Vision Gallery
Eyes on MainThe Spectacle StudioEye Amaze Optical
EyeCandy OpticalLens Lab ExpressOn Point Optometry
The Eye ConnectionOptical OasisThe Optical Shoppe
Vision Clinic

Unique and crazy names for your spex shop near me

These names are more of the fun and unique kind because if you are fun and crazy then you will think of a name that is fun and crazy as well. Customers will remember you better if your store name has a unique element to it.

If you would like a memorable name for your spectacle shop then these types of names may be perfect for you.

Cuba visionAwe vision Vision in Motion 
Eye Sight Center Opti-MagicianEyeSight Center 
Sunny Optical  ShopnestNamlux
Mode  OptiqueCrave Spex  Super Specs
Opti mates    Optical SquareNam Man  
Koko OpticsColour My World Leaf vision
Modi Vision centre  Max Vision CentreFamily Vision Care 
Sight VideoFrame Your World Vision in Motion 
EyeSight Center  Low Vision OptometryMy Sight Center 
Color My World Optivision Center Hi vision
Home Vision Station   Seight Optics  EyeSight Center
Vision X Centre    Vision Clinic   Colour My Eyes
Opti-2 Digital  Opti mates 2.0  Beyound Visions  
Seight Optics   Leaf vision  Zen Life Eye Care Center 
Eye Sight CenterOpti Magician  Max Vision Centre   
Nam Sight Centre   Seight OpticsSight2Go   
Glaze Vision Centre  Total View Opti Magik  
Esprit Vision Venture Vision Center Diamant Boheme 
Bravo Optic Purple glassesEye Health Center   
EyeSight CenterDiamont Optics Tree Of Sight  
The Optical OdditySpectacle ManiaThe Bizarre Optometrist
Speckled SpecsThe Crazy Eyewear Co.The Eccentric Eye
Visionary VisionsThe Spectacle SyndicateGeek Chic Optometry
Quirky Glasses Co.Hipster SpecsThe Spec-tacular Store
Eye of the Storm OpticsThe Spectacular StoreThe Kooky Optometrist
Wild Eyes EmporiumSpectacle SanctuaryThe Mad Eyewear Co.
Funky FramesWacky Glasses Inc.Optical Insanity
Eye Candy Co.Spectacle CircusFunky Focal Points
The Visionary OutpostThe Crazy Eye EmporiumThe Spectacle Shenanigans Co.
EyeSight CenterThe Quirky OptometristThe Wacky Lens Co.
The Spectacle RevolutionThe Mad Scientist of OpticsThe Odd Eyewear Co.
The Visionary StorehouseThe Outlandish Optics StoreThe Funky Lens Company
The Unconventional OptometristThe Crazy Spectacle StoreThe Eye-Popping Emporium
The Wacky Optician

How to choose the best eyeglasses for you?

1. Eye Glasses: 

The first step to buying your eyeglasses is knowing what you want. You would not want to look like a dork with a style that is not right for you.

2. Lenses: 

The next thing to decide on is the lenses, they come in many different types (Plano, myopic, astigmatism, progressives) so make sure you know what you want

3. Frame design: 

You will have to choose your frame if its metal then you can get titanium or stainless steel and plastic frames also have different colors and materials (wooden frames are very popular at the moment)

4. Sun protection lenses: 

They can be used if you are sensitive to the sun and if you would like to have a pair of glasses with UV coating.

5. Glasses for women:

They come in many different styles like cat eye, but mostly small oval or round, large round frames. They also come in other materials like wood, horn grain, and sometimes gold or silver.

6. Sunglasses: 

They are mostly made of plastic and are available in different styles (round, rectangular, square), some even have extras like a built-in tweed that is designed to match women’s eyeglasses.

7. Prescription glasses: 

These are prescription glasses that anyone can wear; if you have a prescription, bring it with you to the optometrist so he/she can fit it into your eyes. There are no rules about the style of eyeglasses; I think it depends on how much time you will spend wearing them.

Company name for your spex shop near me

Your company name will have to be one that will attract people to it. If you think people don’t want to give it a try then at the very least you will have a name that the target market will love.

The company name should also be eye-catching, but not too attention-grabbing so that it doesn’t take away from the reputation of your business.

One of the things that often keeps people away is whether they can pronounce what they are going to buy on a regular basis. You want something easy to pronounce but also something that is memorable.

Vision Expressions   Coastal Eye Care  View Point Optics
Diamant BohemeWray Vision Center Optique Vision Center  
Vision Mates    Eyeworx Optical Centers    The Glasses Shack  
Kool Shades Optics   Binocular Vision World Of Viewpoint 
Insight Optical Center    Modern Eyewear   Ed Visions Inc.
Eye Master Optical Center Diamant Boheme I touch eyes   
Green Eyez Optical Center  Insight Vision Center  Glaze Vision Centre 
Supremo Eyewear   Vision X-pressionsSightpath 
Eye View Optical Flux Vision Center    Hollar Vision
Looking GlassesRays By The Bay  Insight Optometry Clinic   
Sight visionOpti-2.0 Focus vision center   
Perceptive VisionsInsight vision care center Opti-magician 1.0
Vision DomeEn Route Vision Tropical vision center  
Beyond Visions  Mango OpticsBranches Optics
Eye Spy OpticalFocus EyewearEye Deal Optical
The Spectacle SpotOptical IllusionsSpectacular Specs
Eye Care Vision CenterSee Better OpticalLens Crafters
The Glasses EmporiumVisionary Eye CareThe Frame Room
EyeQ OptometrySpectacle HavenBlink Vision Care
Precision Eye CareThe Eye ConnectionUrban Optiks
Eye Amaze OpticsVision WorksThe Optical House
Eye Tech OpticsLens LabOptiqueVision
Spectacle PalaceSpec-SaversCrystal Clear Optics
Classic EyewearSpectacle LoftThe Eye Bar
Eyewear ExpressionsThe Optic ZoneEye Style Optics
Eye-Q OpticalClear Sight OptometryOptical Obsession
Perfect Vision OpticalThe Vision GalleryEyes on Main
Vision SourceThe Spectacle StudioElite Eye Care
ClearVue OpticsEye Art OpticsThe Optics Lab
EyeCandy OpticalLens Lab ExpressOn Point Optometry
Optical OasisThe Optical ShoppeVision Clinic
Quality Vision CareFashion EyewearOpticLand
The Optical HubVision DepotEyeLand Optical
The Spectacle Boutique

How many types of glasses frames are there?

Today there are 13 different shapes of glasses frames, 4 if you include the rectangle, circles, squares,s, and arches.

These 13 different types of frames are:

1. Regular Frame

2. Full Rim Frame 

3. Round Frame 

4. Square Frame

5. Rectangle Frame

6. Arches Frame 

7. Earpiece Shelf 

8. Square Frame

9. Oval Frame

10. Arch Frame

11. Round Frame

12. Cat Eye Frames  

13. Rectangular frame

Reference for your spex shop near me

Shop CommandSpecsavers Optical Gallery My Specs Eye Care Center 
The Glasses Shack   Frames For Glasses  Specsavers  
Vision PlaceZenni OpticalNames Platinum
Names SupportGlasses.com  Mango Optical 
Namilux Optical Center  Glaze Vision Centre Looking Glasses   
Binocular vision     Mango optical   Eye Vision Express 
The Glasses Shack Low Vision Centers Binocular Vision   
Glasses Shop Zenni OpticalEye Master Optical
Frame For Glasses Opti-2 Digital Eyewear  Digital Eyewear  
The Glasses Shack Glaze Vision Centre   Looking Glasses 
Smart Buy GlassesFrame of Mind OpticalScene Optics   
Vantage Frames    Vision Direct Glasses Shop 
Global Vision Store EyeBuyDirect EyeBuyExpress 
Frames For GlassesInsight Optical Center   Eyeworx Optical Centers      
American Eye Care Center   Eye Masters Hearing Vision Care Centers 
Eye Health & Eyewear CenterAmerica’s Best Contacts The Eye Shop 
Shades2Go OpticalVision X-impressions Eye Care And Eyewear Center    
Sightpath  Happy eyesHappy vision 
The Spectacle ShopEye AmoreSpec-Tacular Optics
Visionary VisionsSee Life OpticsThe Optical Spot
Crystal Clear VisionThe Eye ConnectionVisionary Eyecare
Eye WonderThe Spectacle StudioFocus Frames
Eye-Rise OpticsOptical ObsessionOptique Optometry
The Perfect PairEye-Lighting OpticsSee Clearly Now
Vision Quest OptometryThe Spectacle SuiteLook Sharp Optics
Clearly Seen OpticalThe Eyewear EmporiumOptical Expressions
Eye Spy OpticalThe Spectacle SanctuaryFrame Frenzy
Visionary ConceptsSharp Vision OpticsThe Eyeglass Haven
Eyes of the FutureThe Lens LibraryThe Vision Vault
Spectacle CityThe Frame ForgeEye-Quality Vision
Optical InnovationsEye-Deal EyewearThe Frame Fix
The Optical ConnectionEye-Q OpticsThe Eye Empowerment Center
The Vision GalleryThe Frame GameThe Optic Boutique
Eye Emporium


I hope that by reading this article you can learn how to start your own optical business. By following these steps you will soon be running your very own eye care business.

Start as small as you can, start with a few frames, and build your customer list. You will want to make sure and grow your business slowly, try not to do too much at once, this is a fast-moving industry.

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